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Does /vip/ watch porn?
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Heavens no!
What do you fucking think, fag
Since I got the HTC Vive I've been watching porn on it and has taken whackin it to a whole new level. I highly recommend it if you have the cash to upgrade your computer and afford the Vive itself.

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Recently I came back to my home town to visit and it's absolutely overrun with brown people. This was a small, rural area, and now it's a crime zone full of poor, smelly, filthy foreigners that barely speak their own language, let alone mine. It's depressing.

Is there anywhere left in the world that's untainted? I don't want to move there, because that would make me a hypocrite. I just want to know that there's some hope for the future.
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become the change you want
There is no hope left for the Earth. Africa is the only continent whose population is on pace to explode with over 3 to 4 billion births over the next 80 years or so; think of the European migrant crisis we have now, except increased a hundredfold.

Personally, I'm looking forward to space colonization. I hope I live long enough to see a whites-only paradise established on Mars or some other extraterrestrial planet while Earth slowly decays into a third-world shithole.

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What does /vip/ think of his new game?
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It would by GOTY if Persona 5 didn't exist.
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Amazing in every way

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that looks like a good album cover.
That's a very good question. It's hard because Blake insisted that even the most minor detail of his painting was deliberate and meaningful. Everything emanated from on high, but that took the form of a division from one into many, thus the finger pointing in one direction and the other fingers in the other.

I just checked and it's also a perfect 90 degree angle, which is consistent with the theme in that poem (Europe a Prophecy) of Logos bringing order into the universe. He is dividing the divine into parts, and the parts are measured according to a strict mathematical standard.

I don't know if there's something else to be said for this, but it also forms a right triangle with the bottom barrier of the image, and there is an ancient idea (from Plato's Timaeus for instance) that the physical world is made of triangles. The triangle also, perhaps more obviously, represents the holy trinity in Christianity.

I mean this also suggests that perhaps instead of creation it is God the father sending his son and the holy spirit. But it's odd that he would be using his left hand for that since Jesus sits at the right hand of God. And since as we know this isn't strictly speaking God, but a character in Blake's poem.
All "gods" are aliens. Aliens built the pyramids.

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/ic/ thread
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what do you see?

It looks that the fucker who posts those endless Andy Sixx shit log forced memes which the mods refuse to ban him for. Rule 10 violation? Obviously! But if you report it, YOU get banned for 'abusing the report system'.

Fucked up.
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i call it art.png
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if it's worth anything, i had to google Andy Sixx just now. op here.

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I'd just like to have a wife that loves me and is nice to me, but that probably won't happen.
one that lasts
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I wanted a wife who would exhibit super feminine traits, minus the overwhelming emotions. I wanted a woman who would always wear a summer dress, show a little skin, curvy, be a supportive housewife, and always be in a relatively cheerful mood, excited to see me when I get home from work, give me a hug, and always want to cuddle/spoon with me. We wouldn't have sex, we'd make sweet, passionate love.

That said, I got most of that in my current marriage save for the summer dress and housewife.

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Isn't that supposed to be the celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg 1761?
Art, my good man, have you no sense of it?

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Raising children makes you a cuckold, you can't refute this. Either because you don't have a pass or because you literally just can't.
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"Laying his glory by"

What's important?
>(noun )
>cuck·old \ˈkə-kəld, -(ˌ)kōld\

>Definition: a man whose wife is unfaithful
>r9k/pol template thread

Don't even bother replying my man.

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How long has rape been unacceptable?
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Roman republic was made literally because people were triggered by rape.

so about that far if not further.

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Is the death penalty ever OK?
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Serial killers
Rape murderers
Unborn babies.

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>make a friend online
>they use twitter jargon, use "meme" as anything another than a noun, or refer to posting online as "shitposting"
>immediately lose interest
Am I a bad person for just wanting someone who doesn't type like a child?
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So why did you make them a friend in the first place?
I didn't know they were like that, at first. This has happened many times.
friends are for losers. All you need is lotion and a dakimakura

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>make a well thought-out post using plenty of effort and reasoning
>1 response of a guy with a tipped fedora

>someone else posts a meme, makes a simple joke, or otherwise baits
>several rows of responses of equally low effort nonsense

Why bother?
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If your only goal is (you)s you may as well troll and shipost. If you want a discussion, you do need to put effort into your posts. Sometimes that won't work, but sometimes it will.
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Is this true?
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Yeah anime is shit

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Oh fuck me.
nicely done

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When you were a child, what did you want to grow up to be? What was your ideal job before reality came crashing down?

Me, at first I wanted to be an ice cream truck driver. I wanted to do nothing more than drive around in a van with jingling music passing out ice cream to kids. After a few years of finally catching on when my parents paraded me around at all the family reunions and the adults laughing at me when I said that, I decided to be a automobile salesman because I thought they pocketed all the money from cars they sold.
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I wanted to be a chemist. Then I went to school and became a chemist. I guess reality hasn't hit me yet.
I wanted to make cartoons, and I was the best student in my high school animation class. Unfortunately, I don't like where the industry is going nowadays, so now I'm a business student.
I wanted to make video games. Now I barely play video games.

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