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A question regarding Genjustu in Naruto. Mainly two things I'm unsure of, one being how easy is to really tell of you're in a genjutsu, and two how hard is it to break out of it? From the looks and sounds of things most people in the show with a modicum of chakra control and as long as they're not dealing with OP sharingan nonsense should be able to just do the release technique when they notice things are getting odd no? Or is there a matter of strength difference of some sort that can be quantified?
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It's an unknown in the "canon", but it really seems to depend on the user and victim's relative skill with Genjutsu. Sakura was supposed to be really good with genjutsu and she was able to preemptively notice one before it activated to release it.
Tayuya is cute CUTE

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Who is best gurl
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Not megushit, that's for sure.
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Stock out of the box, Aqua would make for the best wife in the series out of the main cast.

gime gime (you)s :^))))))
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Chrollo is a shit character
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t. Hisocuck
Chrollo will stomp the clown for good this time

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I will never not be mad about this. Making the Major an /ss/ fetishist on top of being lez/bi? Even she's gotta have some dirty little secrets.
Thanks for reminding me asshole.

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is there a character who can defeat Athrun Zala while in SEED mode?

*cagalli is not crying
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>self destructs Gundam
>parachutes out safely
>Kira is stuck in the hospital

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>main character is the most boring compared to everyone else in the show

Why do they do this?
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Ace would have been a better main character than Luffy
He's cooler and les annoying. More charismatic and still has comedic moments
There's actually a delicate balance you wanna strike with your main character.

You kinda want him to be the everyman. Mainly since you'll be seeing this adventure through his eyes most of the time. And because it makes it easier to associate with this character.

At the same time you want the main character to be able to stand out. Give him traits and skills that only he has access to. Otherwise people will be asking why this person is the main character and not somebody else.

Why do you think first girls are always the blandest too yet always win?

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Gj-bu makes you feel like you've done a good job.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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I wanted to like Aria but I had to drop it because of that stupid asshole.

Then look Amanchu

that's blasphemy

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> Ufufufu~
>Hello, anon. Would you like to have one night with me? It'll cost you, though~.
How come literal prostitutes are under-represented in anime and manga?
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I'd like to see your mom in more Mangas too
Same goes to you, anon.
Because most of society frowns upon prostitution.

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What is better Castelvenia vs hellsing
Alucard or Dracula
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>When cringy fatasses attempt to make a mecha show
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simon = shinji
kamina = kaji
yoko = misato
nia = rei
lordgenome = gendo
spiral king = SEELE

except with a happier ending
Lmao are you retarded? This is one of the most inspiring shows of all time. The spiral power is REAL and the things they talk about are real and inspiring. Me and other people I know have been inspired to do what we want in our lives because of Gurren Lagann. It is an inspirational show with a message about everything in the universe and the power of will. Kamina is one of the least beta anime characters of all time. The fight scenes and the animation are unique and top notch. I haven't seen another anime where all the characters (even the animal side companion) are relevant and used in the story. Gurren Lagann is at the very least a 7/10 show but it is more than likely a 9/10-10/10 show. Go fuck yourself. I used to hate Gurren Lagann because I thought it was cheesy. Then I realized that the show was actually relevant to real life and inspiring. Fuck your bait.
Get lost pleb.
Stopped reading there faggot, don't get baited so easily and go back to your blog.

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The three most important aspects of an anime:
>mecha designs
>female character designs
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So this is it then?
>e7 fails to deliver any of the 3
>its a shit show
Checks out. Guess OP was right.

i want to talk about what makes this show sodecent. i came into the series expecting another DBS situation where the animation is crap and the arcs are retarded.

but boruto never ceases to amaze me. holy shit. DBS is a shitty anime series on general. boruto has great animation. likeavle characters. and it doesnt repeat any of the arcs and makes it bad
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>this kills the pinkshit fag
*sound of 2+1/2 minutes worth of cum flowing into sakura*

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Why don't we have any thread?
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Because it's so bad there it isn't even worth talking about ironically.
Astolfo is my waifu

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