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I was wondering something the other day. I usually jeer and roll my eyes at trans folk, but I realize I shouldn't be a dick and try to rationalize this topic that I clearly don't understand.

So, what attracts you to being the opposite gender? Is it for the place in society, or purely the body aspect?

Because if it's purely from a societal aspect, a great solution would be to just get rid of gender roles. Now, we as people love to put things into filing cabinets, so I figure we can base the "male/female" aspect on genitalia alone and not worry about the rest.
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What about the people who identify with traditional gender roles and want to live that lifestyle?
Well, then that works fine too.
They are either male or female based on the sex organs.
As for gender roles, they can still take on the traditional approach. Nobody is saying that they can't be the traditional role, they can just live their lives the way they prefer to.

Maybe a more appropriate label for people would something akin to having a spectrum from "nurturer" to "worker" or something.
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It's almost exclusively body Dysmorphia. Hard wired no less.

No matter how much social engineering you do, you aren't getting rid of that. Make it so bodily autonomy and alterations are acceptable regardless whether they go into that territory or not and then maybe you could have some alternative to the current way.

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Practicing your voice is easy if you have a cat to talk to.
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fucking disgusting trannies
Fucking right? I would just constantly talk to my cat because I was too embarased to use it in front of people. My voice is the fucking tits now. i went from a voice deeper than this dick in my ass to being 10/10 passes without trying.
I try that or when im in my car but when i hear my voice i want to cry and/or claw my throat out
Maybe i will just learn sign language and pretend i can't make any sounds at all

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The last time I tried this I ran through the text limit so I'll try to give the abridged version...

I'm 20 and I feel like I'm coming to a turning point. I've always been pretty gay but from early teens to about 15 I had myself convinced I was straight and even enjoyed straight porn, even to the point of being a homophobe. After going to all boys prep school this illusion quickly shattered, and since then I've just considered myself bi and told no one.

However lately I've really started to open up and came out to all my roomates and have begun to let my femme side out more, which feels great. I'm starting to actually feel more gay and it feels good to acknowledge. Of course, perfect timing, I've also met a sweet attractive girl who I actually feel comfortable with for once and can see being in a relationship with. It feels like I'm being pulled in two opposite directions and I don't really know what to do.

I don't think being "bi" for my whole life is really realistic because its a turn off for both sides relationship wise, and there will always be speculation its just a coverup for full gay, esp with my personality. I don't know whether to tell the girl all this or just fuck her asap to see if its any good (I have topped and bottomed for guys and enjoyed it a lot). It would destroy our friendship if I fucked her, said meh, and came out as gay, but I guess the fact that I'm worried about our friendship is pretty gay already.

tl;dr I'm a 4 on the kinsey scale, do I round up and commit to the majority interest, repressing my feelings towards girls? Or just be wishy washy biscum forever... ;-;
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Be honest and upfront with her.
Before I got into a relationship with my girl, I told her everything, and gave her a chance to back out. She loves me for who I am, and vice versa.
We now live together and have animals.

Also, expressions of sexuality can be fluid, and often swing from time to time. It's normal to be attracted to woman one month, and them feel a sudden urge to beat the meat to twink pron.
>Or just be wishy washy biscum forever
if you are bi you don't have a choice in the matter.
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I was growing out my hair, but I had to get a haircut to be "presentable" for a job interview, and I absolutely hate myself right now. So I am looking into wigs to cope for the time being, and I am interested in buying a wig online, but I can't ship it to my house, nor do I have another address I can ship it to. Is there a way I can ship it so that a USPS facility holds it for me?
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only hons buy wigs, seriously
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Oh ok. I guess waiting at least a year or so to get back to where I was won't be that bad...
No, go ahead and buy a wig. If it helps you with dysphoria, then there's really no problem with it

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how did you learn to not hate yourself for being a tranny
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when you find out let me know
transition and pretend like you never were
by not being a tranny

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Tranny on hormones here. I bought a zinc supplement that promises to "enhance the immune system, fight free radicals, help nails, hair and skin" but I also noticed it "helps male reproductive system and boosts testosterone production."

I have no idea what is going on "down there" but I am on blockers and my T is within normal female levels but should I worry? What's the worst thing that can happen if I took it every day?
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Supplements are bullshit.
I think biotin is the better option for your hair and skin care, zinc ups your test.
But would it really up it so much the blockers couldn't handle it?

So some trans girls end up becoming MtStacies, but is it possible for -any- trans men at all to become FtChads? What are the rates for such people amongst the binary trans population? Are those considered Chads in their early lives (due to repression?) more or less likely to end up Stacies? Vice versa for FtMs.
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Get your PUA-lingo back to /r9k/
Both is easy for trans people. Being stacey is easy because attracting men isn't hard and being chad is easy because if you started out female you would know how girls tick.
No. They lack penises. This is the closest I have seen. Yes his kind of a chad. But hes still short and oddly proportioned and dickless. So no.. Chad status is like big cocked 6'2", FtMs simply can't acheive that. Its the sad reality. Still kudos to this pretty blonde girl for figuring out she wants to be a bro and fuck stacies, I love real trans people like him. Compared to all the faggy fairy tumblr boys that make up 90% of ftm population

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hi /lgbt
19 y/o twink here (or pup idk) still mostly in the closet

I need your advice on something... How do I stop acting gay and blushing when I'm around hot guys? Sometimes I'm a little too obvious I think but I can't do anything about it
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Like this is a bad thing. It's cute and it can give the guy a hint to do something about it. There is not downside unless you're self hating.
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>twink here
post butt

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Have you ever gotten a hemorrhoid from anal sex?
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No hemorrhoid but this one time my bf didn't use enough lube and it hurt like hell.

I've told him to stop because he was hurting me but he didn't listen.

Fucker made me bleed for 2 months straight everytime I had to poo.
no. Infact anal sex will make it almost impossible for you to get hemorrhoids UNLESS you do really reckless shit like get fucked by GIGANTIC things or without enough lube.
Hemorrhoids happen because of extreme stress on the anal ring muscle that basically crystallizes the vain(which then swells from loss of blood flow. Its important to understand that once you get one, its there for life. It might not always swell up, but the damage to the circulatory system does not go away)
You avoid them by knowing how to relax your ass and shitting properly.... gay men who engage in anal sex generally know how to relax their anus and tend to have a proper diet that makes hard stool less likely.

Anal fissures are very likely to happen though, and THOSE deserve a lot of attention. If you get one, quit getting fucked for a few days or a week. Wipe very thoroughly(and gently) with wet toilet paper, and apply antibacterial lotion to your anus after you wipe. If it gets infected, which is pretty easy with all the bacteria in the region, it can be horrible.
Yeah. This dude was rimming me and sucked too hard it looked like a swollen purple vein ball. Hurt so bad for weeks. Eventually it went away and im glad for that.

I've been seeing a transgender girl for the last week. Holding hands, making out and cuddling with the person was fun, but when it came for consummation and the person presented herself to me, I couldn't do it. It was a man's ass. Should I feel bad?

The person is quite upset with me, telling me I have made her feel rejected and such. It's understandable as I led her on I guess. I thought I was going to go through with it, but I really couldn't.
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No one should do anything sexual they aren't comfortable with.

I hope you didn't tell her that though cause that would be mean and you should feel bad.
Dammit. This is exactly why early hrt is needed. They can't keep lying to young trans people, that "oh, it's ok, you can get on estrogen after puberty and still end up fine". It's not fine.

Don't feel bad, OP, it's not your fault.
You just realized after doing all that? That's why she's hurt.

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>parents: anon are you gay?
>me: what no why are you asking?
>parents: we were just wondering dear
>found my butt plug laying on its side instead of standing up
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Gross dude they were probably using it
this kind of shit is why I am hyper sensitive about people being in my house and rifling through my fucking stuff. my parents will be over and my mom loves to fucking organize. every time she comes over, I'm afraid she'll pick up like, a receipt for diapers, cum rags, my dildo, or lewd drawings laying around. It's just so fucking grrrrrr. Same reason I don't allow anyone on my computer, but like 10 times worse.
>when someone finds your futanari drawings and you can tell


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Why do so many traps and sometimes post-ops post on /r9k/

I estimate that our tranny population is even higher than yours as a percentage of users
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what's /r9k/ about, anyway?
>tfw no gf
Officially it has no topic it is a board controlled by this script called the robot that prevents the same thing being posted twice. In reality it's a hole full of autistic misogynistic virgins who discuss rape plans and school shootings. It is where Pepe the frog originated as a meme and is still widely posted there.
Source: I browsed it for like 2 years before realizing that if I still look like a 16 year old and am bisexual I may as well just join stacey (/r9k/s "evil woman" boogeyman) and so now I'm on /lgbt/

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Hi /lgbt/

I'm insecure about my sexuality. I want to be straight enough not to be.

Why do I keep masturbating to gay shit and like it? And why is said masturbation associated with depressive episodes?

>tfw my depression is caused by deeply repressed homosexual feelings?
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Some straight guys masturbate to gay porn, it's nbd.
I'm the same way, I tend to get gayer the more depressed and idle I am, I just don't know if I should embrace this side of me since it was born from negativity and doesn't make me feel good about myself.
I just fapped to gay porn for the first time. Couldn't stop myself, he was just so fucking cute. Been arguing with myself for hours now cause of it

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Hypothetically, if someone was born male, began fantasizing about being the opposite sex while they were 12 - 13, and began acknowledging that they might be transgender in late 13s - early 14s, and thought almost for sure that they were trans in their mid 14s, when should they begin HRT?

fuck that was confusing.
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that depends. do you honestly think you would be happier as a girl? do you hate being male? if you answered yes to both of those questions then you should deffo look into transitioning. If you are still unsure see a gender therapist and talk about your situation. nobody else can tell you that you are trans. its something you have to answer for yourself op.

just make sure you are certain you want to transition before you start.
The most important question is when to begin transitioning. Like beginning HRT in a few months or when you're 15,16...18?
As soon as you can

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Eyyyyy so I'm a bit tipsy and want to just have silly pointless conversation. Can we please start a tinychat?
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LESSSSGENNNNNN: I'm a bit tipsy and want to have silly, fun, and pointless conversations. Can we have a tinychat please?
Well howdy

So basic white girls really are just mass-produced.

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