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Daenerys Targaryen is one of the worst characters in fiction.
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I'd say Kate from Lost was worse.
you're wrong

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>late 60s and 70s to 80s: Vietnam was a shitty and terrible time for American history, thousands died and war is poitnless, war is pointless death for larger political masters.
>post 2002 to early 2010s: American soldiers are Spartan heroes who are dindu nuffins fighting foreign hordes in slow mo with golden hues softening their edges to "liberate" the Middle East.
What in the living fuck happened?
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what films are you referring to you turbo pleb
>literally any Iraq film in post 9-11 American cinema
What makes me a pleb?
first priority these days is the movie has to appeal to the lowest common denominator?

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Is he right?
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Why compare two movies that are so different? It's not Deep Impact and Armageddon.
>30 dec 11
No, Akira isn't really a good film storywise. It's also a lot of people's first anime. So they are just going by nostalgia
Have you been keeping up with your animekino, /tv/?

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Homecoming grossed less than Raimi's Trilogy and Amazing Spider-Man, only beating Amazing Spider-Man 2 in box-office, obviously it's not a flop, but could it be called a disappointment for Marvel?
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>Homecoming grossed less than Raimi's Trilogy
Do you mean any single movie in Raimi's trilogy or it failed to gross as much as all three movies combined and that is somehow a failure?
Is that from the movie or the PS4 game?
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It will be a really sad day if this garbage passes Spider-Man 1 and 2.

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Am I supposed to be sympathetic to the liberal characters on the show? The dyke main character played by Sarah Paulson is completely hysterical and hypocritical and have subtly mistreated their son by not telling him he has a father. For god's sake, she's afraid of dicks! Like, literally - the clowns she's scared off have dicks on their face and jack off in front of her. And the guy played by Evan Peters that's meant to be the evil future cultist leader as a stand-in for 'those 4chan guys' isn't even that bad when he talks about freedom of speech and assembly, lmoa. What, he easily triggered and set up some beaners? Big deal.

This is what leftists always do; they make their good guys into cartoon characters and their bad guys into anti-villains because they give them good points. It's how Starship Troopers was accidentally a decent argument for fascism. If I'm meant to feel sorry for the Hillary supporting characters, then good job, you've made them into unintentional parodies. If they are meant to be an allegory of the theme of the season - cults - then legitimate good job, lol. I can even take the blompf bashing if that's the case.
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anon, anon... the sooner you realize real life is literally a survival horror movie, the better for you. libshits are LITERAL braindead zombies, they're all probably infected with some parasites, there's no other explanation. ever since the french revolution we're in a heavy minority. most people find the hysterical election night reactions hilarious, but not me, they're the writing on the wall for me.
>don't be afraid xD
does it mean i can take a nice evening stroll to a ghetto with my white gf and my white baby sister?
I haven't watched it but "ahs: Cult" she's probably gonna join a cult, so she needs to be a little crazy

Also, the first season when the girl finds her own dead body #wow #whoa that was the spookiest part
the cult are the clowns who symbolize donald trump nazi supporters

>/ourguy/ playing /giantasseatingfag/

how we feel about this?
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>insulting one of the greatest singers of all time

wow. watch that edge, kid.
kys straightie
will the biopic show when Freddy's body exploded into a million pieces from the AIDs?

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Snoke is Darth Vader's "son". The child of a Jedi he hunted down and murdered - whom he secretly trained for 16 years to help defeat Palpatine, who had left Vader's suit vulnerable to Sith Lightning. The Emperor finds out however not long before the events of "A New Hope" and kills Snoke. It is currently unknown if Vader was involved with his survival or not, or where Snoke has been for so long, but that will be cleared up in the last one.
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That doesn't make sense at all.
Wasn't the whole point of Vader's suit being sub par so that he'd be in constant agony and not much of a threat to Palpatine?
its actually Anakin before he got turned into Vader

best films to watch whilst tripping?
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Roar! (1981)
put all your screens down maybe have some ambient music going and then turn off all your lights and sit on a pile of comfy things and just let your mind wander instead of wasting your drugs watching dumb /tv/ shit like a 16 year old
Space Jam (1996)

Watching twin peaks for the first time, what should I expect?
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A remake with Idris Elba
Reminder that David Lynch is literally a cult leader (suggestibility.org).
A lot of bad episodes in season 2 but if you stick through it you'll probably be glad that you did

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Pain & Sorrow as we say goodbye tonight Edition


Meanwhile >>87243911
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Sheryl Lee
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Friendly reminder that the original /tpg/ was replaced by a doppelthread and is now stuck inside the black lodge. Pic related confirms that /tpg/ never gets his mind back.

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>movie has plebs
>they're allowed to talk
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>"You're a hard man to find Galen"

Stopped watching.
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"I'm not alone"
"Eh, you don't get to bring your family"
"They ARE my family"
Care to elaborate? Or do you assume everyone is retarded as you?
The whole shot was a reference to the DKR plane scene.

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And now his WHOOOOOOREE watch has ended.

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>so you're a 4chan mod wow, that site is very popular you must make a lot of money
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Movies in which you expected little and were still disappointed.

I'll start with Star Trek: First Contact.

>flurry of various Star Trek trivia creating a confused and rushed orientation
>relies on worst, weakest Star Trek mcguffins like time travel and prime directive to convolute the plot
>pacing and plot is just a mess, as if they were trying to fit it in to a 30 minute TV episode instead of a 2 hour movie
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>Picard never triggered by Borg after broken from the collective
>Force to get triggered in the movie so they can again force a loose Moby Dick reference in a shallow attempt to convey intelligent wirting

My only real gripe but then again my favorite is Nemesis so what do I know?
Jurassic World

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