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Filename thread
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How the hell did Driver get away from a chopper in LA?
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He drove.
Watch the scene retard
for movies

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Are they any video managers and video players for categorizing movies and TV shows? I was hoping to find something like Musicbee but for video files.
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media monkey

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Now that we are talking about Lord of the Flies, what do you think about the 90's version of this movie? Is it Kino?
i personally think it is
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Reminder that this happened
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is he feeding or sucking?
>wen she givin' Dome, U look down, n she on yo knob like a fuckn animal

is this kino?
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who gives a fuck about lesbians, no body needs to be around 2x the normal amount of estrogen
I bet more people fapped to the sex scene (which is basically softcore pornography) than ever cared about the characters, plot, themes or production

it has more value as porn than a real movie

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>remake comes out
>it completely ruins the original movie

what are some instances of this happening other than It and The Thing?
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>end my life

genwun jessie still gets me hard.
>don't change meowth's design
>make Jesse ugly and James even MORE ugly

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why did they make Thorin such an asshole in the movie

>Book Thorin: is a bro to bilbo, arrives with the other dorfs because he is not a snob, 3 dorfs fall over him when entering the door he doesn't even get mad
>Movie Thorin: a cunt to bilbo, arrives late and alone and kills the mood in the house
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Literally not true. They arrive in groups of 1-3 and Thorin get there with Gandalf, as 2 last ones.
Yeah he was a total cunt in the movies
I don't even want to be reminded of those movies. I don't think I've ever been that disappointed in something I was genuinely looking forward to.

I remember sitting in the cinema for An Unexpected Journey and they played some LOTR music in the intro and I almost teared up because it reminded me of seeing Fellowship in 2001, and I thought I was gonna be treated to three more masterpieces filled with love and creativity.

Fuck the Hobbit trilogy. Let's all forget it ever happened.

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Bruce, it's me! Barbara!
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We'll watch this meme with great interest.
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Bane, it's me! CIA!

What went wrong?

I only just watched both movies.

The 2nd one was a lot worse in my opinion

>groot did nothing the entire movie, istead of having him grow back to his full size and being badass
>stallon appears, I can't understand anything he's saying
>to much talking and shit, it's a capeshit movie the story isn't gonna carry it, the less of that shit the better
>even more cliche story an dialogue, half the time I knew the exact line they were going to say before they said it
>he might've been your father, but he's not your daddy - where the fuck did this shit come from, suddenly he's his foster fucking dad that always loved him or something
>main dude doesn't get some of that green pussy
>the whole celestial whatever thing was pretty shit in general
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yeah but it had prime gold pusy
i'm glad I don't have this level of autism and can't understand context and emotions of a cape flick
The movie was gonna make money anyways, so why put any effort.

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ryan gatling gun.jpg
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Has this ever actually happened?

I'd also like evidence to support the claim
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the trailer

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I can't think of anything worse than a Godzilla movie

Actually I can, having to WATCH a Godzilla movie

They are, in my opinion, the bottom of the barrel when it comes to entertainment. Do people actually like watching two grown men have a slap and tickle fight in rubber suits? It's like adults still watching WWE. Fucking embarrassing.
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Look behind you
yes, they're hilarious.

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>Find a film
>Go to 14:58 or any time stamp
>Take a screenshot
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Burn after reading?
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Normie garbage
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Nuh uh

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