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Cutest (but not cringy) & Comfiest Anime of 2017

150 Hours left until Episode 15.....
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>dat Sucy look at Akko
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What is this sorcery?! Did Woodward troll another little witch by turning them into Diana again?
Akko going for Croix for now but Ursula is gonna win her back and somehow Diana ends up with Croix? How the fuck is that supposed to play out.

Why doesn't Kaioshin tell them to get 11 people and give a couple of them his potara? Why isn't every Kai doing this?

In fact, since potara fusion is permanent even after taking them off, can't they get 20 people and make 10 fusions? Or better yet, stack fusions on top of fusions. They should fuse up their whole universe or shit.
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Power levels are cool.

Did I miss something? What is old man Roshi doing here?
>In fact, since potara fusion is permanent even after taking them off


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17's big arms
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they are pretty
But can that match Super 17's gun arm?
literally chink super buu

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Shoebill spinoff never
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more than enough
>It seems as though you are like us in that you are wise, Fennec.
>However, why is it that you're always together with that idiot...?

>What's thaaat? Bastard...

>Fennec, is angry!!
"You bastard..." sounds better actually

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>Cover is out and it features the keikaku man himself
It's fucking happening. How are Touma and Tsuchimikado going to deal with him and who will they ask for help?
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The situation has flipped, Aleister.

Give it up.
Crowley will get beat easily. The man uses a machine to supplement mana, sent a dog to do his dirty work, used someone else's curse, took over some dudes body, attacked Fiamma from behind, and had to take advantage of the gods nerfing themselves and not throwing ultra spells, let his dog die, got shot by tsuchi, btfo by Birdway and never succeeded in anything. He is like 50/50 Othinus if failure was the only option. The man can't win, he can only make other people lose.
Didn't Kamachi say he wants to return to England at some point? I'm pretty sure it will happen during or after this arc.

>the "amusement" club
>implying they aren't having sweaty lesbian sex all the time
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Not all the time.
They have to recharge for the next time
Do not sexualize the yuris.

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How do you guys feel about sluts?
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they are good for sticking my dick into
they are good for sticking my dick into.
they are good for sticking my dick into..

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>tfw sagiri is taller than me

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pre-build FAG when?
Remove OP smoothbore!
My MBT can't be this cute.

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Biggest in Muv-luv
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108cm J-cups vs 111cm K-cups

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>flop dragon
How are the sales counted?
Don't tell me via Stalker.
If the direct sales via kyo-ani store aren't counted this is a basically useless statistic.
>GodAni's BDs did well again

Episode 1 in two hours
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where can I watch it online later?
Also Yohei is really cute.
He really just want to find a girl that would love him the way he is and create a famiy and open tavern.
Husband material.
I want to know how his human appearance looks like.
same stream as always?
And now I have something else I have to watch because that is a cute Tiger

Getting closer to the end of Arc 4

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>Guiltilaw-san, what have you done!?
Truly the Ebony King
Will Translatorbro do also the interlude with Subaru being appointed Emilia's knight?

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Don't tell me you guys already forgot about this anime.
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Forget? You have to remember something to forget it. And it didn't do anything special to make me remember it.
I wouldn't forget Vigne.
Yes, who is that baka.

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As was promised, here's Chapter 14 - "The Curseless Box"

"It's fine, Riko-san."
"Even until two years ago, I did so too..."
"But, Riko, why did you wet yourself on my bed again...?"
"I-I properly went to the toilet!"
"But... When I went out of bed, and looked for it..."
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"I need to pee..."
"Is someone there?"
Oh boy. Thank you, anon.
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Glad to have you here.

"It looked totally out of this world and..."
"That spooked me a lot, and so..."
"I immediately dived into Regu's bed, then..."
"Ahahaha, come on, Riko-san."
"Ghosts haunting the Seeker Camp is something I've never even heard of."
"That's right, Riko."
"That sort of unscientific things couldn't possibly exist, right?"
"Stuff like living corpses and such..."
"Even mother's letter didn't mention anything like that..."

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