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Is it "Pep-pay" or "Pay-pay"?
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Is English not your first language?

It's "Peep".
Correct. People that say "pay pay" also pronounce memes as "may may"
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Any other year is cnacer
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Reporting in.
I only got a pass this year but I'm a 2011 user

had one of these guys in the back yard just now
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I don't like this life anymore, I want out
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So move somewhere else and start over.
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how do I know where to go?

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>pay $20 for a pass
>posting on /pol/
>make a thread asking people how they like their countries
>banned for a week for off-topic
>change proxy
>banned automatically for ban evading
>tfw I paid $20 to be stalked
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go to >>>/int/ or >>>/bant/
>posting on /pol/
There's your first mistake.

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Have you ever wanted to be judge, jury, and executioner?
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When I'm driving. Or when I see faggot threads on /b/ by the dozen. Or the Andy Sixx cancer threads. Or niggers. Or bankers.
Yes, because my WoW guild is beneath garbage.

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This is my wife. Please say something nice about her.
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She's the bomb, yo
the worst girl
Didn't you read the OP? That is not nice.

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Where would you be right now if 4chan didn't exist?
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Probably be a well rounded, groomed, employed, contributing member of society.
Probably would have much thinner skin and a more uptight person than I am now.
Ironically, I'd probably be an autistic basement dwelling virgin neet with no social skills. Only after posting on 4chan for so many years and seeing how more pathetic other people's lives are did I make the decision to buck up and better myself.

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Roll for your slave, /VIP/
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I honestly do not enjoy being alive.
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I enjoy not being dead. It's the only way to enjoy.
I am sad
Escapism is always there for you to leave this reality for a temporary amount of time. It won't change your life but maybe you will feel better while you do it.

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Who are the intended audience for reaction videos?

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Kids and normalfags.
What about anime reaction videos?
Please refer to the post above yours.

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Who was right?
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Sega does what Nintendon't.
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sonic dance.gif
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Mega Driiiive!
Nintendo is what the Genesisn't.

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Mods are being inconsistent
They allow furry when they want to as long as it calls itself "monster"girl
They allow western art even though they decided to purge that a year ago then create /aco/
They banned all community driven threads like the caption, voice and censor threads essentially driving out all content creators
/d/ meta thread is the most thriving topic on the board, which is a problem because it's not a porn thread in a porn board.
And even in the meta thread, they delete posts when the mods are called out for trying to kill /d/

It's just a porn board. I go there to jerk off, but the mods just want to kill it. We either need a purge of the /d/ mods or a new board /dg/ - hentai/alternative general.
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>/d/ is first and foremost an imageboard for alternative hentai, and as such the majority of content posted here should be in image form.

>"Caption" or "censorship" threads are being disallowed on /d/ due to persistent issues with low quality images.

>CYOA, role-playing, collaborative fiction, and threads that are primarily for chatting also should not be started on /d/ or the porn imageboards in general. If you must ERP please take it to >>>/trash/.

I've just now noticed this sticky. Putting it and your comments together seems like, yeah, original content doesn't really have a place on /d/.
And given its rules driven superior Nihon nature it's really only a show and tell board about what you find elsewhere. With the tell part being discouraged.
That sticky was added in about 2 weeks ago. The mods just hate /d/
Well this is something you should bring up on /qa/.

I doubt the mods or even janitors bother to poke around /vip/.

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When you're lonely, do you sometimes think that maybe some day, someone else just as lonely will appear and you can find comfort in each other's company?
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I woke up as usual lately with a song in my head this morning. It was this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVH9SOpEGPM

If you need to get something off your chest then I'll listen, man.

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