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How do you accept being gay?
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You realize it's awesome and git fuckin?

What's the problem?
But your gay. A lot of people don't like you just because of that

>A lot of people don't like you

Like who? People I don't know? Kiddos on the 4chans? Everyone I know likes me, I don't see why anything beyond that would be important.

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Prepare for a lot of shit to come our way. According to voting records and neighbors the Colorado shooter is a trans woman.
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This would be a lot more useful if you had something showing that the picture refers to the Planned Parenthood shooting. And how come the name and gender don't match? Don't they usually change them both together, or the name before the legal gender? That would seem to imply that the person in question was a ftm.
You sure?
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The Unibomber was arranging a sex change operation before he went off the deep end too.

There seems to be something interwoven in both psychopathy and cross gender mental illness

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Why is it considered socially acceptable for girls to wear tight shorts in public but guys are not?
Double standards
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Girls are expected to look sexy, and are also a lot less restricted than guys when it comes to clothing options in general
Strange really. I'll never understand you humans.
I honestly wish there was a way to hypnotize people into not thinking its abnormal for guys to wear girls clothes

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Why are so many trannies DIYing hrt ?
almost like they are too scared to get evaluated
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Lot of those are femboys and others that don't identify as trans but want their body to stay feminine nonetheless.

If they did it old school, the doctors would probably demand they transition and get outraged they continue to present and identify as male.

At least if you're talking about shitty Soviet relics like the NHS.
where is the difference between a femboy misusing medication to stay feminine and some bald guy who uses chemo to save time on shaving every morning ?
Bioidentical HRT has a risk profile statistically identical to placebo if it's used for "trans" ends. Chemo unfortunately doesn't.

Granted I think Mr chemo would be in his right to take it so long as he pays out of pocket and is aware of the risks.

Contraceptives kills thousands of women each year because the xenoestrogen induce blood clots and yet we still let then take it as otc. I don't see why you'd need a nanny state for other safer things.

Rest well sweet prince.
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is that a boy or a girl?
did an ayy lmao die?
what happened
who is that

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Lately I've seen lots of trans girls saying they want to be mothers. So just thought I'd shoot this link in here.

There's hope!
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They've also been able to grow penises in tissue scaffolds, so hopefully you've got good things on the horizon.

Plus they've already been able to use RNAi gene therapy to turn ovary tissue into testis at the cellular level. It's mammals with the same genetic system so it wouldn't be hard to adapt. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20005806

Biotech is pretty impressive.
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I don't have a reaction image happy enough for this moment, but I'm going to do the best I can!

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Hey bisexuals, which gender do you prefer and why?

If you don't have a preference, why?
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Ummm the number 1 thing for me at least and I think most bi's is personality.like more of a caring subby kind of person. Physically I'm attracted to different things between gender obviously. But male, female, trans whatever the person its not really by gender but just by who the person is.
I'm more attracted to females because they seem to be more passionate lovers and kissers. I'm more attracted to the female body and since I know it more (I'm cis female) I am more comfortable with them. With men, I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing.

what encounters have you had with men?

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I'm... hoo gee, unable to comprehend why /anyone/ would ever want to be a girl, much less why mtfs on this board are so rampant. From when I learned out what being transgender was, my first thought was "is there a version of this where the boy wants to be the girl?". So it's really fuckin impossible for me to comprehend.

Do trans girls feel the same way I do, but about us trans guys? It's just something I wonder about sometimes.
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So what you are saying is that you are so self-centered you can't possibly imagine your situation, but in reverse?
Nope. I know we fucking hate our bodies equally no matter if we are born with male or female apparatus.

I only want to say good luck to you guys.
>Do trans girls feel the same way I do, but about us trans guys? It's just something I wonder about sometimes.
Exactly the same, really. When I was like 11 or so I just took it for a given that boys wanted to be girls and just had to put up with getting the short end of the stick. It's legitimately hard for me to imagine actually wanting to be male, it feels like I'd have to be a completely different person to accommodate that

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What's your choice?
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In the movies, Gale.

In the books they are both equally hot because I imagine them to be like that so it doesn't matter.
You're quite right. If it's about the actors, Peeta is more a guy you would want to be in love with, Gale seems more attractive in his manliness.
urgg who let you out of the cellar with your shit-tier tastes in tow?

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When will the AGP stop?
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Get PCI Express, bro.

You know what you have to do.
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>killing yourself with a $1200 handgun

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Hi, I was hoping to make more LGBT friends on steam, especially more trans friends since I am MTF and having more trans friends would be cool. I know this is usually an r9k thing but I felt its probably better to make a thread here since this is the gay r9k anyway.

I mostly play TF2 and some Dota but I'm open to any other games you like. I also love Dark Souls.
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I'm on mobile so can't add you but you can add me steamid is munnux
would you mind if a proper robot added you?
Fuck yeah dark souls :)
(I don't have a lot of games/play games much but I might be buying more soon!)


I'm a straight guy who fantasizes about being gay every day.

What's it like being gay?
How would you feel about a straight guy who only wants to be in relationships with men?
Would you date him?
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If we got along alright I'd date you :3

Aww thank you <3
>How would you feel about a straight guy who only wants to be in relationships with men?
>a straight guy
>only wants to be in relationships with men
not sure you know the meaning of "gay".

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Would gay guys ever like me? I sometimes have these fantasies of really tall and buff men picking me up and fucking me dizzy. But I've never fucked a guy. So i wanna know, how attractive is my body to the same sex?
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i would bang you

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>That awkward moment when you encounter a really small boy who is obviously, with 100% certainty, going to grow up to be homo or trans.

They don't know it themselves yet. Should we just tell them?
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just fabulous cis het males
>tfw when the little girl has more of a womanly shape than you

This is from a Swedish game show.

These kids aren't naturally gay, Sweden is feminizing their boys into being cuks

But of course many here won't accept that because it doesn't fit their perceived narrative.

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Tried gay sex for the first time yesterday, didn't like it, left very soon into it

>wellp least I know I'm not into dudes
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what on earth made you think you were?
Eh always wondered what it would be like. Curiosity got the better of me, and there I was suckin a dick, it was gross to me. Then tried bottoming, and like 20 seconds into that I thought "wtf am I doing" and noped the duck out
Who did you try it with? We're they curious too?

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