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Hey there onii-chan it's me your refrigerator haha ~

Did you want some cold milk?
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How does this refrigerate anything?
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Hey there mister I'm your dinner tonight! Make sure you blow on me first so you don't scald your tongue!

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Will this harem ever be surpassed in its own genre?
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The best harem is a bullet to the head.

My cute wife Kotori (Burd) is the cutest, sexiest, purest, and bestest Rabu Raibu.
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Happy Birthday, Bestsuki!
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Feels good to share a birthday with such best girls
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all might vs youpi.jpg
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Who wins this and why? (Assuming they're both in their prime)
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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I want to impregnate Yachiyo and have her bear my children before she gets whisked away by Madokami.
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Why doesn't he just pee into the Oracle Fish?
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Why doesn't he just piss in whis' mouth?
He should use the bathroom.

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The moment you realized China is better at anime.
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>it's fujoshit

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Why do I find this anime so arousing? There's relatively little fanservice but I get strong sexual undertones from Shion and Megumi in particular.
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Literally my favorite scene. Why couldn't it just be an omnibus of the girls talking to you with a POV thing going on. I could listen to shion all day.
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Casual touching is generally more arousing than actual hentai stuff, because it's more ambiguous and seductive.

I want a threesome with Megu and Kirara.

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Would Satania be a good mother and wife?
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No, she's a shit.
I'm going to test this out myself. I'll see you in nine months OP.
she would be a good meme waifu

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Thoughts on Laserdisc? I collect them for the Art. They're heavy as shit.
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Great way to get unique, official art.
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laserdisc 2 copy.png
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As I'm sure you know, laserdiscs have anime on them. It was the best way to watch anime from the 1982, all the way into 2000.


I like the inside liner art too. I'm hoping I can pick up the Animeigo Urasei Yatsura box set soon, but they didn't make many with english subs (mail only) so they don't pop up for sale that often. It's fun to watch anime the way people first experienced it in the 90s.
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Does anyone on /a/ own any Laserdiscs or do I take this to reddit? I know you guys are casual as fuck & just stream everything, but at least one person here should have a few.

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Winter 2018
Studio: C-Station
Director: Shunsuke Tada (Kuroko's Basketball, etc.)

This guarantees 3 Kirara shows the next 3 seasons
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>yuri camp
A predominantly Otomeshit/Fujoshit director doing Kirarashit? Hooo boy.

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Birb did nothing wrong
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birbs can't do anything
hoot hoot

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Do you guys think it is possible for traps to become magical girls in Madokaverse?
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Only reverse-traps.
Kyuubey don't buy that "but I'm a grill inside" bullshit.
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Magical girl (male).webm
3MB, 1280x720px
>Kyuubey don't buy that "but I'm a grill inside" bullshit.
This is why cyber fairies are better. They're willing to make anyone a magical girl. Girls, boys, hamsters, tortoises, as long as it's alive, it can be a magical girl. I'm not sure why OP would want a trap that can turn into a girl though. Once they become a magical girl, they're a girl (female).
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No dick, they you have contract.

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who took care of ton chan for those 5 days the keions were in london?
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feeder fish

t. turtle owner

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