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Guess appearance by /fa/ black girl general

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Anyone got any effay quotes?
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raf simons rick owens usually what im dressd in
"blacc be fine" - jojo jammers

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How do we make the redneck aesthetic effay?
post some effay redneck core
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yeah nah don't do this shit you annoying irony loving softhanded city fucks
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One word: Dylanroof

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What's some /fa/ approved merch?
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Anything hyperdub like your pic, most underground artists, i.e. bandcamp
this is a dope t shirt holy shit
burial is shit

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mmmmmmmmm whatcha say
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>W 29
>L 30

>2. You will immediately cease and not continue to access the site if you are under the age of 18.
good job bumping a stupid fucking thread that was quietly dying. if you have to reply, fucking sage it.
how fat are you?

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Wtc size 9.5US kriss van assche multilace in either high or low for about 250$?
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would like to know an id on this jacket
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W2c glasses

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bought these warren lotas for 1500

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Do you like wasting money?
it gets me off
Why do you feel the need to post this? I know you are hoping to receive validation but can't you just keep it to yourself? You obviously liked them so you bought them but there is no need to tell a bunch of strangers.

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What kind of fits does one wear with UB 3.0 Oreos?
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autistic fits
>wearing anything but 1.0s
Hope you can still get your money back, anon

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My face is really fucked

I have decent facial structure but i shave everyday and it irritates my skin like hell,it looks like shit and i probably look like i'm homeless

How the fuck do people get very clear skin and shit like that

Also can i remove facial hair for good?I want to be a twink but my genetics decided otherwise

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I have the secret you need, but you have to demonstrate tat you're a twink first
See a dermatologist, it may be rosacea.
You can't get rid of facial hair unless you're willing to take female hormones.
Well,maybe wax or laser treatment?

This redness doesn't come on it's own,i just shave too much and tear the skin apart in the process

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download (1).jpg
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>want to wear chelsea boots with a few fits
>dont want to be mistaken as a normalfag fashion victim
wat do?
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buy rm williams, make a australian cowboy outfit
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Go all out and go for 40mm heels or wyatts

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very real geobaskets.jpg
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Where do I go if I want to buy some high quality fake geobaskets? Once they're beaten up nobody can tell the difference anyways.
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give me a link

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Post things you need IDs and W2Cs here

This I know is OW x Moncler, but I can't find it anywhere. Any name for this jacket?
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id plis bres
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w2c pants like these
did you ask the guy in the WDYWT thread who posted that?

Curious to know if anyone here has had any experience with Attachment.

I've been looking at some of their pieces recently and I just wanted to know if anyone here knew anything about them. I'm fairly wary of sizing as they're a nip brand.

I like the stuff that I've seen from them so far, and they feel kinda like a lower tier version of something like The Viridi-Ann, or Lost and Found, mixed with a bit of Jun Takahashi. Kinda like Thom Krom is a cheaper / more accessible version of brands like Julius, Babara, and Damir. Not that that's really a bad thing.

Attachment / Kazuyuki Kumagai quality, sizing, personal experience, etc...
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Will bump with fits for a bit
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Is this the best shoe?
I've worn Sambas 99% of the time for over a decade and they're great.
>can be worn in many situations
>not flashy but somewhat aesthetic
>easy to take off and on
>ready to kick a ball

Pic is not my actual shoe.
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Everyone I've seen with these shoes owns a Lionel Messi jersey.
Black or white?
The shoe? Black.

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/Tattoo/ Thread
How would this look on my back ?
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Satan only or the whole thing?
File: 63765079-mf-doom-wallpapers.jpg (147KB, 628x748px)Image search: [Google]
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That would look dope

Also, Im thinking about getting this on my right arm. Thoughts?
Colors or black&gray?

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