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2017-03-25 12.52.44.jpg
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>be me
>5'7", ≈170cm
>230 lbs, ≈ 104kg
>Pick related build

What are some effay styles that would work with my build?
P.s. if you guys know of anything that would work for filling patches in facial hair that would be super
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denim vest, maga hat
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A garbage bag
Then get on a treadmill
Sweat it out

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Tumblr thread.

Will follow any interesting ones

mine for reference;
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just some smooth shit
i like it.

all my followers would pee themselves if they saw me in real life and it's pretty funny to think about

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post outfits you'd like your gf/bf to wear
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A tricky poop coat of course
Is this a scam?
My gf already does wear what I think is perfect
Conservative, cute, mod-esque, shows off her perfect butt

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Backpack general
Which to cop?
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REI, Kelty, Muji, Jansport, Topo, Goruk, MEC are good quality.
Hershel is pure garbage, don't even mention it.
Been using a GoRuck GR0 for 3 years now. Still love it. It's not incredibly fashionable or fancy but it's so unbelievably durable I don't really care. I carry a lot of tools around with me and I ride with my backpack as well. My GR0 looks exactly like it did 3 years ago.
If you want a backpack that looks inoffensive and has all the durability of a military backpack without looking too tacticool, strongly recommend GoRuck.
One think I should warn you about with GoRuck though, the cordura they build their backpacks out of is quite rough and abrasive. If you wear really fine cotton, it will pill quite noticeably as the cordura rubs on it. It's not a big deal but it can be a bit annoying.

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What the FUCK is up with these? Why are they all over the place now? They're horrendous on a whole new level.
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supposed to be nikes answer to boost. people have been calling them the boost killers
Boring, ugly, and will not stay clean. Who's idea was it to make a shoe with a clear bottom?
Will not cop, fuck the hype.
>will not stay clean
this is stupid, boosts are not immune to dirt either and guess which one is more noticeable, when white boost gets dirty or this?

both looks stupid, dirty or not, no question, but this Nike sole is simply ugly

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what are some good all black hi-tops?

converse doesn't make the 70's hi in mono black anymore, so i need some alternatives thanks
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pro keds
the one you posted?
These dawg =)

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post your instagram
be a cool dude and follow eachother
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suka blyat sometimes i follow back

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where can i buy these for a reasonable price
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Ebay, got mine for about 55$
the reebok website
also, asos had them in stock a while ago
shoo shoo marketer, these were in last year.

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tell me how to be americana righ tnow
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Ask /mfa two years ago and /fa six
is there a better style for 25+ guys? cant be wearing street wear and meme trends forever
visit reddit /mfa/, read how-to post on the subject and corresponding imgur album which i'm positively sure both exist as it started its resurgence post financial crisis and is still popular amongst a certain population. don't forget to either grow a beard or develop an elaborate shaving ritual. have fun!

Basically, my entire wardrobe is bullshit streetwear "grails." I have a bunch of Supreme stuff I've collected over the years worth a few pretty pennies, but whenever I attempt to assemble outfits, everything feels discombobulated.

I want to sell everything I own—and I mean everything—and assemble a more timeless,versatile and uncluttered wardrobe but I don't know where to start. I'm seeing this as an opportunity to reframe my way of thinking about everything I oWhat are some essential pieces that I should have in my wardrobe?

I am a cyclist so I rather admire techwear, but I am aware it is expensive. I also like designers like Rei Kawakubo, Yohji Yamamoto, Rick Owens...but all that stuff is way to expensive for me. I just like well designed clothes I suppose.

As a broke college student who appreciates quality over quantity, how do I keep a low cost-to-quality ratio? Much thanks in advanced /fa/!
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T-shirt and jeans.
Wool socks.
Winter parka.
Winter boots.
Winter cap.
Insulated leather gloves.

Did I miss anything?
You can't build a quality based wardrobe on a college budget dude. Just take the L and get some H&M basics, black, grey, white, brown and navy then carry on from there

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How do I achieve the Dark Enlightenment / Right Accelerationist look? I've already got the fascination with cosmic horror, cyberpunk fiction, and geopolitics down, but how to reflect that in my presentation?
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Bump with Landspo
two horrible posts

please stop browsing /lit/ if you go there
Offer some assistance or gtfo meatsack

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what are some good haircuts i can do myself?
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None. No comrade, no fascism.
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white male.jpg
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a buzzcut
an undercut
any simple military cut, really

when we have each other we have everything :^*

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I kinda like how my face looks, but whenever I see myself in profile, I cringe so hard. I'm pretty thin, so it's not a matter of weight loss. Is there anything that can be done about this short of surgical intervention? I've read a lot of things that support that neck exercises can help this problem, but they all seem sort of sensational and suspect.
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put your tongue on the roof of your mouth, this will raise up that little underpart a bit

and then lose weight

and then if nothing else, then get surgery from a board certified plastic surgeon who's extremely reputable and experienced.
i have the same issue as op and im underweight.
there's like shittons of extra skin under my chin for literally no reason, i was never fat or chubby at any point in my life either.
I have the same thing and honestly, i don't think there's much you can do about. I just learned that many people have the same shitty profile and it doesn't affect how I treat or perceive them. Just gotta learn to accept yourself and realise that its not that huge of a deal.

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>He feel for the streetwear meme
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Yeah I do indeed feel for it. I feel really bad for people who fell for it like OP
dude hes trying to better himself and honestly does look better on the right. Could be better but cmon
he looked better with the collared shirt and belt and dressing like an adult

either way he's still a fat slob, but one of those fat slobs looks like he has an education and pays bills and the other looks like a fat loser

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2 minutes of small talk, then choke her out
Wait for her to wake up, explain that you choked her out and then protected her so that no one would rape her, and you have yourself a lifelong companion for two months
You don't even want to, they're just annoying cunts
Just be the biggest tool you can be

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