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twinks or bears lads
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>says the twink
The considerably more attractive middle ground.

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is 'androgyny' a real thing
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What kind of question is this?
yes and it's super hot on boys and grills.
not usually seen but defo real. though andro as a fashion or trend is shiet since it has to be genetical caose if not u look like shiet and not andro

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ESEA is a website for the game counter-strike and tf2, mainly counter-strike though. Their forum admins are EXTREMELY homophobic and hypocritical. I'm banned from the website now, I assume by posting this anyone who is active can find my IGN. But I was banned because I posted gay content to the forums. I repeated showed an admin hetero content that was also on the forums and he said that content isn't inappropriate, but gay content is.

Feels really bad and I think the only way I can get anything done is making a stink about it, but i'm banned on the only location where enough people really go on. /r/globaloffensive. I created an alt account and got called a faggot for sharing my story.

I'm just feeling sad and want to rant right now. Probably gonna go play some fallout.
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i can't talk about something related to gaming which is also related to >>>lgbt?

Let me ask you something, as this is a sfw board. I can't see your posts because you're banned. It looks like you were posting pictures, possibly very very risque/porn. Could you post those pictures here and not violate any rules keeping with a sfw board?

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dios mío.png
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How can you tell between legitimate dysphoria and just your brain fucking around with you?
I've been feeling this way for almost a year now, how do I know if it's real or not? Can't really get a psychologist due to other life circumstances that got me busy
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I mean, it's dysphoria or it isn't. Do you want to be a girl? Do you not want to be a man? Have these feelings persisted for a long time? Congratulations you have gender dysphoria
Yeah, but there are people who have persistent feelings like that (say, for 6 months for example) and then realize they aren't trans. What makes a person realize this things? What didn't make it dsphoria in the first place?
It's simple, gender dysphoria isn't a true thing.

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Hello /lgbt/!

I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I am a bicurious man in a long term relationship with a girl. I have strong urges to try out sex with a man, but I don't want to cheat. Has anyone experienced this? I think she may be willing to try a threeway with another man, but how can this happen without it becoming weird?


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"Hey gf are you open to 3-way? Want to do mmf? I've always wondered what it would be like to kiss another guy or maybe fuck or whatever I have in mind"

If yes -> do it
If no -> always wonder what it's like until you eventually cheat or end relationship

Also if you and gf are the jealous type/don't have trust in one another could end poorly
This is how you determine your sexuality.

If you end up cheating, you're bi. If you don't, you're straight.
Bi here, when I was in the same situation I just treated it like another girl I was attracted to. I just put it out of my mind. Just because you are bi doesn't give you a free pass, it counts just the same.

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I don't want to be a full time escort or have a dedicated webpage or advertise myself because I actually plan to have a normal career later and I don't even have the time. But I want to be able to meet afew guys ococcasionally a few times a month and get paid cause I need more spare cash.

How do I go about finding men who will pay me for sex?
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>tfw OP is begging to get murdered by a serial killer

>tfw when OP is a dumb faggot
OP i know i probably won't convince you but don't do it

I'm only 19, but I did a lot of camwhoring and stuff for money, and i very very almost got into prostitution and porn (had contracts written up for porn, had next day plans for prostitution) because i desperately needed the money and i was scared i'd run out of cash for food, rent etc

It's really shitty OP. It's scary and it's risky, you don't know what they're like until you meet them

Sex work is shit. I'm constantly scared that one day i'll meet someone who has seen embarrassing screens/photos/videos of me, or someone who wanted to pay me for sex sees me in the street

If you can, find another way to get money
I mean ya that's my fear that I would be exposed later at my professional job. So idk maybe I won't do it. I would never do cam whoring or pork or anything where they would save your image

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So... if a girl fucks another girl, but never fucks a guy; is she still a Virgin? Thoughts /lgbt/?
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no bc girlcock
yes if youve never fucked the opposite gender youre a virgin
simple as that
homos seem to be ok with that though
K, thanks Anons

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I found the love of my life. Everything about him is perfect. I love him so so much, but I am just unable to perform sexually. I *want* to fuck him senseless, but my body physically can't. I never had any interest in sex, but I love him and I want to be able to do that for him. He said it's okay that we don't have sex, but I'm really self conscious about it. I've had self esteem issues and intimacy issues for as long as I could remember. I was sexually abused as a child and I just was never trusting of anyone. It warped my sense of intimacy. Destroyed, desu. I trust him and love him though, but my body just can't. I don't know if it's because I was abused as a kid or because I'm just asexual. I have no interest in sex, but I jerk off to porn and the "idea" of sex with him is so amazing.

TL;DR I'm in love with my boyfriend. He's in love with me. I can't perform sexually for whatever reason and it makes me self conscious. He says it's okay, he loves me for who I am and we don't need sex. It doesn't interest him either much. I just can't help but feel weird. What should I do?
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Fags actually are incapable of loving one another
Stop being ugly and bitter.
You need time anon, I promise you in due time something will click and you will suddenly enjoy being jerked off, then slowly but steadily you'll enjoy more and more things, like getting a bj and kissing if you dont already.
Thats how it went for me in any way. Being jerked off felt numb at first, not pleasurable at all. I also didnt het any sexual energy from kissing too, but one day, it just clicked and it went better and better. First kissing, then jerking, I feel like blowjobs are next : D
Just start with jerking off yourselves next to each other. Learn how to massage and make the cuddling amazing.. Give it time
Wish you the best anon, itll be fine

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PSA: Don't see this pile of garbage.

I got a media pass to see it last night and despite some incredible acting by Redmayne, the majority of the flick is just Generic Trans Tragedy #56. Which is a goddamn shame, since Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegener were in reality some of the coolest chicks in the 1920s European art scene, making lesbian erotica that caused riots, trolling cishet soldiers at parties, etc. They could have made a really wonderful, progressive, eye-opening film, but decided to make dogshit Oscar bait instead.

Don't support this kind of nonsense. Go see Tangerine or Carl(a) instead. (When the latter comes out, anyway.)
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oh wow oscar bait starring a cis guy playing a trans woman didnt see that one coming in a trillion years

Well maybe trannies need to stop jerking off on cam for a dollar and learn how to act or something
why would a tranny play a tranny ?

it's not like they were on hormones so it wouldn't make sense and how would they have them look like a guy (which he is for parts of the movie) unless the tranny just didn't pass?

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How explosive would it be if I told a guy who's still upset about his ex (in the sense that he still want her to be happy) that I had a hard crush on him for a long time? Tbh I really want to let him know because I'll find like if I never do it'll haunt me and I also feel like I'll get over this crush faster if I tell them.
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Tell him now, or tell him after the trouble clears up. Just tell him eventually.
if he doesn't like dudes your friendship is over
dont ever do that
Have you ever been stabbed? Like cut open? I have and I can b q h when I tell you, OP, regret hurts more.

Do it you beautiful faggot.

Do any of you mtf met another mtfs? I kinda know a hooker because i am on a lgbt fundation and i kinda want to know her better, even though we don't like each other very much. That is, i want to have sex with her, meet other trans woman since i am one.

I really want to know more about the trans world. I know some "hons" that has weird opinions...
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Sure, I'm friends with three others, and know two more personally. Can't throw a rock in these parts without hitting someone on HRT.

It's really cool having so many people handy with such different experiences of transition and society's responses.
I wish. The only transpeople I see in person are all FtMs, and the one I see the most often makes me want to beat him with a rake.
>It's really cool having so many people handy with such different experiences of transition and society's responses.

This. She told us about her early life as a boy and i find it cute. And she is very beatiful and hot... hnnnnng. Dunno if she likes girls, though.

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So yeah this happened.
For the context I'm a panromantic polyamorous trans girl (snowflake much ?) and came out as polyamorous to my gf. As I say in the title it went a bit south but in the end I think it's for the better...
So I took this picture of myself some days ago and changed my profile pic to it on facebook this afternoon. It got many likes compared to other things I post and someone commented "beautiful creature" and then I got really sick when I saw that gf replied to them by saying "hey he's mine" (not outed as trans on fb), so I just calmed myself, thought about it for a while and gathered the little courage I could to tell her that I'm polyamorous.
I already mentionned to her in the past that I miiight have some tendencies to that, but she was always relunctant to the idea of having to "share" me with someone else.
Also it kept eating me from the inside since recently when I told crush he's crush but I already have gf and we pretty much got together.
So that was it I snapped and asked her to talk, we did, nobody got angry, but I burst up in tears multiple times, I insisted that I would absolutely not get upset whatever her choice was, we agreed that it would be best to keep a bit of distance at least for some time and said each other good bye.

The more I think about it, I distanced myself a lot from her lately, the way we talked to each other, it just didn't feel like I loved her any more... I even surprised myself feeling hatred towards her some times. So yeah I think a break was more than needed but who knows, maybe we'll be back together sometime.

Sorry for the long post but I really needed to vent this shit out.

also pls give cuddles
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A-aw, thanks *huggles*
>poly amorous

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Need help asap, /lgbt/,

I'm MtF, and about 1.5 months into my hrt, and i've been trying to stay as healthy as possible to make this as smooth of a transition as possible.

I just read that vitamin D raises testosterone levels.

Now i'm freaking out. Is this gonna mess with my transition? Does it counteract hrt? We get vitamin D by going outside, does that mean i should avoid direct sunlight?

I know this probably sounds silly but im freaking out and need guidance.
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Calm down, slick. It's not gonna kill you or screw up your transition.
I've never heard of this, is this true? My endo even said I should take vitamin D supplements because my blood tests showed a deficiency
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I know it's not gonna kill me, but even if it doesnt totally ruin my transition, it's not gonna slow it down? I feel like basically taking testosterone supplements while taking T blockers is gonna do something shitty.

IKR mine told me to make sure to be staying healthy and make sure to get extra vitamin D.

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Feminine-acting gay guys are the most real. They're born with genes that make them more likely to turn out that way. By the time they're 12, they're basically locked into that shit permanently and can't change. Masculine-acting gay guys are pretty real, too. Some of them might be confused bisexuals and they're locked-in at a later as like 14, but they're basically real.

Butch Lesbians are kind of real. Depends on the individual. They're born with genes that make them more LIKELY to turn out that way. Although I have had a butch black lesbian flirt with me before, after I volunteered to be a sperm donor for her and had been friendly with her for a couple weeks. Feminine lipstick lesbians are all just bi girls that prefer relationships with women. On a sexual level none of them are literally lesbians; all lipstick lesbians are bi.

Trans people are just confused as fuck and are basically femme gay guys and butch lesbians that want to bring hormones and surgery into it to take it to an unnatural level.

Bisexuals are real sometimes, depends on the person, there's no need to be single past the age of 35 though, so they should pick a side eventually.

In Native American tradition there is no such thing as "gay" or "straight", just male, female, and "two sprit" and the historically proven definition of two spirit is a femme male. NOT a butch woman. I believe gay couples can raise daughters effectively, and lesbian couples can't raise anything except dogs effectively unless there is lots of outside help from an uncle figure.

If you disagree with me, that is ok. I still respect you and won't insult you at all. I don't want to offend anyone. If this post makes you too emotional, please ignore it, I don't want to ruin your day. If this post makes you a little irritated but not rageful, you can have a civil debate with me. Again, I don't want to be mean to anyone, I don't like using bad rude words like the "F" word for gay people.
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You shouldn't assume so much about other people. It's better to take them on their word about their own emotions and experiences unless they've shown themselves to be manipulative.

Also homosexuality isn't genetic, that's basic logic. There would be a decline in the gay population over time
If it's not generic then it's either an environmental thing or a womb thing, something to do with the womb. Is this what you're claiming?

Maybe I should take people are their word more. I may have trust issues.
>Also homosexuality isn't genetic, that's basic logic. There would be a decline in the gay population over time
Not necessarily. There are plenty of genetic conditions that make it nearly impossible for one to reproduce, yet they still persist. Recessive traits and kin selection are a likely explanation.

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My butt hurts.
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You deserve it, slut.
What kind of pain?
Use a smaller butt plug next time.

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