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>character appears in very smart clothing
>pause for audience to hoot, cheer, and whistle
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Honestly who the fuck watches shows with live studio audiences? Everyone knows they're a cruch for shitty comedic writing.

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Will she win?
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giv alien gf
My heart?

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Reminder that the ayylmao vampire kino is inbound

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Literally the greatest comedy character ever created.
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Anons we must make Alanposting a new gift to this wonderful board.
>that scene in the movie where he disarms Pat and throws the gun away only to be shot by accident and then Pat gets the gun back anyways

Have you ever sent fanmail to a director/actor/writer/other film person? What did you send? Did they respond?
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>oven mitts
>cold pie

WHITE """""""""PEOPLE"""""""""
the oven itself would be hot?
>what is a preheated oven
Fucking faggot.

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who was in the wrong here?
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idk man pic is very vague
Underage pls
Aunt Diane since it felt so good but she was still bitching

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>See the trailer for the Dark Tower
>Always liked the few pieces of fan art I had seen made for the book series
>Decide to start reading the Dark Tower books
>rewatch the trailer for the movie.

Jesus Christ, what the fuck is wrong with Hollywood? You can finish the first book alone and already see this film is absolutely nothing like the source material at all.

We're never going to get a decent film or TV series based on the Dark Tower, are we? I was looking forward to seeing Roland wandering Mid World but, instead we get some really weird-ass shit.
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apparently the movie is a sequel to the books, however that works

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Is anyone else disappointed that Jon Snow is a Targaryen? I thought that the whole point of his character was that he was supposed to be an underdog who was the heir to nothing and had work his way up to a position of power? It's like making a character who's supposed a pacificiet into a murderer or an average joe into the chosen one.
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a shity fanbase and shit writers led to this fuckfest
of a show
R + L = J has been a thing since 1996 you dumb faggot shownly


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Would you rather have a nice house and a fat wife or a Corvette and a MEW wife?
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how did she know exactly the number of seconds to count to drop the AC on the guy? Was she planning to murder him?
>a nice house and a fat wife
And a family, wealth, your own business company
Yeah I'd take that over a vintage car and a nice ass

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Hey listen you ruffian! If Canadian gender neutral pronoun laws spread to your country, you SHOULDN'T call them FREAKS.
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Yes, all fine and well, but what does that have to do with XRA?
you look so superficial, you probably judge things by their physical appearance.

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I'm writing edition
previous >>87086422
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first for bessies tits god bless her
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Jaimie's actor is the best of the show who is still currently alive.

>bookfasg are fucking niggers kys
What did he mean by this?

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Serious though, what the FUCK was his problem?!
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this is a lazy retarded meme, do the board a favor and kill yourself, shitposter
He's black.
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ITT; villains that did nothing wrong
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sure he was being manipulated by Ares but he chose NOT to accept the ceasefire on his own. Still didn't give Diana the right to kill him, especially since he was not who she thought he was.
At least Doc Poison got spared.
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>accepting ceasefire to give them more time to ship troops from America while they still maintain the blockade starving your nation

Versailles was a crime, diana was a kike

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>"""season""" only has 7-8 episodes in them.
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>OP starts a fuckable nigress """"""thread""""""
I kissed a sexy black chick while I was overseas. She wasn't super loud, she wasn't ugly, she had manners and she was funny/smart.

Why did american 4channers lie to me?
>its a eastern european and brazilians pretend blacks are nice thread

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