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What's the best remedy for alleviating/healing anal pain?

I put a dildo up my ass once without using enough lube, and ever since then it's become super sensitive and usually has tearing that lasts for days if I pass a hard stool. Does anyone have anything that they do to help stop their ass from hurting?
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>be me 28 years old
>late to transition
>never had sex
>so I'll probably stay a Virgin mtf
How do I deal with uncoming Lonliness that is gonna come with my life???
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>develop the key to immortality
>live long enough to see true sex changes
>become young and qt
you know the answer anon, you just don't want to admit it
I stopped to care on antidepressants
I dont want to have sex as a man anyway and I dont form attachments, Ive had couple gfs when I was younger and nothing serious came out of it

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Can you be both agp and asexual? why or why not.
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of course! because as agp you start taking hrt, and it kills your dick and sex drive

because you are agp you are not at all sad that your manbenis is dead, and being unpassing you resolve yourself to a life of celibacy

my story anyway
Yes. Because AGP has a romantic component as well as the sexual one which is mutually exclusive with total asexuality (i.e. zero sex drive). AGP with zero allosexuality can also present as asexuality. HSTS aren't ever asexual.

Source: Blanchard, Lawrence.

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"When it comes to modern trends like transgenderism, we cannot separate the male desire for access to women’s spaces and for uterus transplants, from a history of patriarchal appropriation (including “prosthetic womb” imitations). We cannot separate this movement from the entire history that precedes it, of the simultaneous mining of women’s bodies and undermining of women’s worth."
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>medical advancement is misogyny
Feminists are literally retarded.
Stopped reading there
It's the easiest way to filter out dumbasses

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>be me
>19, transgirl
>bi (fuck off AGP meme)
>three years HRT
>Accidentally developed a daddy/mommy kink

I just want someone big and strong to take care of me ;-;
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>I just want someone big and strong to take care of me ;-;
where you at
1. can't answer this because i don't know who i'm talking to.

2. yes

3. we'd discuss this because different people want different things out of a DD/LG relationship.

4. 23

5. southern us

6. yes, i've dealt with phone calls at random times of the day and night, and constant texts.

7. everyday if our schedules don't conflict.

8. yes as long as we don't do/say some weird RP, sorry sort of a moral fag about that kek.

9. yes. one of the great things about a DD/LG is having someone to listen to and talk with about your problems.

figured i'd fill that out just in case someone is looking or interested in this type of thing.
>I just want someone big and strong

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What do you think about andro people coming out /LGBT/?
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you dont come out as andro either you are androgynous and everyone can see that you are one, either you aren't lmao

imagine a nigger coming out as a black person
funny and true at the same time

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Can I still post in trap threads if I went for srs? I still can r-right?
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it's the only way to really participate in a trap thread

if people are going to a trap thread, the penis is no longer a trap- instead, they have to be trapped by feminine looking people with vaginas

can u get an std from rubbing your dick against another dick

pic unrelated
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Not dangerous ones unless one of you cut himself there and there is blood involved.
>can you get an STD by rubbing X sex organ against Y sex organ?
No, of course not. Why would you think that?
Yes. You can get herpes. You can also get crabs/lice/scabies if you're close to the pubic hair.

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What they dont realize is there are risked involved like look at sweden its home to fags we need them to stop thinking there special
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We need to identify this alt-right brute and send his ass to jail.

We stand in solidarity with our LGBTQIAA+ brother/sister/otherkin.
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with no sound we don't know who was in the right
>big bearded bear punching a sassy AIDS patient for no apparent reason
I honestly don't know what's going on there.
I don't care what he was saying.. those fucking shorts deserve a punch all on their own.

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How do I get a sugar daddy, legbutt?
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>tfw mom walks in and you left the dildo out on the table
This just happened. Holy shit, I'm fucked.
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Stay strong OP. I had a similar situation happen to me. We're here for you.
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I see this and raise you
>mom walks in and you left your open sketchbook out on the bed
>having a dildo

What ever happened to just beating off?

>still living with parents

Grow up.

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Male here who wants to wear 'women's' clothes. How do you convert males sizes to women sizes? UK sizes would be preferred but cool if not
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Non-Anglo here, just wanted to ask a question how do you guys tell the difference between males and females up there on inbred island? It's like everything there is some amorphous, genderless brand of ugly. Do you physically have to make everyone strip so you could see their penis or vagina to know?
You don't, they change depending on the store. I fit some S, some M, some L it changes. Check the online stores for sizing charts and measure yourself. Compare measurements for every store before you buy. Buy multiple sizes and return ones that don't fit.

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Who wants to bet he'll surpass Obama's record for executive orders?

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why is it that an ex-soldier mtf from the 50s passes better than 90% of /lgbt/?
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That's a picture of Marilyn Monroe on the right. You're an idiot.
did you watch the video?
Just watched interviews. She's fucking incredible.

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