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Just curious
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i am my own boy friend
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Pick one.
me. he doesnt really like other trannies either other than me and treats me like a real woman

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Is she the Rosa Parks of transwomen?

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>tfw I was born in the mid-90's
>tfw I don't have to be Caitlyn Jenner
No. She is just a shitty human being and hon who transited for publicity, and because her wealth brings her an ungodly amount of privilege + her right wing politics, the Jews figured she was a good figurehead for trans and shoved her down the throat of the population.
No. She was just an AGP like every other tranny here, except an older version. Transexualism wasn't even remotely accepted back then. Who the fuck wants that kind of publicity?

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my tranny legs and ass do you like them
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You should adjust the lighting or how you're laying. Shadows will make your legs look darker, whereas light will make them look smoother. Also nice butt.
I'd fug, where you at dawg?
too dark and shiny for my tastes, too gay

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Mtf here, how many other trans people smoke weed?
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I smerk every day

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>fucked an MTF today
>don't know if this makes me gay or not.
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don't overthink it
there's no point
seriously just fuck who you like and don't even try to stick a label on it, you'll just spend hours thinking and self-loathing otherwise for absolutely no reason
Only if you liked it.
Is this the new "only if the balls touched"?

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Every time I think of sex or merely flirting with someone attractive I think of myself in a better, more desirably feminine version of my body. For this, I don't think I'll ever be able to fall in love with someone or or see attraction towards me as genuine. I'm going to live my life alone until I'm old and die of a heart attack or I take my life.

Can anyone think of any way for me to fix this? To preface, I'm trans and have lived full time for 3 years.
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Talk to a therapist about body acceptance issues.

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Are all transvestites repressed transgenders?
Or can it just be a bit of fun?
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Everyone on earth are actually trans. They just don't want to come out of the closet.

I think they usually have a different attitude towards what they do compared to what transgender women think about themselves (although certainly some of them end up transitioning and becoming transgender women themselves). They seem to treat femininity more as something they put on for a show, while transgender women transition because they feel very strongly about identifying as / wanting to live as a woman in regular day to day life.
>Everyone on Earth are actually trans
That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.

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This piece of trash outed another gay man who was not sure of his sexuality and was going back into the closet to make sure. He then goes onto say what he did is "Karma". This guy is a piece of shit. Have a reddit account? Send some hate mail to Mrhiddenlotus and tell him what you think of him. I will post a pic of him in the thread if anyone is interested. He is a terrible person who has never suffered a single consequence of his shitty personality in his entire life.
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And look at him, he is fucking pathetic and disgusting and thinks he has to right to force people into revealing their sexuality to all their friends and family.
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Here he is thinking he is tough with some redditor who called him out.
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Homero vomito.jpg
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That picture was fucking uncalled for OP.
I weep for the guy desperate enough to want to bang that.

Hello /LGBT/, I need your help.

Ever since my girlfriend decided to transition (mtf), we've talked about moving out of the country. You see, Brazil has some of the highest rates of hate crimes against the LGBT community (especially against trans people, pic related).

With that being said, I was wondering what's the best place to live as a young interracial lesbian couple (you know, basically in terms of violent crimes, anti-discrimination laws, friendly community, weather, co$t$, difficulty to get a job, that kind of stuff). I just want to be able to live with her without so much fear.
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I'd guess something like Canada, Australia, Ireland, Uruguay from what I heard, more or less any "western" country.
Brighton UK. No one would look twice.
I'm looking for something more specific such as cities or states, since these rates can differ a lot in different areas of the same country, but thanks anyway!

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I'm 18 and gay how can I lose my virginity to another man give me tips I've tried craigslist but no one replied to my post
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Craiglist is guaranteed aids.

Try scruff, grindr or tindr.
I'm on scruff and grindr I had a few potential meets but they all made excuses up at the last minute
Yeah that happens. You gotta keep on trying

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I'm a bi guy, but I'm highly into rape scenes and humiliation. I'm really into either me being forced to suck someone's cock and ride it and being "treated" like a female during sex. I enjoy this kind of sex with an fwb pretty regularly.

I also love playing out scenes with women, where they're acting really bitchy towards me, but ultimately submit to my cock in the and and worship it/ thank me for putting it inside of them. I also love forcing them to moan really loud, or give me a blowjob while I'm doing my daily tasks, such as watching tv or texting.

Idk, I just can't get off without some form of humiliation during sex. Like, if a woman showed up in my room naked, I'd probably tell her to put some clothes on first because the fun of it for me is getting her out of her clothes first.
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>daily tasks
>watching tv of texting
Do the chicks you bang know you are queer? I bet you hide that shit cause most chicks don't want a beta...
>I also love playing out scenes with women, where they're acting really bitchy towards me, but ultimately submit to my cock in the and and worship it/ thank me for putting it inside of them. I also love forcing them to moan really loud

Hot OP

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If someone passes voice wise when speaking english, will it be harder to adjust when speaking a different language?

More clockable?
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Practicing my voice made me realize it's much easier to speak femmy in english rather than in german, though the latter is my native language.
I find english pronounciation much more suited to sounding feminine. If I tried the same in german I just wanna slap myself for how ridiculous I sound.
Would you have to relearn and readjust to the new language's standards?
I'm so secluded, I barely speak german at all. When I do it's pretty damn monotone, so I probably would have to to some degree.

I have no damn clue why english comes to me more naturally.

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>why you are transitioning in a YouTube video/webm/gif/picture/anything but a post
>no explanation
>no justification needed
>just post the media that you think sums up your thought process.
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932KB, 450x353px

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rain dove.jpg
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Yeah, I have it.
Why are there so many threads dedicated to AGP and I never see one on AAP?
We freaks exist too you know!
Pic related, I would love to look like Rain Dove and be able to live as either gender
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Strangely Blanchard said himself 'I don't think it exists" and that he just coined the term so as to not be sexist... but he clearly doesn't know shit
That picture fucks with my head, her face looks just like that of one of my cis male friends.
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yeah she has such a masculine face <3

How come practically EVERY time I see a gay couple with a child, the child is always the same gender as the parents? If I had a daughter, I could braid her hair all fancy and get her trendy clothes so she's the cool kid on the block!

Do gay men just really like having sons that badly? And lesbian women, daughters?
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I think its because of their own sexism and inexperience with the other gender.
man + woman
>make man and woman babies
man + man
>make man babies
woman + woman
>make woman babies

how it is hard to understand? cannot make s.t. from s.t. that does not have
Imagining stereotypical gay couple giving a girl the period talk right now and it is hilarious.

Realistically I think there's some kind of fear that one wouldn't relate to the opposite sex quite as well; a gay guy would know what it's like to be a teenage boy more than a teenage girl, maybe?

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