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Real man.
Braun the type of G who never pays his child support. Rough and tough gangsta nigga to the end
BASED Big Dimes Braun

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back to >>>/pol/ you racist islamophobic bigot.
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>back to >>>/pol/ you racist islamophobic bigot.

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HHH works with the guy that drews the most money.
HHH doesn't draw by himself
I have no respect for hhh
Slept his way through the company.
Kissed ass.
To get where he's at.

The kevin frederline of professional wrestler
HHH is one of the worst wrestlers ive seen.
Cancer to the wrestling business.
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says the guy that only drew when working with Hogan and Flair

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Was this a work or a shoot?
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>when you work a work and work the media into a shoot
buncha marks
He's right though, not having water or electricity is way better than losing your house and if you cry about it when other people has lost way more than you, you're a faggot
Having no water and electricity is the same shit as not having a house you dumb fuck retard.

You sure about that, you defensive E Drones? Lmfao!
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>tfw you have no friends because you wont shut up about kenny omega and the young bucks
>tfw tama tonga blocks you on twitter
>tfw you spend all your family's money on bullet club shirts at hot topic and your wife is at the end of her tether
>tfw kenny omega and the young bucks wont like your posts
e-drone shills are at >>>/r/eddit you faggot


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>There's no holding me back
What did they mean by this?
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That the dogs are going straight into the enclosed pool area.
His trading card.
I always hated these card games because you had to write the math out

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Sexy I woud call him daddy
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he have micro penis right?
Imagine having bigger tits than all of the female roster but you're a dude
You really think Patterson would hire him if he did?

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>You might be right, Cena. But at least I didn't fail at making nigger music.
How the fuck did the big pupper get away with this?
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Someone actually drew that picture. They sat there, put forth the time and effort and decided this is worthy of publuc consumption. The absolute state of this planet.
not a fan of Reigns but that's some good fucking fanart right there

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Rename another wrestling move with a state name:
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Rolling thunder is now California roll
I would make a move called the Houston Hangover

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Paul Burchill sexy pirate can ravage my pusy any time yes
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Haha like i would ever say that stupidity

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Tell me about the prequel to the Network. I was a lapsed fan during this time. Was it good? How much did it cost?
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We had it when I was in college, it was...okay.
How did they upload content? Was it a diverse selection?
They didn't upload content. It was an on-demand service through your cable provider. So each week, they would have different shows available through the on-demand menu. The biggest downside is that you could go through/not care about the amount of content easily in a day or two. There were some things that were always available but they weren't worth rewatching.

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>Split amicably.
>End on a positive note with a win.
>Bigger guy is moving up to bigger things with the smaller guy's blessing.
What a frickin' concept.
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>one doesn't turn on the other to start a midcard feud with a shitty finish
>GOAT theme song

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>acting like the WWE didnt do this
it was the based guy of course.

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>do you want me to say that every time, because i've said it a shitload of times tonight
>o-ok, yes sir, yes sir, o-ok, i've got it sir

What did vince say to him?
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>candice wrestling
>toni storm
>natalya neidhart
>piper niven
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Candice because she is cute
Nattie has always been a qt to me
Naughty Nattie
She reminds me of a chick I knew in school who developed early and got big ass tits but then never grew an inch taller in highschool.

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Why did WWE plan on putting the title on big Dave if he was just going to leave about a month after Wrestlemaina? He should have been saved for after GOTG came out and been in brocks position at Summerslam
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He said he offered to come back for SummerSlam and do a tie-in with the movie and they said "We don't even know if it's gonna be any good."

So, to answer your question, they're retarded.
because vince is a stupid fuck
Because they thought GOTG was going to be a flop, but it was the beginning of big dick Dave starting to BTFO Dwyanetty Maivia.

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