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I never watched the anime but I enjoyed this movie a lot.

Why did weebs hate it so much?
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people fear what they don't understand
>i-it's not like my chinese cartoon
It's very different from the source material.

Why didn't Light eat the potato chip?
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Why did no one famous from the film industry die in 2007?
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>who is Jane Wyman
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Who indeed

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When did you sign up?

Have you gotten your card yet?

What's been your success rate with local theaters?
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>not wanting to pay retarded amounts of money to sit in a smelly theater surrounded by morons because (((studios))) insist on releasing there first is bad
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I havent
Im not gonna sit in "Moviepass Approved Theaters" surrounded by minorities like a moron
Rather pay the 30 I usually do at a VIP Movie Theater and have a nice drink while watching films

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>pirates every movie and show he watches
>complains that Hollywood doesn't make content that appeals to him
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*sexypouts your subway station*
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ugly cunny

Good day everyone.
I'm trying to find a specific film, which I don't know the name or many details to. In fact, I don't even know if it's a good film or not.
Anyway, it's a film with multiple points-of-view much like Pulp Fiction, which tells a kind of confusing story that only fits when all people's stories are shown.
It is about a man who works with shit, cleaning cesspools for money. He sees a TV article about genetic manipulation and, wanting to give his son a 'better' future and create a little genius, he gets involved with the local mob to do dirty work and get enough cash to pay for the procedure. I remember he dies in the end, and that his son turns out to be a genius after all.
The film isn't about genetic manipulation itself, but about the relationship between this man and his wife, etcetera.
That's all the information I have, can anybody help?

ps. I also made this same post in /r/, but I figured this board could be more useful.
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i think you'll have the best luck on /r/tipofmytongue.
The closest think I can think of is an episode of the Outer Limits called "Unnatural Selection". Alan Ruck (Cameron from Ferris Bueller) was the husband.
THAT'S IT!! Thank you so much. I knew /tv/ would deliver. Thanks again for the solution to this quandary which had been plaguing me. I am so genuinely grateful.

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any questions?
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1. television 'actors' don't count
2. idris elba and oscar isaac are reddit's husbandos
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That's a damn fine hairline for a man his age.

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Let's hear it.
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Better question: how do you portray the unimaginable, the incomprehensible on film?

first step would be resurrecting jodorowsky
Don't ever show it
Have an effect of reality breaking down coming down the hall towards a character with horrible noises then cut away as it reaches them, never actually show the object of horror

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So, who will become the throne in the end?
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read the book, nigger
the book is not even out, spic
I'd let Jon use my face for his throne

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So did this guy just forget that Sansa testified back in the vale in favor of Lord petyr baelish vehemently denying that he pushed the madcow through the moon door and saying that he did everything to protect her in Kings Landing?

Even if he hated petyr didnt he find it odd that Sansa had changed her words entirely about what had happened? Shouldn't that in itself eliminate Sansa as a trustworthy source of information?
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wow sexist much?

stop nitpicking and just SLAY QUEEN
It suits him politically to believe her you mongo
This guy watch Baelish manipulate Robin in front of him. Why wouldn't he think LF could and would do the same to Sansa?

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And it was terrible. Why did /tv/ like it again?
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/tv/ hated it, so your attempt at contrarianism failed
can't name a single character
bravo disney
/tv/ hates it with unrelenting fanatism

ITT: Characters that scared you as a kid
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If his lips are moving, he's lying
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Every old Disney movie was a reboot, pal
You don't know the difference between a reboot and an adaptation from a book, pal?
>If his lips are moving, he's lying
This is the nature of the jew

>wanted to watch TCM for some classic kino
>turns out TCM Nordic closed shop over the summer
Life sucks sometimes.
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