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A lot of unanswered questions as well. To name just a few:

>What was the whole deal about Alucard being locked up in the basement for a long time? Did Arthur feel like he was too dangerous to utilize? What is the timeline here?

>How did Millenium get Mina, and was she alive at the time? She was only 19 when she encountered Dracula. Not to mention, she never turned back in the Hellsingverse. So how did that even turn out?
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He was locked in the basement because there simply wasn't any threat after the Nazis that warranted using him. With the advancements in firearms, Hellsing's foot soldiers were able to go toe-to-toe with whatever cropped up. Why bring out a monster when you have a man to do the job? As for Mina, it's not really explained. Could be that she was rounded up during the German campaign in Romania, found surviving mortal wounds, and shipped off to the Major but it's all just theory.
To dangerous for the first one, mina was sort of turned back but the dracula curse was still in her.

Hence why all of the millennium vampires were hacks or 2nd rate vampires, they were using a sliver of the curse that survived in her.

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ITT: We discus anime cliches hate we. Here I'll start it off
>Pervy old leecher who always manages to get what he wants
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>OP makes a shit greentext thread

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Will anybody ever save her?
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She whored herself
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Become meguca?

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Gundams saviour releases in a couple hours. What are /a/'s expectations of this Gundam entry?
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It has 99% chance to be more anime than Double Zeta

How well does Hetalia represents you country and if you don't like how your county is represented then what would you do to change it
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is it even possible to enjoy hetalia without being a fujoshit

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Leave Jiren to me!
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Yuuki Yuuna/Yuki Yuna//YuYuYu/NoWaYu/KuMeYu/WaSuYu/Yucky Tuna Thread
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Don't start this new trend of threads cropping up and dying in short order after being shitposted to death. We have /vg/ and /u/. And the new LN comes out in like, a week. We can wait.
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punished sonocchi

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Is it ending soon? What's this madman got up his sleeve?

Also that is some terrible placement of those pistol/flashbang pouches on his plate carrier
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Poor Tanaka
is it wrong that i hate 95% of this manga and Anime, but this villain is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DAMN GOOD?
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He is a damn good villain. Probably the best original villain of any anime or manga in recent times

I like the art and action after the writer change

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There were so many Japanese downloading from Nyaa, it was in their top-50. When I uploaded something old, especially music, like 95% of peers had Japanese flags.

Now there are not so many on both .si and Pantsu. How do we inform them the content is available again? 2ch is too hard to reach, none of open VPN and proxies work for me.
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Upload the loli porn, they will come.
pantsu is down right now. says bad gateway. wtf
DNS problems.

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Hey /a/, meet my wife!

Say something nice about her and her show for our wedding!
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She has good taste in cleaning personnel.
Balalaika is the best woman in the series.
How many kids that you planning to have?

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I didn't realize any other human being on earth watched this show.
I liked it.

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>Draw a cute girl
>Put her in a show for fujoshi

What sort of cruel and unusual punishment is this?
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Don't worry, maybe she'll get some screentime in the new movie.
I notice shoujo/josei series can have some amazing girls, sometimes even better than in shounen and seinen series. Kae serinuma from kiss him, not me is a perfect recent example

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Post power couples from anime and manga.
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But incest is forbidden love! Also
>implying that was the powercouple
Honestly, I don't think there was a bad couple in the entire series.

well, except Havoc.
Any reason there couldn't be more than one power couple.

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>this is still allowed
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I'm usually really autistic about dubs but that's honestly kinda cute. Based glitter force.
Better than how 4kids would have done it.

Why do they call it the virgin killer?
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More like the virgin maker.
damn she looks so soft and squishy
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I guess you'll find out.

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