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If only MC didn't look like some scrawny, beta Negima clone.

Love the female designs in this manga.
is she ok?

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First for best girl
In my pants
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Read the Guide:
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>Read the Guide
No thanks
Why is there no scales for any of the Overlord meidos or any floor guardians except for Albedo? Is suffering just the fate I have been given?

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Ho-boy. I sure love talking about the Overlord ANIME and MANGA, what about you guys? What's your favorite EPISODE?
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Probably 2nd episode or the one with the fight in the graveyard, which is 9 i think?
I, too, enjoy the Overlord anime.

please stop bullying us janitor-kun
Does anyone want to talk about FANFICTION as well?

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I like this anime so far, but there's some shit that that rustle my jimmies I've watched 12 chapters, and in chapter 7, 4 girls had already fallen in love with kirito, and now, after two chapters of knowing about her existence, Yui is "dead".Since the character had 0 charisma and seemed uninteresting i didn't give a single fuck. The protagonists, however, have been attached with her, even though they had only known her for two fucking chapters. The situation has been weird and boring, hasn't woken my interest at all, and it seems that there's going to be a lot of this of stuff. Can you confirm?

Yes, i didn't look at the dates.
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Get the fuck out.

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>no re zero ep today
It hurts
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It's finished, chump.
you should probably consider killing yourself if you actually miss that show desu
S2 can't come soon enough.

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ITT: the best and worst works of a particular studio.

I'll start with KyoAni.
>best: Hibike! Euphonium
>worst: Amagi not-so Brilliant Park
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Kill yourself.
At least Amagi was entertaining. Hibikek was yurishit with forced animation.

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Would Boros have won if he had punched Saitama too deep space rather than into the moon?
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No because saitama could've just thrown his gloves or boots hard enough in the opposite direction to propel himself back to earth
No because then Saitama would just turn around and breathes really hard
No. People try to flaw him for not being able to breath in space but he could potentially hold his breath forever for all we know.

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Does HorribleSubs make money?
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Hot pockets are lined up.
They steal money. By stealing subs from streaming services to make the content of their ad revenues generating website.
>implying anyone using their site doesn't block ads

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Is it possible for an anime girl to be too cute?

Like so cute it's almost unbearable?
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haha u tell me op
Am I the only one that's starting to hate cute girls?

They piss me off so much knowing that they'll never do cute things around me.
But she is just pretending to be cute OP.
Did you even watch the anime

So can we all agree that guys make the best girls?
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Yes, but only when they become literal girls. None of this half-assed faggy trap shit.
This is correct.
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Yes and

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For all the lewd stuff this squid could do to you, she doesn't seem to get much love
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Because she represents ever men's fears: tentacles.
Which girl has the best armpits?
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I want to engage in casual recreational sexual relations free of compromises and with avoidance of any eventual responsibilities with this Newt!

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What do anons think of this?

Son raising goodness?
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It's just Barakmon with a Tanuki is it not.
Have not finished it yet but is that concept not great?
Same VA?

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3x3 thread anyone?
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Well done OP, because you made this thread another more meaningful one had to be deleted.
These threads are fucking meaningless, I don't get you people

Especially those fucktards that keep posting the same picture for months, what's the point? There's zero discussion
Lurk two years before posting your mixed 3x3 garbage kid

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One Piece thread. Think we'll ever see Cracker again? Why is Carrot so shit? Will Big Mom return my calls?
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Kill yourself

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