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I've got it!

A paid option that allows 4chan users to bypass the captcha field - and gain access to a very important board - all for less than a can of soda a day!
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You're very welcome, humble 4channers! Don't forget to read the FAQ!

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Not sure where to put this, as I never did find out how to contact the mods.
But basically, on /a/ recently there appears to be some automated bot that randomly replies to people with "Shut the fuck up retard " and nothing else.


I would like to report it to the mods but I don't know how. Current reporting system doesn't allow me to explain why I am reporting a post. Anyone here know how to let someone know about it?

And it is also interesting that no one is talking about it, because so far archive replies suggest no one know this is a spam bot posting randomly.
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>Not sure where to put this, as I never did find out how to contact the mods.
go on irc
>go on irc
I am sad to say that I never did figure out how to use it. I guess I will just hope someone else notices and reports it themselves then.

I made a post on the Feedback page, but then realised that area hadn't been updated since 2015. And the 4chan twitter hadn't been live either, who knows if it is even being monitored.

I guess it is my own fault that I can't use irc.
Nice joke

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Explain to me how the asshole posting the endless Andy Sixx threads on 4chan does not get banned for flooding, and why anons who report a violation of global rule 10 get banned for 'abusing the report system'?
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I too browse Sapphire morto
By 4chan you mean /b/. You're high if you think anyone cares what goes on there.

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fuckign suckn it
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No. Stop believing everything on the internet.
That eyeliner.

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Hunter S. Thompson - crazed kook or groundbreaking author?
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¿Por qué no los dos?
Great, now I'm depressed. Fuck this place.

>"Hey you! Yeah I'm talking to you! Get your ass over here! From now on you will be my boyfriend, there's nothing you can do about it, you're mine now. Now hurry up and kiss me. That's what boyfriends do, right?

What do you do?
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"nice try, Hansen."
Sorry I have a girlfriend
"I have a wife. And you're like seven years old. Also, please close your legs; showing your intimates is not very ladylike."

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What's something that's going to be really big in the near future? I want to be in on the hottest trends of the late 2010s.
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Fidget spinners.
Your mom's ass.
Your mom's fidget spinning ass.

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It is 1933. You are in Berlin, Germany. Somehow, you find yourself in a position where you can effortlessly steal Adolf Hitler's wallet. This theft will not affect Hitler's rise to power, the nature of World War II, or the Holocaust. There is no important identification in the wallet, but the act will cost Hitler forty Reichsmarks and completely ruin his evening. You do not need the money. The odds that you will be caught committing this crime is less than 2%.

Are you ethically obligated to steal Hitler's wallet?
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Not at all. I'll slip a sheet of paper into his wallet explaining what he needs to do to win the war.
it's not an ethical prerogative, as the act has no effect on the outcome

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post pic like this
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You mean like this?
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Or like this?
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Anno Hideaki.webm
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What is they key to making a good reaction image?
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>We have to burn the house down in order to build a new one in its place.
Yeah but your house is perfectly fine and you only have the materials to make a mud hut in its place.
>What's your problem with mud huts?
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I like this.
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This is now a cat thread!
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That's dumb, but it gives me a brilliant idea. Pan also means bread, right? Well, why not sell striped bread? What about frying pan? Could you stripe one of those? Or Peter Pan playing a pan flute while dressed in stripes?
>What about frying pan? Could you stripe one of those?
I'm not sure if that will work but the idea of it has got me aroused.
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>why not sell striped bread
like this?

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How has YOUR favourite board changed since 2014?
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I never stay in one place for too long. /sp/ was GOAT for six years after it was created though.
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There's been an obvious dip in board quality on /vp/ ever since the XY leaks.

I still visit that cesspool, and I have no idea why.
/v/ was my home board from 2010-2014. It really didn't change, and that's really the reason I left. It was always so negative, so whiny, so prone to witch hunts, so oblivious to the fact that all its problems were from itself and not from some shadowy outside group (tripfags, dudebros, weeaboos, Redditors, etc), always relied on the same tired jokes over and over (filename threads, for example), only talked about the same games in the same way, and even the offtopic threads were literally the same shit over and over again, etc.

So it's not that /v/ changed, it's that it never changed.

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