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Side characters that are a bigger hook to a series than the lead.

I'll start.
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Wrong girl.
It's true of both though.
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May as well be the main character

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This is Saeko.
Say something nice about her.
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Best HotD.jpg
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Saeko was tied for being the best girl.
Beautiful samurai woman, stuck in dead series.
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>Say something nice about her.
She is best girl and also my wife.

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>tfw ywn have a friendship like yuri and victor
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Honestly, their hug is a bit lewd.
They seem to be very good friends.
Don't you press your face into your friend's shoulder?
It's like you've never even hugged before

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Asuka is the best Waifu.

Fuck, Rei fags. Most of them are literal kissless fags that don't like a girl with a personality. They are repulsed by any girl that shows any kind of resistance and doesn't fulfill the role of an organic sex doll.
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Shes a bitch and speaks her native language like shes a stroke victim
Asukafags are weak faggots who like to be treated like trash.
As someone who's learnt German, I can confirm she speaks like a downy.

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No boku no hero academia thread?


PS: Why is Tsuyu the best girl?
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Because her face is unique compared to most anime girls.

Fuck off with the general garbage. Wait for whenever a new chapter/episode releases
Best girl needs no reason to be best. She's just the best.

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Why was she not more popular?
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she got outshined by the star named rem
Nobody gives a shit about that bland elf
Is this a bait thread?

I miss these
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They were fun.
Will post some
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we /OMOSHIRO/ soon

>Nidaime: Yakushibo's son who's been gone half a century
>I've missed you. Welcome back.
How old are the furballs?
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hell yeah.jpg
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Awwww yus.
>bangs retained in tanuki form
That's not Konosuba

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>Anne Happy is now a year old

Just fucking kill me.
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>Anne Happy
And no one cared.
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I saw that official tweet yesterday. Made me want to kill myself.

Will they expand on some Dragon God lore after this arc?
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Boogie Back is best DB ED soundtrack
Hoping to hear more about Zarama soon.
>Dragon Ball

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Can teenagers be lolis?
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loli barista.jpg
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1000 year old can be loli.
Isnt there a manga where a mom is a loli, wish we could see how she gave birth.
In Anime, anything is possible.

Like that Hentai, of the 90 year old grandma, who's actually a loli, and her great grandson takes care of her, then they fuck.
Loli is a body type.

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Remember to cum inside hisu!
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Annie is love
Annie is life
I just want Annie to smile again
Annie a miracle of the universe
Annie might've done some things wrong, but she's still a beautiful person inside and out
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BRYH a best.
to bad she only gets mildly mentioned every few chapters

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What the fuck is wrong with Japan
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i'm in love
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smug sisti.png
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Why is she so smug?
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Okay, what type of animal ears does she have? Cat? Mouse? Pig?
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Best girl.jpg
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Daily reminder that Sistina is best girl.
Pic related.

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I'm so looking forward to all the doujins this is going to spawn.
Sagiri is very cute and lewd.
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I wonder if Fushimi Tsukasa ever fucked his sister

Either way it was clearly on the brain
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I can't wait until they get to this point
Sagiri is cute


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