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tfw everyone thought she didn't take hormones and wasn't trans b/c of malicious lies

tfw same ppl lie about her opinions

tfw ppl think they're view of riley as a coercive rapist is anything but mistruth and misrepresentation provided by the same ppl calling her a transtrender

tfw riley gets ffs b4 blaire
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Riley's still an idiot nonetheless.

I definitely disagree with her on most everything she records, and she makes some really unintelligent choices when presenting a lot of her arguments.

desu I knew her from her writing before and didn't think of it particularly one way or the other but her youtube channel is another story

doesn't change the fact ppl lie and misrepresent her
Championed people not taking hormones but creeping others out by demanding to be called female so nah.

That bad advice won't just make others uncomfortable, it'll wreck others. Even femboys need to take some sort of meds or they'll turn into hons.

Riley might not deliberately be a hon who tries to sabotage others out of spite like blaire, but they're almost as bad.

Holy shit why are all gay movies so depressing with bad endings?

If I wanted a gay tragedy I'd just look at my life.
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they're not
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straight pride, any cute photos anyone?
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>straight pride
Finally, a thread I've wanted to see for a while! Somewhere to get away from the fags and transbians of the board.

So girls, how do you find a cis bf who accepts you?
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love isn't real
I didn't say love.

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do y'all think that LGBT women are less valuable than men or that in society they're treated better?
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Well, I'll tell you one thing, trannies are MEN.
FtMs are men too? Interesting.
Women are inferior to men, trannies are inferior to both.

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why are they doing this, and why do the women always look so uncomfortable?
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oh no
excuse me?

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Yall gay as fuck,
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Keep trying, bud
Did you just assume my gender?
damn straight nigger, you want a taste of it?

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Tips on how to come out as trans to friends and family
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good night cis dyke
Reminder Cisgender is not a real word and you will never be a woman.

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clearly a master race
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That's more like being jelly because some ugly hon managed to find someone to love them while you shitpost on 4chan.

Try to wear some stripped socks or some other meme clothing dude. It could work.
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Me on the left

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Can someone give me an intro to diaper brands here?
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Do you plan on having kids in future, legbutt? Adoption or surrogacy?
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that's some shitty photoshop
wth is a transmaiden

you should at least explain whatever the terminology is for your no doubt bs idea

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Ask a tranny who got today voice surgery, in a third ass country for free, anything
I feel quite lonely and boring right now in the hospital ;_;

Pic kinda related
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Free surgery is quality surgery
What country or continent?
Quantity is its own quality.

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Are you part of a kink club?
If yes, how did you got there and how you join one anyways?
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good feels.jpg
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Who here /living the dream/?
>be young AGP
>pass and even cute
>have bf to make you feel pretty and feminine
Is there a better feel than this?
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do you get to lezz out too?
Not yet, but I have a bi girl friend who's expressed interest in me before. But we're both taken right now.
>not having a bf who enjoys you exploring your bi side
>not having mff threesomes to feel pretty and feminine at the same time as living out yuri fantasies

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