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remember when rules 1 and 2 were a thing people told each other so that 4chan doesn't become overflowed with new users? Why didn't /pol/ follow rules 1 and 2? Obviously 4chan would grow and that is unstoppable, but at some level rules 1 and 2 would've kept the site less serious with people taking posts too serious and we could just call each other faggots and end the debate accepting that the debate is silly. The internet become real life and serious business and 4chan was supposed to be that escape.
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It's not really 4chan's fault. The internet is the new "thing" now, and people come to 4chan thinking it's the epicentre of hilarious memes they've seen on Twitter and Tumblr and Reddit.
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cause people are more depressed now you faggot
>cause people are more depressed now

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This isn't you, right /vip/?
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its not me no but i typically do type in all lower case
mad punctuation nerd
im laughing imagining all the time you waste meticulously typing out periods and using your shift key

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I was wondering if anyone knows where you can pure helium or nitrogen tanks to use with an exit bag.

I've been looking on Amazon and all the tanks are diluted with oxygen. It seems like it's getting harder and harder to find pure tanks.

Thank you.
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Best new meme /tv/ has had in a long damn time.
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>good memes
Funny joke anon, you should be a writer.
Pick two and only two.

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Images are loading to fucking slow on 4chan!! What in the name of ever loving fuck are we paying for?!?!
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How do we deal with /pol/ seeping out of their containment board?
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/pol/ is 4chan, now. The mods agree with it. The admin agrees with it. The users agree with it too - at least, the ones that matter. It's by far the most popular board on the site, and brings in the most money, which is what Hiro cares about. If you don't like it, you're in the minority.

Go ahead, post a smug reply. See what good it'll do you.
how do we deal with them? the things /pol/ wants will either a) destroy them eventually, or b) actually improve the world, depending on how you see /pol/. so if you dislike /pol/, i think the best thing to do is just to ignore them.
but muh raids

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>blatantly break a rule
>only get a warning

is this pass privilege?
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I don't think so.
I recently got banned for racism...
I post furry porn on five boards and have never been banned for it.
I don't know about getting away from bans, but when reporting a post it reminds you that you have a pass. Maybe we can superban??

>ice caps have all melted
>we are all under water
>ran out of all oil
>earth it so warm people literally catch on fire
>mass starvation everywhere
>we are all dying rn

wtf and here you sit posting in this stupid thread while we are all fucking dead

thanks a lot drompf
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well we all gotta die some day

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I want to rewatch DBZ but I'm thinking of watching it dubbed and with filler intact.

Bad idea?
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yes, DBZ is garbage
watch dragon ball instead
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No, it's not a bad idea. The dub version of DBZ isn't nearly as bad as most people make it out to be.

The filler can be a bit much however. I've got all nine seasons of DBZ and have rewatched all 291 episodes at least three or four times and I can bare the filler though it does get tedious and redundant a lot.

The issue I always have when rewatching it whether to listen with the digitally remastered 5.1 Japanese music or the stereo broadcast American soundtrack. The Japanese audio sounds much better quality wise, but American soundtrack is so much more fitting to the scenes and battles.
this is an 18+ website

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Let's talk about /vip/-tan. There's no real consensus as to whether or not the golden wonder is liked and I have thought since the beginning he was an incorrect depiction of the board anyway. So here's my idea.
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im no good at art, which is why i've stayed quiet for so long.
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This is vip tan
He isn't a pepe but he is a old guy who became young and it represents everyones inner child
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Have this.

Hey /vip/, what do you think of my country, the glorious, one-and-only Canada? Tell me your honest feelings, even if it's a three-word phrase or just one word of the same three-word phrase.
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I don't
A fucking leaf.
Legal dog blowjobs.

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this meme has got to stop
Thirded, homosexuality is a sin.

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Do you ever see anything on 4chan that gets you legitimately angry, upset or depressed? Because it happens to me a lot.
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And before anyone says "don't get so rattled by things you see on the internet", you know as well as I do that that isn't how things work anymore.
Not really anything with one note like a meme. Sometimes I can get a little heated in arguments especially when they take being a retard very seriously.
I hate those times when you get into like, a legitimate argument with someone, and it's not bullshit. Like, you and him actually start writing paragraphs debating each other.

Soon enough the post count reaches 500, and then it's just a game of attrition to see who gets the last post in before it falls off page 10.

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My 12 year old brother just sang Renai Circulation to me.
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demo sonanja dame
To be fair it is a catchy song. Did he get the words right or just kind of hum it?
He sang it by ear. I don't know Japanese, so I don't know if he got it right or not.

If you bought a 4chan pass with bitcoin in 2012, that amount of bitcoin would now be worth over $5000.

Was it worth it?
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Fuck I've just realized I've bought approximately 20 bitcoins worth of LSD.

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