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This was the best scene in the whole season
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it was, cant wait until he completes his arc and hopefully kills Cersei
it wasn't. it felt stupid seeing it so shortly after literally the exact same thing happened with tyrion
I felt the best scene was Theon finally finding his lost balls again.

thoughts on this film?
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Good period music. Nice fight scenes.
Plot made no fucking sense.

Too much cloak and dagger shit, not enough fighting. I know it's a spy movie, but I can only take so much of shifting allegiances before I stop caring.

Shouldn't he breathe ice?
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More importantly, since fire kills wights, shouldn't he burn itself from the inside the moment he unleashes his flames?
why would he do that you dumb nigger? if he breathed ice the wall would only get stronger
its magic who cares

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great film
Hey I watched this for school back in the day!
> Man for All Seasons
> Beckett
> The Lion in Winter
the 60s perfected English period kino

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>"I shuppose.... Harrenhal... ish off .... the....ta-b---"
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In Rogue One, this scene is absolutely retarded. This article does a good job of breaking it down:


Basically, if a "Hammerhead Corvette" can do that, it should be used in every space battle ever. Also, the physics of it being able to ram an ISD into another ISD with enough force that the second one pretty much *gets cut in half*, well, it's either impossible or the ISD is made out of paper mache.

Not surprisingly, Star Wars nerds will defend this...
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>real world physics don't apply in Star Wars

The physics of a movie should *at least* have internal consistency.
Don't fucking speak to me

Will there ever be another supervillain performance as good as this?
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Nope. After his performance, the Golden Age of comic book film adaptations (and therefore villains) has ended.
every few months or so I go back and rewath Heath's scenes on YouTube, it's incredible.
Honestly it's probably the best performance I've seen in the past two decades
kilgrave and Zod

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sam hyde.jpg
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Give me one good reason why you don't find Sam Hyde hilarious....


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What's hilarious is that no one finds Sam hilarious enough to throw him a bone here. Sad, and funny!

Lrn to joke Sam.
fuck thats a great drawing
Help a nigga out.

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Does it take talent to turn an amazing story into shit ?
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It takes the arrogance of idiots
It only takes a fat man who stops writing so he can attend cons and feasts.
No but it takes retardation to think genrefiction can be "amazing."

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Holy shit this is sy fy tier awful, who the fuck thought this was a good idea
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It's hard to find the mist threatening when you have main characters running around in it every other episode
I want an Arrowhead Project sequel. This was embarrassing, even shittier than Under The Dome

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any other shows like battle creek? shows that are: procedural (you don't know who criminal is at start of episode and cops investigate), not season-long-drama-story (different crime/criminal per ep not one criminal per season making whole season just one long episode), focus of each ep is investigating solving crime not angsty drama (some crime dramas - like the glades, saw a few season 3 eps, not sure if other seasons are like that - spent 80% of each ep on angsty family drama dialogue).

battle creek being also funny was a bonus. it sucks that it got cancelled after only 13 episodes. why are the ratings so low?

ITT: shows like battle creek, ncis, law & order, law & order svu, law & order uk

i didn't like law & order d'onofrio because they reveal who the criminal is at the start of the ep and d'onofrio acted weird like he's a reptilian being from another planet wearing a human body the way he talks and cocks his head.

also did not like the law & order los angeles where it's all about the jury with no police investigation

ncis los angeles was also more of a spy-style undercover drama rather than a procedural cop show
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thank you. looked it up and it's got 6 seasons. unfortunately, season 6 will be it's last. are the ratings low because people like me who enjoy these shows are few?

>someone wants to wipe your kingdom of the map with OP dragons
>you got no dragons
>think of a ploy to outsmart the enemy

>muh pledge
>wow cersei wears black, so evil

Cersei did nothing wrong
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opinions about the got finale?
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Is that his abuela?
who's the nigga with the big ass arms?
Do people here unironically watch him?

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Is it good?
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It's yaoi shit.

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muh dragons.png
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So, whats the big deal?I thought just Danny had 100k+ dokthraki, not counting the dickless crew and her dragons...Why do they need all the Starks, Lannisters, Martells, Tyrells, etc.They dont even know about Arthas' dead dragon.
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JUST turn off your brain dude lmao
> ~100k undeads
> not knowing how they gonna scale the Wall
> 1mil ppl living in Kings Landing

WTF? Are we in para-medieval Mexico City or what?
they can ressurect the dead you dumb fucks

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