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JS thread
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ITT smiles protected
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Arcana Famiglia.jpg
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Was this complete trash or ahead of its time?
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It's complete trash ahead of its time
I remember when it was really popular during the first three episodes because the feMC had a hot as fuck design and people are suckers for mafia shit.
>when the two boys have more chemistry with each other than they do with you

she should've just been a bad girl and fucked the esteemed older mobster, Kubo.

Can you really blame Subaru for picking this otherwordly beauty over some plain maid?
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Yeah, this otherworldy beauty that will become a nightmare that consumed an entire country. Though, to be fair, he probably didn't sign up for that bit.
Why can't he have both? I don't think that it was ever mentioned to be against societal norms.
Emilia is a qt.

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Old school Muv.jpg
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For old times sake lads, lets have a thread without shitty memes and simply enjoy what brought us together in the first place.

Also, Kouki is streaming soon.
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Kouki is streaming.
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I wish back the good old times when these threads were just called Muv-Luv and started with these images.
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It's Bahamut day today fellow humans
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When will Nina get the fucked?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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This is Mashiro Mitsumine, a totally normal Japanese highschool girl. Say something nice about her.
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My daughter is very cute!
Making fun of little people is not cool
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what about making fun WITH cute little people?

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Is manga better colored?
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Depends on the manga, if the series is bright, colourful and clean (most shounen shit), then yes, if the manga is more dark and has more shading (most seinen shit) then no
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>implying Japanese comics need colors to tell interesting stories like American comics.
I don't like the JoJo fancoloring at all.

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What is your response, /a/?
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I don't get aroused by literal skeletons.
>getting aroused by a dead childs skeleton

wewest of laddies
I'm sorry, I get aroused only by mean dominant office ladies with giant breasts and stockings. Flat submissive maidos with no socks won't do it for me.

>That feeling when it will never get a proper manga adaptation
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>That feeling when every needless thread died after 20 posts
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Sequel when. I want to see more of the world of naked kneesock.
naked with socks is the truth

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A friendly reminder
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but my future daughter can

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Yes, now fuck off, Rem
I really do. She's my favorite Re:Zero.
Reminder that Emilia-tan will probably become an eldritch horror that will consume half the world in the distant past

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I was always disappointed that the one on the far left only got her tits out, like, once.

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why didn't they just punch his brain to death
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Not easy to reach it when Nomu overpowers everyone but All Might
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Why didn't they force AfO to give her back?
It doesn't matter, he becomes practically irrelevant later on in the series.

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