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Looking for some advice fellas and looking for your opinion on the following questions

>is it okay to flirt with other women?

>is it possible to stop noticing other women?

>are sexual desires for other women normal and how do you deal with them in a relationship?

>is no fap the answer?

for anyone willing to offer help:
>girl interested in me
>already have gf
>girl flirts with me
>see girl come into my work a few times and flirt back
>nothing physical just feel some sort of sexual tension there
>feel guilty because im leading her on and also being unfaithful
>message girl and apologise for my actions and explain that whilst she is attractive and interesting (to soften the blow) i have a girlfriend and apologise for leading her on

i feel awful fellas, is the right thing to do to tell my gf? i wish i hadn't said the girl was attractive but it felt like i was being honest and it would make her feel better about being rejected.
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>also being unfaithful
Stop being a turbofag.

Fucking kids these days, I swear.
so its not being unfaithful?
I think you dealt with it alright. If you feel bad about doing something, then you shouldn't be doing it regardless of what anyone else says. If you are happy in your relationship then you're fine. Just forget about it.

What do you think about shilling?

4chan makes it easy. Pepsi could hire some intern that had a bunch of proxies and a 4chan pass to post about the refreshing taste of Pepsi Cola™, maybe make some memes.

I'm guessing this is already happening, but have no proof. What do you think?
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It's common knowledge at this point that ShareBlue, some left-wing guerilla organization, shills on /pol/, usually to get reactions for publications. Before the American election, a group called CTR did the same.

Many /ck/ regulars believe the McChicken meme was a successful attempt at viral marketing by McDonalds, but I don't know how much I believe that.
I know for a fact Wendy's memes got one of their burgers in me for the first time in a few years.
Here's my guess of external actors. No source, just intuition:
- Trump
- Neoliberals
- Monster energy for /sip/ threads
- Fast food chains
- Cooking YouTube channels
- Porn websites
- something on /g/

Remember, all they need to do is think about their brand for 3 seconds. Anyone have more?

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There should be an option for automatic since4pass in the Clover app.
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Clover is shit. Just use a browser for mobile 4chan. Hell, on firefox mobile you can even install addons.

Disgusting. Please kill you are selve, pronto.
>2017 fag
>phone posting
it all adds up

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I drew a robot
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Pretty good robot
Why is that robot shitting down a chimney?

Fuck of a good robot.

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why doesn't 4chan pass allow more then one user at the same time

4chan pass should allow 2 so i don't have to wait 12 minutes everytime i change connection
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>everytime i change connection

You mean evade bans?
no dummy what if i want to be a dumb phoneposter or reboot my computer and reconnect to my vpn with a different IP
You can't evade bans if you have a pass.

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Wtf why are blue boards so bright
This is basically white
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The only good pink boards on this site are the strictly porn boards. Every "discussion" pink board is cancer.
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pointless reply to pointless thread
>not using a custom theme
Someone revoke this man's /vip/ status

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That meme you like is going to come back in style.
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Weak, yet feeble.
That dude is way more handsome than me.


A place where I can talk about how much I'm looking forward to Star Trek: Discovery!
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Stop being optimistic. It's going to be shit.
DS9 was the best.

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How do I embed a twitch link in my reply if its still registered as spam?
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