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Give me one reason why floral on guys isn't effay.
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but it is
It can be. The irony of a man wearing flowers alone doesn't carry a fit though. Justify it.
It's efgay

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ITT: >>12345678
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holy shit double double doubles.

Trying to get into workwear, do you guys know any good farmers clothes (I'm not actually a farmer, I just like the clothes)?

Pic rel, it's the Wolverine 1000 miles shell horsehide boots which were originally designed for and worn by farmers (inb4 someone calls them dress shoes)
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w2c those dress shoes?

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What colors are more effay to wear?
or purple+black
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Purple and black
Red and black has been fucked to death since like 2005
By goth people ?

How do you feel about teeth? Do you like your teeth? What are the ideal effay teeth?
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Literally drop $30 on teeth whitening strips. Yellow teeth look like shit, no matter who you are. Then brush and floss like a person who cares about your health. Even if your shit is crooked it'll look better clean and white.
I was too poor for braces but was blessed with a perfect top row. My bottom row, however, has a few crooked teeth and no spacing. Additionally I have a weird stain on a tooth that I've had for as long as I can remember.
Don't those strips actually fuck up your dental health by using bleach etc.? I'm personally worried about staining my teeth because I drink coffee but I don't want to make it even worse by damaging the enamel.

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How do I get that Olgierd von Everec look? I have had an undercut for several months and I like it but I need to get it textured or something. Pics incoming.
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See how it looks too "poofy"? Mind you, this is after the barber blow-dried it and I was out in the wind so it's not normally this bad.
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Here's what it looks like wet from the side.

What do I tell the barber?
Dude that looks terrible. Don't shave the sides. Taper them

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How do I pull these off?
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loosen the laces and you'll probably pull them off easier
time travel back to 2012 and be a tumblr swagfag
paleish blue jeans rolled up with white socks

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post leather jacket inspo
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slain baby yc
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viva happy.jpg
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Looking for some effay shoulder bags/pouches
Post Inspo/link some effay bags
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i own this one
i love it, but it doesnt have a closure so it's a bit sketchy
wish i had bought the larger size, especially with the new colored bags and hardware
ive been searching for this dude its dope, its hard to come across good shoulder bags IMO
he's gonna open the webstore again soon
updated hardware too

What's the most /fa/ water bottle?
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that one
ive also been wondering this, so bump
I have this one

The plastic scratches easily so it looks like shit after a month or so

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I'm female, if I start wearing a tie to work will it look stupid or childish? I had to wear one in school and I thought it was preparing me for the professional world, but literally no women wear ties. I grew to like them as an accessory and I've never been a necklace person.
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Might be fine, but you better be hot. If you look like a lesbian or are really fat a tie will only make it worse.
only wear if you're thin and attractive
You'll probably look like Avril Lavigne in the 2000's

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Hey /fa/. I've lurked for years and years without ever really trying to become fashionable- it always felt out of reach for me.

Recently, however, I started a job making more money then I have ever made before and so can now afford stuff like Hugo Boss, Yves Saint Laurent, Yohji Yamamoto, and Tricky Ricky.

So: I would like to completely revamp my warddrobe. Price is not as much of an issue as long as it will last me. Also, stores in Boston would be better so I can actually try stuff on!

Appreciate the advice in advance; for now I'll do a random fashion inspo dump, and maybe that'll give you /fa/gs a good idea of what I might like~

(pic is not me)
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Choke me daddy
File: 20081008_akira_isogawa_ss09h.jpg (97KB, 1024x1024px)Image search: [Google]
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What does /fa/ think about colored contact lenses?
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Cosplay isn't fashion
Not for cosplay. Just for aesthetics. Like a tattoo or earring.
Its only an upgrade if you have shit colored eyes

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What are some /fa/ email addresses and usernames? All the most /fa/ email addresses on Google have been taken, I just want to be cool
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mods please
fuk you
Just use your real name or something boring, otherwise you'll look like an edgelord.

Let's start a new tattoo thread. Show me yours, and show me what you're into.

will upload a few of mine.
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