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Hey /fa/
Does this design i made for a tattoo look decent in any way?
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looks like a dumb fence
Not very realistic

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Does /fa/ have dogs? What is the most aesthetic dog breed?
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I just bought my dog a Hudson's Bay collar, pretty /fa/ imo
thats a beautyfull dog, anon
Greyhounds are the aryans of dogs

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Hi guys, just bought this suit for a wedding. It was worth around 600 according to tags but i paid 240 for it. Ignore the shoes, those are my work ones, im going to buy new ones. What do you guys think? Was it worth it? Does it fit well?
Also general suit thread, post yours and discuss suit etiquette, as this is my first suit and im a noob. Cheers guys!
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a bit baggy

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How do I ask my barber for a nazi cut without showing any pictures of nazis?
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show him your ballot for trump
Just show him that picture and say its a cosplayer, that's exactly what I did with that photo.
I wrote in Bernie you cuck

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Kankens are cute. Wear what you want you fucking faggots.
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>All the chinese kids have these on campus
>Every day
JanSports for snowflakes

whats effay think about the new kanye calabasas collection?
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im getting those sneakeraroos, only have 15 white shoes
kanye hasnt put out anything good since the air yeezy 2s
jesus christ

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Mine are all trash rn and I hate wearing them 99% of the time so I need a good pair for lazy mornings.

Thinking about the visvim ones in the pic related because I like the way they stack.


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Reigning Champ

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I drop clothes on APRIL 1ST, not sure if guys are into this style, thought I'd drop.
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this is fucking trash dude

YOU are fucking trash.
seriously FUCK YOU op

you belong in the fucking GARBAGE

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What is /fa/'s position on kimonos? Are they too absurd to pull off in public without looking like a pathetic try-hard weeaboo?

I've seen several that I honestly think look pretty dope but I can't imagine when I would wear them. Are they in that group of wardrobe items that you can only get away with wearing while gallivanting through a high fashion friendly city like NYC, Paris or Tokyo?
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I think they're pretty cool
I bought a fwb some lingerie so she bought me a kimono. It has a tiger on the back. I wear it when I am romancing a woman
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i think they work but it really is telling if you're some white homeboy rocking one. I rock one as a layering piece but desu i match it with equally oriental garbs. Sou Sou shirt and boots look great and i get plenty of compliments.

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So if I wear a burzum shirt will people think I'm a maxi
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Do you even like them ?
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What's a maxi?

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>Big forehead hidden by hair I hate
>Hair takes so long to manage that I do not go outside and when I'm forced to (e.g. uni) I have to spend an hour brushing it to get it to look half-way presentable
>Leave huge clumps in the pick/brush when I try to take care of it
>Forehead is huge and I apparently look wimpier and skinnier with short hair
>Mom has been grooming me all of my life to keep my hair in an afro
>When I was falsely accused of stalking 3 years ago she insisted that it had been because I had short hair at the time
Fuck man, I really want to cut all of this off but I don't know what to do.

Any advice /fa/?
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wear hats. cheers
>head is so big that even without this huge ass afro I look weird in or can't fit most hats/caps
God fucked me up.

I guess another question could be: How do I know if I'd actually look worse or better with a haircut?

I think my mom is heavily biased.

Can we talk about Porter and how we should all worship him?
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So which of these 12 year old weasels is he?
your mom xD

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Who was the most fa serial killer?
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Chika the tilo
would u let him eat (literally) your boipussy op?

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What core is this?
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OG Samurai Hogan Core

dope as fuck desu
perfect example of >>12345073
nice get.

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>good jawline but no cheekbones

What do anons

Why are my genes so cruel
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File: photo_2017-03-23_14-25-45.jpg (52KB, 640x640px)Image search: [Google]
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>tfw good cheekbones but jawline is pretty much flat

>good jawline, good cheekbones
>chubby cheeks
>not even a fatshit
kek i love that anon

do you have pics of boipussy

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