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What are some pieces with potential to be the next big /fa/ meme?
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Slavcore in 2018
I think the perfect recipe for a meme along the lines of dyed flecktarns, Polizei jackets, Feiyues, and Austrian paratrooper boots is something cheap, unique, and scarce or DIY to an extent that discourages normie appropriation
>vague bullshit that doesnt really answer the question

hmm i see

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Are tans considered effay?
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99.9% of them no, but there's that roughly 1/1000 negress who has germanic-like facial features. your pic related is a good one
gosh you're retarded

Black ladies are amazing...they anturally thicc,,,, they got smooth black skin.. i want some black ass.

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You're supposed to dye it to complete the meme ritual
>Rick Owens Geobaskets/Ramones
>SLP Motorcycle Leather Jacket
>Undercover "She Brings The Rain" Jacket
>Common Projects Achilles Sneakers
>Kris Van Assche Multi Lace High Top Sneakers
>Comme des Garçons PLAY Chuck Taylors
>Carol Christian Poell CCP Drips
>Helmut Lang Astro Moto Jackets
>Y3 Warrior High Boots
>Maison Martin Margiela Hand-Painted Replicas

Raf Simons:
>New Order Parka
>Peter Saville Leather Jacket (Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures)
>Velcro High Top Sneakers
>2003 Parachute Bomber Jacket

Add Raf Stans, Rick pods and prisoners

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Just shill yourself @incorporatedinc
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*shills quietly to self*


Quick, /fa/, post your favorite bomber jackets.

What is your favorite brand?
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buzz rickson
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Whatever model/brand is this.
that is rick owens

schott and alpha industries are your only choice here to be fair.

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Need some inspo here

It's been months and I didn't cut my hair yet
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I'm sick of searching for cuts

I wanna killmyself


AS FUCK. prussian haircut ftw
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>growin white hair
>shitty frizzy hair and Idk how to fix it
famm should I just go and ask the barber to fuck my shit up?

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Last Thread: >>12236803

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
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Can I get some (you)'s?

guys please help me. I'm looking for some light weight summer/spring jackets I can wear that are effay.
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>wearing a jacket
>in the summer

america is not the world
have you never been outside at night in the summer or went to your local boardwalk by the ocean. Shit gets chilly.

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Why did /fa/ turn on this brand so quickly and relentlessly?

It used to be so popular here. What happened? Did some rapper or snaptogram kid say it wasn't cool?
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prob because afaik only whites wear them which is deeply problematic
>garbage design
>babbys first real leather shoe
>questionable quality
Not like ever was in to the brand, nor have I 'turned on it', I'm completely indifferent about it, would not use my money or it nor advice anyone to buy it.
It's a good brand, but /fa/utists hate it because redddit likes it.

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How can I into Schwarzenegger core? Used to be fa. But then i became fit and no fa clothes fit me
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get leaner

Will kanye make retro sneakers the current trend?
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retros are always popular, for different reasons
GQ shoves em down normie's throats, and so do sneaker companies
retro sneakers are all we have, new sneakers are whack
I literally don't know any "new" sneaker except those from designers.

Every sneaker from sweatshops is a decade-old rehash or simply the same model.

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/fa/ watch out this kid is killing it out here
That insane color combo
Those flex pieces
Clean ass fit
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I'm pretty jelly
the bogo really makes those titties pop
>fit of the day

more like fit of the year

straight FIRE bruh 100 100 100 100 100

File: Screenshot_2017-02-14-22-50-27.png (413KB, 480x854px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm 18 and i've had this shitty hairline for years. How do i grow my hair back or what kind of hairstyle should I take to cover it up? I really want it to be long but I'm open for anything. My hair is thick and curly.
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buzz you cuck
i have a big head
am I balding?

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Show me a more /fa/ artist. I'm waiting
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not joking
so solid
well that was easy

i sure don't think i could show you a bigger faggot though

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What kind of earphones does /fa/ use?
>inb4 beats headphoens
Be mature pls
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Consider using earphones that have good sound quality rather than are /fa/, and promptly hang yourself with them
He's just asking for aesthetic headphones. Maybe someone will know a pair that are aesthetic AND have good sound quality.
everyone that sees you out in public thinks you are autistic because of your dumb steampunk headphones

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