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more with this aesthetic?
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only Snyder can achieve this aesthetic

ITT: Movies where literally nothing happens.
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Star Wars 1-7

ITT: Movies autists will never understand

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I like The Hunt. My idea is basically a bigger version of it. I want a movie about a man losing his career completely. It first shows that he had a great career. Then some unjust accusation or framing costed him his job. He went on to do some irrelevant and boring job. Then he had a gleamer of chance to get it all back and he failed. The end.

I hope the protagonist is a musician. Maybe make the story in a communist state so we can ban him from playing even in private.
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has /tv/ seen pic related? what did you guys think of it? I just got out of the theater and I think it contends for MOTY
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I saw it today and I agree. Very good slow burning thriller. I'm a sucker for movies that have this type of cold, small town atmosphere. I thought both jeremy renner and elizabeth olson gave great performances
Meh, I honestly thought it was a bit by the numbers. I liked it, but I could easily see it losing to some other Oscar Bait film down the line.
I like how the transition to the flashback was handled, but I thought the flashback itself was unnecessary.

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G.W.Pabst edition

Why don't we watch a /film/ together?

>(Comradeship,1931) An old German mine was split in two after the end of WWI because of where the new border was located. In the French part a fire breaks out; the German miners send a rescue group in helping their French comrades.
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>A group of German infantrymen of the First World War live out their lives in the trenches of France. They find brief entertainment and relief in a village behind the lines but primarily terror fills their lives as the attacks on and from the French army ebb and flow. One of the men Karl goes home on leave only to discover the degradation forced on his family by wartime poverty. He returns to the lines in time to face an enormous attack by French tanks.
The fire effects are so fucking well done.
this fucking tracking shot from the truck
truly kino

>feel in the mood to watch a comedy
>check out what's new
>it's another 20 something year old kikes that were given money and equipment by their kike producer fathers
>movies aren't even funny
>they're just le awkward sexually repressed and awkward situations despite being rich kikes that do nothing all day but stew in a boredom they confuse as depression and do drugs

What do we have to do to make America funny again?
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gass the kikes
>comedy in 2017
>being a loud jew like Bretty Gelman
>being awkward trust funders like Nick Kroll and Thomas Middleditch
>getting Devandra Banhart to do the score to your film when all he does is impersonate a baby cooing into a megaphone while he is dressed up like an indian wife.

Comedy is dead

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*blocks your path*
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>ask her to sign my Hunchback of Notre Dame bluray
She certainly has inbred bong genetics, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to suck her toes, desu.

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rate his work
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What happened after those five minutes ?
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is Varga ever wrong?
He was a randian hero.

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Reminder that Toph was the cutest and bestest.
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only the gayest of wads watched disney/nickelodian cartoons
She has the best r34 pic.
Why do people like Toph so much?

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How would you put together a 90 minute cut of Avatar? (that's 71 minutes of footage to excise)
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I wouldn't. It's already paced perfectly.
That would probably be impossible. As far as I remember, most of the scenes are necessary to understand the movie as a whole.

But I suppose the third act could have been cut down slightly.
I would love to see a zero minute cut

>the movie was pretty cool
>start to watch the show
>literally the biggest gurl power leftist fag enabling shit I have ever seen in the first 10 minute show of tv
>Pedo Jew dad wanting his teen daughter plowed by the football jock
>Mother wants to teach young kids about sex even if it isn't in the curriculum
>conservative dad who won't put up with his faggot make up wearing son is SO EVIL!!!
>literally said "white privileged males"
>lol I am bi

Why do they shoehorn this shit in to shows? I just wanted a horror series

Do they all die horribly?
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There is some pretty decent payoff if you put up with that shit until the last few episodes
Or did I misinterpret the show and it's really the people who are the monsters and who we should be afraid of most?
Can more people pls respond? I would like a discussion please

COOL party. Mind if we CHILL out with you guys?
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nICE one, you look like a COOL guy

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What are some Shakespeare adaptations starring black people.
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Pointless thread. There has been so many adaptations you can find black people in every Shakespeare play
That's a black man in a main roll. Not an all black cast. Terrific adaptation IMHO.
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The 2001 ITV version of Othello was pretty neat and was a modern interpretation about Othello as a detective.
It also had Christopher Ecclestein as Iago.

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is it kino?
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