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Ep 2 in 1 hour 44 minutes
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First for Otoyan.
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Hello anons, hope to have another good thread with you all.
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>The VN known as Fate Stay Night was released almost 13 years ago
>There still hasn't been an anime girl as beautiful as Sakura Matou
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Worm slut
Sakura wants to date and have sex with you.
Do you accept?

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Protip: you can't


The series takes place at a school known as Seishou Academy. Unlike an average school, all the students are actually anthropomorphized guns, training to one day become a useful weapon, and is divided up into elementary school (sub-machine guns), middle school (assault rifles), and high school (Battle rifles/sniper rifles). They are capable of drawing the weapons they represent from out of thin air and using them, and any student or her manifested gun can suffer from any gun-related problem the other might have. All students in Seishou train to shoot their target (literally) using live ammunition. The series mainly focuses on an FN FNC assault rifle nicknamed Funco and her friends with their human teacher.
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Akikan. Check and mate.

special mention to Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo too
Kill la kill, hellsing, guren lagan

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You can only adopt one. The other will be sold to slavery and forced to become a child prostitute.
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Fuck that. I adopt the one on the left and then buy the other one from the slavers.
I sell both and buy a 4chan pass.

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What's a matter anon, you don't like cute butts?
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All Eldians belong in the ground.
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post cute petras
Third for can't wait to see Marley on fire

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Was Garyu X the only good thing about Kenichi?
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Kenichi had a lot of good things going for it. The ending was pretty dissatisfying, but I enjoyed the series as a whole more than I did any other shonen
This is started going down hill after the apachi cop out
a good 70% of the series is repetitive filler tier crap

that tournament was a good point to end it

This season sure has a good number of good looking shows airing: 3-gatsu, Occultic;Nine, Yuri on Ice, Flip Flappers, Hibike, Keijo, Haikyu...Hell, even Izetta, Drifters, Classical Loid and Matoi don't too bad either.
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I honestly agree, but you're just setting yourself up for loads of shitposting.

There's only two good shorts this season and that's disappointing.
Yeah, I know, but I still have faith that we can have a acceptable to decent discussion about this season visuals.
End yourself.

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How come there are so many shows aimed at fujoshi this season?

And how come they tend to be much more creative compared to the one aimed at male otakus?
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Just something about gay ish dudes doing stuff together makes it interesting..
You didn't know? Women watch anime to, bro.

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Make a new thread in 16 hours
this show is just porn

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>onto the second ep
>worth the marathon?
>is this just another steins gate?
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who are you quoting retard?
i find out the whole plot revolves around day repetition.
Q - will i get to explore a cool world in this anime, or is it going to stay in the same place for the whole series.
If you ignore some /a/utists who thinks it's a terrible show despite ratings and reception and raging fans who will defend it's obvious flaw to no end it's pretty enjoyable, first episodes are pretty weak but it picks up after it stopped being a slice of life, worth the marathon really.

Make out your own mind OP, it's ok wether you like things or no

Holy shit guys i'm excited for Ao No Exorcist Chapter 83! Anyone know the release date?
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The correct phrase is "new chapter when?"
I'm pretty exited too
>Holy shit guys i'm excited for Ao No Exorcist
Words you thought you would never see

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How the fuck Wilhelm- master swordsman, first kingdom defender, first knight, nobleman, head of noble Astrea family and father of next master swordsman ended up as fucking butler? Even if Reinhard is now 1st swordsman, he's still like 2nd or 3rd. He should be knights trainer not a servant for some second-rate family, who clean carriages and brews tea.
Was it explained somehow in novels or its just this retarded?
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What's wrong with it? Many rich and powerful people get simple jobs in real like when they feel like relaxing and retiring
I think he's more like her protector/knight than butler, he just dresses like one
>implying that protecting and serving the next queen is a fucking easy, lay-on-your-ass-serving-tea all day kind of job
>looking down on butlers

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These are you pets for tonight.
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Those pets look like high-maintenance, no thanks. My wife doesn't like it when my attention is divided on her.
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>Tamamo TAILS! comedy anime
>houseful of Tamamos adapting to everyday life
>featuring a very tired Chiwa Saito who recorded all scenes live

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>tfw no demon onee-san to violate my belly button
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So what is with Japan and thunder being associated with someone stealing your belly button?
Japan is a fantasy land

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This girl is perfect in every way.

>long blonde hair with straight bangs
>green eyes
>very stylish
>nice body

Literally an ideal woman.
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>Would sell herself for peace.
Ideal woman
>Would marry someone who's got one-sided love for her for peace
Nothing wrong with that. I wish I could marry her even under those circumstances.
I can't get over the SAO-like designs.
I really hate it, only girl design I like is Izetta's.

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