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He will save this thread
DJT here, we're coming after your threads.
Only Narancia will make these threads better.

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ITT: characters who had sex.
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Gohan-san was training!
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surprised he can fly without the nimbus
It was wires.

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Which monster girl are you bringing with you to Thanksgiving to meet your family? How do they react?
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Papi. She's the turkey.
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all of them
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All these threads being deleted sure are inconvenient

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Where did this jester come from? And why all the natives of the Land of Magic autistic?
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Off with her head.
Swim2 a cute.
Don't you have some Shufflins to bully Grim Heart?

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The KanColle movie comes out in under 2 days.
Who's watching?
I sure am.
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How are you even going to watch it?

Also it's a shame that Gasa and Aoba are going to be ruined by this shit movie.
>How are you even going to watch it?
By going to a movie theater?
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I hope Kaga-san gets more screen time

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So i watched the entire Madoka Magica series, and subsequent film Rebellion in the last two days, i have a few questions.

Why did Bebe, a witch come back? Didn't Madoka essentially remove all witches past/present/future.. And Bebe as Charlotte was killed so i'm not to sure why she's back in a girl form.

Madoka was strong enough to re-write the universe thanks to the years and years of time-loop shenanigans Homura took part in, making her role in the universe greater. Why was Homura suddenly strong enough to do the same at the end of Rebellion?

Madoka exists as a concept at the end of the series, preventing girls from turning into witches. What caused Homura to nearly become a witch (was it the fact Madoka didn't exist anymore?) and how did Kyubey(s) seal her off in the egg world thing and stop the law of cycles, or in other words Madoka from coming down and taking on her grief?..

What is the role of Kyubey(s) race now that the universe has changed again, or is this left open-ended?

Why is Mami best girl?
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2. I guess Homura might be that strong because technically she too went through time loop after time loop, being the overlying cause behind Madoka meeting her end who knows how many times and building in power. It's kind of vague, but then show's explanation was as well.
3. Kyubey was able to seal her off because lol
5. It's her gentle motherly yet professional nature.
The witch powers became a natural extension of their magical girl powers. They can still use it without being controlled by it. See Sayaka using Octavia as a summon.

The thing that kept making Madoka stronger was also making Homura stronger. Walpurgisnacht too.

The incubators made an isolation field around Homura and were going to try to capture Madoka when she came down. Madoka willing gave up her memories to fool Kyubey, but this allowed Homura to witch out. The isolation field kept her from going full witch though.

Open ended / Homura's stress relievers.


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HQ Scans

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High quality penetration paizuri!
who's that at the end chasing minister?

A pissed off Leone

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>"maybe tomorrow" says increasingly nervous shipper for fourth time this week
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I'd guess Misuzu just explained to Tomo that it's a good thing that Carol isn't even on Jun's radar.
If anyone expects anything to actually happen they are retarded.

So does Japan consider him a villain, or a hero?
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They consider him a meme. He was the guy who "killed the bird" for the longest time but now we're so far removed from those events it's funny to talk about him genociding monks and shit. Sort of like how people will talk about Hitler 500 years from now.
Depends of what politics the author of whatever media is writing about him

I'm pretty sure conservative japs think he's a hero and the progressive japs think he is evil
Depends where people stand.

Much like how people either like or hate Columbus for his work on America.

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The great debate
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Shiki. Hands down. I'd rather fuck Shiki.
Nasu said it's a tie, but admit it, he just said it's a tie because he doesn't want salt from either fanbases. The true answer is Shirou, UBW will overwhelm Shiki, unless Shiki can kill Reality Marbles.

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Slutty and Piggy adopting Fairy and then Dedushka adopting them WHEN?
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I'm curious about how the Yakov/Yuri dynamic will play out.
Not sure if I missed this but why couldn't Fairy's dedushka come to his performance?
How is your favorite character doing, /a/?

Spoilers pictures in a few hours for sure this time.
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We all agree Pudding is a UGLY SHIT.
will luffyfags get BTFO again?

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Are people suddenly raising a fuss over these as well? Let's try to fap our worries away, /a/ will be fine.

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These threads belong on >>>/h/
Fuck off generalfag.
/a/ isn't your chatroom.

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No homo, seriously which one of them would you do.
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>Yurio when he's 18+
>Maybe Georgi, Minako, Sara, Taco
all of them
at the same time

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