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>tfw still waiting for full episode summaries of these two episodes
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Female version of Broly will never rape you
Why is he so perfect bros?

in two episodes

no one

why live

Has anyone else lost complete interest now that Black is just another Zamasu?

Of all the interesting ways they could have gone... fuck this.
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super was never good to begin with.
No. You're just a faggot.
>giving a fuck about shonen

kill yourself you super faggot

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Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.

Previous Thread: >>148048365
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Were there any manga that ever gave you a serious hard time? I don't mean your first time but after having read a couple. Sure it was hard at first but now I feel like I could read any manga I want now.

Can't say the same for VNs, LNs, etc.
Stupid question, but how exactly am I supposed to use Anki?

Just try to memorize the card and hit "show answer"? And then again/good/easy? Or is there more to it?

I swear learning foreign languages became too damn complex on its own. I learned English by just playing Diablo 2.

>Ping pong girls.
>First Episode less than 30 minutes to go.
Is this CGDCT?
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Yes, but it looks like trash unfortunately.
Looks like an abysmal ripoff of Ping Pong. Further proof that boys > girls.
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I have yet to see a bad ping pong related manga/anime before, let's hope this isn't the first one.

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You know how you tie an animals mouth shut and then glue it's feet together so it can't fight back as you slowly torture it to death?

That's what I imagine sex with shizuka would be like, lots of wriggling with no way to actually defend herself.
Don't jump the gun newshit, the other thread is only on page 6
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first for anon love

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Update soon.
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Bing Bong Ding Piano
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It has begun.
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i'd play her piano

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erm what?
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also naruto wasted his last 3 truth seeking balls to block an attack? why didnt he just dodge
Naruto would have made much more sense if Sasuke was female.

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I think i have fallen in love

i'm not gay right?
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is that a trap? what anime ?

no its not gay to love cute girls(boy)
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Touken Ranbu Hanamaru

Its cute sword doing cute things
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I have bad news for (You)

RIP Jobber and Italian Jobber
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Beautiful smile eh?
Will two jobbers become a couple?
I think Rindou is actually supposed to be a snake, judging from her eyes

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Finally decided to get around to watching Strike Witches. I'm assuming I can sum up the entire show with this image?
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No. Wrong angle.
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Is this better?

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I can understand that all Love Lives are great and it's hard to choose the best one, but how the hell did Ruby end up last?
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>Kotori but autistic
>her entire gimmick is she's socially inept
>Akarin design
Gee I wonder why.
But Chika/Dia should've been last. Both of them are shit characters and look like shit too.
How indeed?
It's not like she didn't have a fucking line with any thought put into it, or any worthy scenes aside from one episode, and absolutely no fanservice throughout the series.
Oh wait. Yes, it was like that. It was obvious as fuck that her popularity will fall to oblivion and yet some stupid people didn't believe me.
Now here you go.
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Holy shit, That's some garbage taste

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Sense have finally released it in English:
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It's out.

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>Mel is final boss after all

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Is this how American witches travel?
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No, they travel in flying fat cars.
American women could never pull off that outfit

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