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What anime makes you feel the most nostalgic?

Either this or Arc the Lad for me.
Bonus points for theme songs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1UBLrC2uPCc
I still remember spending minutes messing with my TV because the opening that took place in space didn't have any sound.
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Stuff I watched with my friend in early 2000's. hxh, fma, love hina, earlier parts of naruto and bleach.
subscribed :^)

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>watching this over
>first time uncut
>first episode Bulma shoots Goku, hoping and thinking she murdered a child

holy shit
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Sam Rami wrote some episodes

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annie is cute
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ugly af
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Annie beats up Pieck.
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Best girl

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>Find bad Manga/Anime
>Want to Drop but one character is really good/enjoyable
>Continue Reading just for them

What's their name? Pic Related
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>It's bad but I enjoy it
Stop this. That means it's good.
Kyuuto Gaaru
K.O. Beast, mediocre in virtually all aspects, but I like the mech design, V-Darn as a character, and Episode 4 is a ton of fun.

There can be a difference between things that are good and things you enjoy. That's why the concept of guilty pleasures exist. You know something is bad, but you enjoy it or aspects of it anyway.

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>ITT: Characters who got laid
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not me
I want to lick his armpits with my filthy NEET tongue.

What kind of guys is this series aimed at?
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Cool and handsome men who lead fruitful and successful lives

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Why are JCs always the sexiest?
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These terms are autistic as fuck. Just call them lolis for fuck's sake.
They aren't loli, maybe Sagiri is kinda loli but Elf isn't at all.
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Because thats when girls are desperate for ochinchin. Hormones
>inb4 draws dont have hormones

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Model sheets! Character bibles! Storyboards! Post some nerd shit, /a/!
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I used to collect a ton of this shit, hold on a sec.

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Bend your fucking knees Toriyama fags
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Best design
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Not even a Cellfag but I'm bored
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Terror, Hell or something else?
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Your mom
I'd prefer Hell to that little terror.
I wonder what their mum looks like?

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You pretty much /thread your own thread

Nothing can top Illya

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I don't get it.
Is she retarded?
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She is mentally challenged, yes
It's the derpy humor that makes this show stand out. Some people like it some don't

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Is Megumin a one-note character?
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He is, but he's such a bro to Kazuma y'know? He's really the only thing that makes Konosuba no be just a harem anime. Otherwise all of the MC's partners would be girls.
one note at least makes a sound
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2 days left until the last episode.
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Don't lose your Yay, Akko!
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Never forget
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Can the league save this arc
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I like this arc just fine, but I think some Anons might have to beaten over the head with a concept before they get it
They're are truly the best part of this manga
It's just overhauls group is lame compared to shiggy's

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