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Why does this show have the worst mothers?
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i dropped the show when the negro did the snap fingers 10min in 1st ep
jesus christo
even in that fucking pic it has its head 20oC higher
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She's literally best girl on the show.
Why can't /pol/ fuck off from this board and stay fucked off?

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How does he do it bros?!
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He got them brain smarts

you mean make overrated "le deep unsettling surreal" trash that reddit gushes over? idk bro
He waits till he really really needs to shit.

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You Saw Edition

Friendly reminder that it's been confirmed that Eddie Vedder recorded a song that plays during Twin Peaks Part 16. It confirms Audrey Horne never gets her mind back. (Pic is an unrelated shot of 100% awakened Special Agent Dale Cooper)
Listen https://youtu.be/pXth84G7dkM


Meanwhile >>87077713
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Leaks confirm that Death Grips will perform in episode 17
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stay gold mitchum brothers, stay gold
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‘Gone With The Wind’ Pulled From Memphis Theatre After Being Considered “Insensitive”

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*breathes in*
Gone with the Wind isn't actually that good anyway, and it is a pretty meme play that only pensioners enjoy anymore.

>implying anyone is actually going to be mad about this
>implying you've ever even sat through this shitty play/flick
>trump's America

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Which one did it better?
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That's like asking which shit sandwich tastes the best.

Friday the 13th I guess, since i don't remember it at all. I don't remember it being horrible.
Friday the 13th is easily the best out of that selection. It's stands up very well with the good entries in the original series. The Texas Chainsaw remake was also pretty decent, but the other two are garbage.
Friday and TCM were pretty okay as far as remakes go.

>its Robert Duvall in a role after the year 2000
>he's clearly senile
sad t.b.h
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Seemed pretty aware in Jack Reacher
He's just like Clint Eastwood, senile old right winger
Should being right wing be allowed due to the health effects?

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What are the best documentaries about life in Australia?
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Mad Max 2
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romper stomper

>footscray hasn't changed in 30 years

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Oh how the mighty have fallen.
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I don't think you can go much lower after doing commercials for mobile shovelware.
It could be bad, it could be really funny.

I'm guessing it would be funnier if he would play himself, you know? Maybe. Still, those Predator-like killme's in the end where he beats the shit out of the guy... PRICELESS.
The dude is a leftist nu-male, what did you expect.

>Last role in anything: 2012
Wtf, she was 29, why she gave up?
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>womans career dead at 30

the wall strikes again
she looks like a bitch
It wasn't the age. It was the diet. She became way too thin. Quite frankly I didn't get any enjoyment out of her leaked nudes because she looks like a sharp skeleton.

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Anyone else watched this? Finished the first episode and thought it was pretty solid just don't want it to turn into Arrow
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It was pretty good.
Will watch s2.
it's nothing like arrow, and /tv/ liked it very much
Overall it was good, but none of the other episodes could top the first.

>Sal, call ICE on that Mexican family
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I don't get it
I kek'd hard, good job.
>Sal, go up to that black guy and whip him for not picking your cotton
Jesus Christ, Murr

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I watched BvS, never saw it before because it got shit reviews. I watched the extended version, don't know if that matters at all, but... I thought this movie was pretty darn good (not super great).
Why does it have 27% on Rotten Tomatoes? That's incredibly low! Surely I don't expect everyone to like all movies, but this doesn't seem right from what I just watched. What am I missing?
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>>87085061 see >>87073884
You'll find many like minded individuals there, brother.
Thanks for the tip, but likeminded individuals may not have the answer I'm looking for. I'm asking what I'm missing, why is it so terrible in the eyes of critics and many of you, while I'm watching it and see a good movie? What is your opinion on this matter? It's weird.
I agree its a good movie, I enjoyed it a lot. If I am to guess, it's the pacing throwing people off

what the fuck was her problem?
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She was extremely flacky and didn't entirely know what she wanted, but in the end, what she wanted wasn't him.

That said, he should probably not romanticize every woman he meets, it can lead to bad shit.
Pity the movie ends with some faggot "love is out there honest, you just gotta find it!!!" ending and the guy sets off to make the same mistake again with the next bitch

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What are some movies men will never understand?
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>wasting the activated almond water
boggles my noggle
Any movies about honor, loyalty and--

Oh men not women. Well any movies about petty selfishness, nonsense hysterics, constant backstabbing and braindead babbling. My gf loves those.
debbie does dallas

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What was the reason?
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She wasn't in the first 3 movies
She'd had it with the monkey fighting writing on that monday to friday franchise.
isn't there some shit about the Emperor sucking out her life energy using the Force?

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