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ITT: God Tier Fits
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Oh god why is this funny
i think it's the creepy smile

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if you're gonna start a thread you should really dump some of your own pics op
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Random inspo thread. Post anything that you vibe with, be it a music video, movie scene, outfit, art, nature. Haven't seen one of these in a while. Will dump my good stuffs.
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Cringe thread? Cringe thread.
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No cringe here, looks clean.
W2c that whole fit
You're just jealous you can't pull it off you normie

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age template.png
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There are always... uhhh

I forget. I'm sure they're something
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Bumping, when I'm home I'll pull up the one I have saved
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Just did this one.
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fashion years.png
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Feedback coming once some more people post

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Hey, I'm back and I'll still pay someone for a kanyetothe account.
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bump. one anon said he had one but im not sure if he was just memeing me or not
are you saying you're back or black?
im back because i made the same thread yesterday but i didnt want the op to say the same thing and people to think this was the start of some forced copypasta like those nike shook threads

Is elliot /fa/?

Tbh i think so
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he has a punchable face that i'd like to shit on
no he dresses like every smelly hoodie-clad nerd from highschool he just has a visible jawline and tired eyes stop making these threads
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shut the fuck up
of course he is

How do i pull off his hairstyle?
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Eat 3 gallons of spunk a week
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>become president
>people only care about your looks
comb your hair BACK AND TO THE LEFT

Some terrible line of reasoning lead me to drop well over half a grand on these a few years ago. How much should I list these shits for on ebay lads?
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I want to buy those (not second hand sorry op), but I already own pic related. I feel like there's too much overlap in the outfits they work for and that theyre funcionally the same.
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$80, $200, $700
Honestly I love all 3 of these, and the vans & Asics feel surprisingly close to the same quality as the henders given the price difference
I disagree, I think the highs would work a lot better than the pair you currently own in more streetwear-ish fits, and your current pair works in smarter fits. Depends on your personal style though.

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post only related
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you first op
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Incidentally, why do white people like fugly asian girls? Really weird.
Please don't use words you don't understand anon

What constitutes as overdressing on an average university/college campus? New to trying to be effay
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Look around you. See other students and see your professors. If something makes you think, "this looks like something my professor would wear," and not, "this looks like something I saw other students wearing," then it's too much.
This can vary by campus, but generally, more casual is better.
wear whatever the fuck you want. but if you feel uncomfortable wearing something than you probably shouldn't be wearing it
Is tucking in shirts a definite no then? I see some kids doing it, some don't.

Not dress shirts, but I have some utility shirts that seem to go nice with the rest of my outfit when tucked.

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Should I cop these GATs or Adidas sambas?
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I'm just worried they won't be as high quality or last as long as the adidas
Sambas since you're in the market for cheap shoes it appears

The only gats worth getting are the MMM ones, and ONLY the paintsplattered ones that were hand painted by paint splatter artisans

effay shoes that can add height to 176cm (5'9) trash, normally wear af1s which makes me 5'10 (177cm) ish but maybe looking for a higher end option? or insole recommendations since I always wear low tops and everyone is always in 95's or stupidly bulky shoes like mcqueens making me look even smaller

thanks /fa/ even tho u are all 6ft gods
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see a mental health professional
when will they learn...
Get some platforms and make up a disco alias

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I need more inspo for a pair of trousers as pic related. I'll post some that I gathered.
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where can i cop some nice flecked ones?

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What are the best quality blanks for hoodies?
>inb4 gildan
These are comfort colors and so far they're the best I've tried comfort and fit wise but i'm hoping you guys would know more.
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Champion s700 and ascolour
ascolour is too thin and color options are trash
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