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Does /a/ like mob psycho 100?
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Shitty walmart OPM, so no. Also fanbase is literally tumblr.
ya its nice man
no, shit-tier "humor" just like one punch man. anyone who likes this shit has to be a child

There is literally nothing wrong with elves copulating with males of other species.
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Not that they usually have much choice.
Dont complain when a filthy mexican fucks your dream girl cuckboi
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Why won't Japan cater to my need of female orc x male elf?

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Just finished reading this, can we have a Punpun thread?
I thought it was a comedy manga when I started reading it, my body wasn't ready for the feels
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I read it about a year ago when I was recovering from a surgery and liked it. I think I might read it again sometime if I have the time or something else that guy has made.

>thought it was a comedy manga

I think the only part that made me wonder if was gonna be funny was "A piece of my brain just shot out of my wiener!"

Aside from that I had a pretty good idea that it was gonna be depressing as fuck.

It's trash.

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Misuzu BTFO
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more nothing

oh well, there's always tomorrow
Misuzu getting double NTR'd? Losing Tomo and Carol.
Title: Weekend nights means calling that girl on the phone
Panel 1:
Carol: Today I road the train for the first time!
Misuzu: Is that so.
Carol: Isn't it great?
Misuzu: Not really.
Panel 2:
Carol: Oh! While we're on the subject...
Panel 3:
Misuzu: Huh? Tomo was with you?
Panel 4:
Carol: Yeah! It was like we were on a date! It was really fun!
Misuzu's phone: CLICK
Carol: Hello? Misuzu-chan?

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Pham keen interest.png
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Hey! Hey! Did you know - it's Pham-nee's birthday today!

What do you want from onee-san? Besides Martyrs, of course. You'll get that in 25 days, silly.
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Pump and dump Pham for Iris
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Happy birthday Pham!

I want to see her survive in a route. And I have a pretty good idea which one it'll be.
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At least post her birthday image.

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Digimon Adventure Tri Confessions is out and avaliable at your local sources.

Next film entitled "Loss" will premire in late February.

Applimon has just premired. No subs so don't ask.

OP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6pOy2No3Rw

ED: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4D0veRgTvqU
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angels are boring
We dont need any more generals, fuck off.
>Applimon has just premired
Well memed.

Best show of the season.
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OP here, sorry wrong image.
But you're not me.
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Which one?

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Miku a.png
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What do you think about girls with cowtits?
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I think about them constantly.
Especially lolis with cowtits.
God's gift.
>the same thread everyday

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Cornucopia of Resources / Guide
Read the guide before asking questions.

Previous Thread:>>147959835
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When reading I find that sometimes I'll come across lines I simply can't understand no matter how much I google it or read it over. Sometimes I'll come across large patches of these lines and be lost for a while. Should I just press on and just do my best to understand or maybe find something easier to read? I feel like I can't get better if I read only easy things but I also can't get better if I don't understand what I'm reading.

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How important are kisses in romance anime?
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>man and woman
That's not romance, that's just sex.
they are very important.

The first consensual kiss of the mc with the person he/she has been loving is the peak of every romance. They can ruin a series though if they happen at the wrong time.
Not very, Macross Delta never had a kiss.

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It's Tomoko Saturday!
Pay your tributes to the perfect godess, now with a hat included. She wanted a hat too.
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I also got some nice trips for Tomoko along with a decent hat placement.
Ok, I will watch watamote. Do I go with the original or the OVA?
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Sometimes all I can think about is Tomoko.

Best girl.

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It's either Pikachu or the Gravity Jew
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>it's Ochako
>every girl who has ever shown in interest in Deku is crazy, evil, or evil & crazy
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She could be the traitor and be neither.

The Hero economy is a fucked up thing, Ochako being traitor for pay isn't quite -that- evil
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heel ochako is best ochako


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I hope it's more stickers.
>Nothing beats the taste of salty shippers

More anal leakage. How does he know so soon though?
Why can't some things just stay dead?

One page thread
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naruto anime.png
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Did you like the final fight.
I really hate to say this but this fight will probably go down as the best in history.
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>I really hate to say this but this fight will probably go down as the best in history.

The first one was clearly better.
the hand to hand stuff was great but whenever they were in those spirit mech things it was just awful. Cut that portion out and it was a decent fight, yeah.

not the best fight in naruto though OP you're crazy

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