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twintails tail red double v.jpg
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tail red on the front page
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Best girl (male).
Don't you mean best trap (female)?

It feels so good to finally have a place to openly declare that this game is flat out superior to Majora's Mask since everyone knows MMfags don't have actual jobs and thus cannot post here
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MM is the best Zelda game.
>Zelda: Gamecube Anime Boogaloo
nah cuh Majora shits all over that trash heap
It would be if they didn't ditch the last dungeons for budget concerns. For that reason alone MM pulls far ahead in quality and complexity of side quests.

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>chance to remake /b/ but without all the retards
>it's a blue board
y-you too...
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we already have more than enough red boards
and a /b/-lite wouldn't help
>says something dumb
>on /vip/
but actually it was you who was retarded

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I remember posting in /r9k/ in the first couple weeks of its existence. Such an interesting idea, and those early days had some cool threads. Shame it turned into what it is now.
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are you english
File: the-eyes-are-open.jpg (24KB, 500x383px)Image search: [Google]
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do you remember kingneet?
then you're probably not actually an oldfag. because the good /r9k/ went to shit and was deleted, it didn't turn into anything. the current one is a completely new incarnation (hence the 9001 in the board title).

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Kyon-kun, denwa.
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Why does she sit like that?
Maybe her butt hurts?

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ask a slut anything
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What's your name
are you a boy or a girl?

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What do you think of the new starters?
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Gen 3 has finally been dethroned as the best batch of starters.
the fuck is this?
Pokémon, fucking namefag.

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Favorite Love Live? Mine is Burd!
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I completely fail to get this.
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Vol. 1.jpg
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File: Yotsubato!01_03.jpg (84KB, 600x872px)Image search: [Google]
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w e.jpg
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Only 2012s and 13s are allowed in this thread.
Get in here bros.
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Haha, us oldfags, m i rite?
OP here, forgot to log in to the matrix.
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Say your prayers, kid

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Literally a paid-access board, and nobody gives a shit. Retards actively CHEERING and feeling superior for their 20bux special bubble like a bunch of insolent goons.
Is this how 4chan dies? Not with a bang, not even with a wimper, but with a thunderous applause.

Know this, Hiroyuki:
I won't be renewing my pass next year. 4chan is better off dead and 404 than this. Get on with it and sell this shitty website to Google already.
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oh boohoo /b/ 4.0 with less people 4chan is doomed
A board to entice more people to support 4chan is bad because...?

Hiro is just making reasons for people to do what they should be doing anyways.

If you want everything to be free forever you're fucking delusional and probably 25 or under.
Don't be so uptight, anon. It's not like anyone seriously feels superior being here and it's not like anyone is buying a pass just to post here (for now).

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Is this it? Do we finally have a place to host YLYL threads without the threat of potassium?
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King Arthur.jpg
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Open Relationships.png
563KB, 1221x1080px

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This is a nice board. Thank you Hiro.

But please also consider donation drives as a way of managing site costs.
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