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What would you do if, one day, you woke up as a cute loli?
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A little girl with a dis-proportionally large bank account? Sounds like I'm getting a new wardrobe.
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That's for the day before you big goof!

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Shalom, partner. Facts don't care about your feelings.
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I feel like blacks commit more crime than any other race.
salami eggs and bacon
This is very important. Thank you.

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Why the FUCK does my pass keeping disappearing?

I spend more FUCKING time re-entering the goddamn token and code 5 times a day than I would filling out the goddamn captcha for CHRISSAKES
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>not having it remember your code so you just click once
I do click the 'remember for 1 year' bit

Doesn't do SHIT

I disabled my ad blocker, I have cookies enable

Why the fuck would it do this shit
Install Gentoo.

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You've gotta admit, they're pretty suspicious.
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I've never met a Jew that wasn't completely smug, manipulative, and insufferable. I don't know for sure if they're the orchestrators of some worldwide conspiracy, but I could believe it if they were.
i have but honestly they are really rare idk why exactly it is.

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rare gerald
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I don't think I need to exist. Because I'm not needed.

What are you alive for? Maybe you're living because you want to figure that out? Who are you living for? Yourself?

Are you worthless? Do you have anything to be proud of?
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/vip/ suicide pact when?
If you go along the logic of who is and isn't needed, then in the grand scheme of things none of us are needed and genocide would be a kinder alternative to the continuation of life. I had a year and a half where all I wanted to do was end it all, or at least I considered it to be an option. But that was when I could see no future ahead of me. It took that whole time for me to realize that the world isn't so black and white that one failed ambition means the end of it.

So what am I living for? Well, I'm going into business management at school and am about to start selling houses so it isn't for the betterment of society. I suppose I'm living it out for myself. Who better, right? I'm too jaded to emotion to live for others.

As to whether or not I'm worthless... nah. I can read and write, I can read a map, I can use tools, I can repair a car if it's not too far gone, I can tie several knots from memory, I think if it were a few hundred years ago, all I'd be missing is court training. When I was in high school I had more to be proud of than I do now but if nothing else I can say that I'm self-sufficient.

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We [s4s] now
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This board has really gone downhill.
Yes, but now it's only gonna get better
You mean posting this thread is finally rock bottom?

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Why is it that all cheap headphones fucking suck? They either have terrible sound quality, or you can hear them from across the room. Headphones are not a complicated piece of equipment, so shouldn't even the high end stuff be relatively cheap by now?
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Not as long as people are willing to buy shitty headphones at that price.
>what are Xiaomi Pistons

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Delete /pol/.
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delet urself
delet 4chan
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Cowboy Bebop wasn't very good, it's just very Americanized so normalfags can like it without feeling embarrassed.

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Why doesn't everyone have a 4chan pass? It's less than 2 dollars a month basically. Are people really that poor? Do they not post on 4chan that much? Seriously, what gives? I love my pass. I'd die without it.
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No idea, I honestly can't imagine posting without it. If anything I post more now that I have a pass since I don't have to deal with captcha.

Put since4pass in the options field senpai.
You underestimate how many third worlders sit and shitpost here. I remember one of them crying about how they barely made $20 a month.
You're talking about a userbase that's composed of neets that prefer to live in their parents house and remain unemployed. The few that do get a job likely get fired on their first day of work. And you expect them to cough up $20?

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