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Why did they start doing this shit? Isn't it basically suicide when you're competing with Netflix (and free)? What the hell.
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This is the future.

Netflix will die. Hulu will die. Studios hate them, especially Netflix which is why movies and shows are disappearing.

Studios will start distributing everything that isnt a tentpole online. Through Amazon. Because guess who owns IMDB? It will be on a pay-by-channel basis because of the years of cable/satellite where people wanted to pick and choose. Here we are.

Prime will start costing $25 a month minimum because fuck you.

Also once the isps take over, say bye to your firestick just incase you were going to answer with that. Internet will become a utility like water/gas/electricity.

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Is this kino?
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it made me realize boston was full of black people

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Finally a Hollywood movie that's not liberal propaganda

>based Vince Vaugh
>directed by Bone Tomahawk guy


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jennifer carpenter is real talented for real those people making fun of her acting in dexter were just big dumb dumbs she really picked up the slack when michael hall started phoning in his performance i'm excited for this movie thank you for reading
>brawl in cell bloch 99

Holy shit that franchise had 98 films!?
Looks good. I'll see it

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patrice o'neal.jpg
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>there will never be a RE:View of 90s movies with guest star Patrice O'Neal
why even live?
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>tfw no Patrice and Jimmy discuss movies podcast
>tfw no guest stars like Vos, Bobby Kelly, Anthony, Bill Burr, or Derosa
don't forget greg!
I have a poster of patrice on my wall he is such an idol to me

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Do you think Magical Negro Films have gotten people killed?

>I don't have to cross the street, I can trust this black person to not kill, rape or rob me because that liberal hollywood made movie told me some of them are nice!
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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Is every King of the Hill episode basically

>Strawman comes onto the show
>Hank is a good boy, he dindu nuffin - he just wanted to mow his lawn. He was getting his propane career back on track!
>Strawman is defeated in some way by Hank's old fashioned ways

Or am I missing something?
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ebin repost, faggot

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look at him
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why is he so smug

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D-don't take to boat, why are you taking the boat?
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t-they don't plan to have an uncuckolding arc for jorah..do they? What the fuck is even the point of his character without one?
he's just gonna sacrifice himself in season 8 like a good little cuck he is
They don't have anything planned for Jorah. If he'd died of greyscale nothing would change.

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This scene and the “I’ll do the fingering” scene are better than anything we're gonna get in the Blade Runner sequel.

You should accept that.
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the unfortunate thing is that Covenant is MUCH better when it tries to be a Prometheus sequel and it falls apart completely when it tries to be an Alien prequel.
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Covenant really wasn't that bad. If the supporting characters were written better it'd be kino. David's arc is pretty interesting in my opinion.

The recorder scene felt a little pretentious to me, but the beginning exchange between him and Weyland was kino/10.

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So this is what the most handsome ASOIAF character looked like...whoa
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Viserys was hotter

also why is the targaryan emblem so off-center?
Spoiler: Bran lost his mind and is making shit up.
larp tier costume

Is this really as bad as they claim. I'm gonna watch it tonight.
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it's shit
its edgy if you're a normie, but honestly it's mostly just fake looking over the top sex crimes that you've probably seen pictures of happening for real if you spend on enough time on 4chan

actually an alright horror movie though and you feel really sorry for the main character
It's pretty bad, yeah.

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americans are very puritanical and easily triggered
uncle rayrays got a little game
Nobody wants to see a penis unless it's feminine.

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what the hell happenned?
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now they look like that
I'd pretty much look like that if I lost 60 pounds
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Y-you're not a bigot are you?

Anyone else rooting for the White walkers?
I hate every fucking character.
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I hope they kill everyone but it'll be difficult to find a creative way to do it that's actually satisfying.
I hope best Korea nukes the US off the face of the Earth.

The white walkers are going to get burned by Bronn's 1000 barrels of oil.

But yes, I hope that everyone in the show dies.

So now that the dust has settled. What did I think?
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Shit meme.
you think you want to feel harrison fords chest through that shirt, not for any sexual reason but because you're curious about whether it feels more muscely or more like fatty tissue

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