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Can someone help me confirm if @thegoshasaint on grailed is legit idk if i can trust it
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Can we get some nice entry level rick fits inspothat won't make me look like a full on autist in public but still look somewhat interesting? I'll start
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if you're still worried about how other people think of you in public you don't belong in rick or on this board yet.
I'm not a fan of the idea of "entry level" fits or gateway fits like people need to work their way up.

Wear what appeals to you. Browse his stuff and find what you like and think works and then wear that.

You don't HAVE to start out with a double-layer, Pods, and Ramones.
These right here

but if you're looking for more normal tier shit:

Low Top Ramones, Geothrashers, Berlin Sweatpants, Jumbo Tees, Fishtail Parkas, things like that

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Is this the most "effay to price" ratio hoodie I can get?
I'm looking for an effay black plain hoodie that isn't some poorfag walmart or target cheap hoodie.

How's the reigning champ hoodie silhouette ?
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for best effay to price ratio the answer is gildan. not a meme but for their price they look good and have a good silhouette. obviously they're not the best quality etc but if we're talking bang for buck...
Idk if they're /fa/, they're pretty particularly sporty
Don't buy gildan hoodies. The tees are fine but the hoodies look like poverty.

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Friendly reminder:
>your lives have no meaning
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Prove it :^)
>you are interested in clothes
>that means you are exclusively a brandfag with no other interests or hobbies


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Can I wear these without cuffing my jeans? Y/N
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You shouldn't be cuffing your jeans with boots like these in the first place my man
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But all the raw denim americana fellas do

/ W O R K W E A R /

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What are your favorite accessories to wear? Accessories can help give a basic outfit a bit of flair and personality. Anything, from certain types of hats, to a necklace, or even a keychain.

Pic related. Those are my go-to frames when I have on a nice outfit.
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I too enjoy donning my techno goggles when I'm out and about.
t. wears thick framez

I wear shades almost identical to the ones in the OP

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anyone know where I can find similar style like the ones here?

Been looking for swim shorts that are slim with a buckle but I find them nowhere. Those are to expensive to so anything close to that would be great.
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It turned out like this. What am I doing wrong?
How do I make a good finish?
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Sides are too short compared to the back (unless it's the lighting/your hair is thinner on the sides)
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I might be wrong, but it doesn't look like you went in with a plan when you started cutting. From the looks of it, you've sectioned your hair to be longer at the top plain and shorter under that plain, much like a default undercut. I've drawn a line in my attatched picture, and under that line, everything should pretty much be short and, more importantly, the same length. You should go over with a buzzer set to a certain length and just go over and over the same places until you feel everything's the same length. Since you're cutting yourself, I don't suggest that you make the the bottom section of the back of your head shorter than e.g. your sides, as this is really hard to do alone, along with the fact that it isn't needed.
The top of your head should be longer than the rest, and it should, as with the back and the sides, be the same length all over.
If you don't want a version of an undercut, you should really just buzz EVERYTHING off to be the same length, but I don't think that ever looks good on anyone except the rare few.
It's hard to make a good finish to curly hair, but I nevertheless suggest you at least just make sure that the sides and the back is the exact same length by going over with a buzzer that's set on a static length. good luck have fun.
A tip for future threads like this would be to also post a picture the front of your head.
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Compare this photo to original.
You want the parts where I drew red lines to be aggressively tapered. It will be hard to do this alone if you're new to cutting your hair. Best advice is to create a line with your finger/comb where the red lines are and use a no guard clipper to shape the back and sides. also you should be cutting more off the back like another anon said. The top is too hard to tell at this angle but it looks fucked up desu. Message me for anymore info if it's unclear.

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Why is fashion dominated by faggets? Serious question.
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It just seems that way to you because you're a fat loser.
>creative expression repressed
>dressing up/caring about your clothes is for girls
>realized there's no shame in deviating from male societal norms after discovering their love for bunghole busting
>more open minded and less ashamed to express themselves

>traditionally masculine males do not need flamboyant 'fashion' to attract a mate, thus rendering the fashion world the territory or women, betas males, and homosexuals.

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I've been trying to learn about fashion, and I've come across this guy's channel. I watched something around 15 of his videos, and his channel looks like a big ad. Are there good youtubers focused of fashion? I don't care if it's a man or a woman if the actual channel is for male audience. I've read the sticky and it doesn't tell anything about youtubers. Any general tip about good sources of information about clothing is welcome.
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>and his channel looks like a big ad

If you have a problem with this... well, you are kinda fucked. Most of them do this in one way or another.
It's not actually a problem, I just don't know brands enough to distinguish between what is actually good and what he's saying it's good because the brand payed him, but that may change with time.
Go to archive, there is ton of threads about this topic.

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fucking cunt.jpg
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Does anybody know where I can get a pair of black unlined kidskin gloves for men?
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Men don't where gloves, they're for women who can't stand the cold. You'll look like a pussy bitch
No, gloves look great with men's formal wear in the winter.
Get peccary gloves you poorfag fuccboi

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what u saying g man g??? my manz just brought deez creps from footlocker down stratty!!!
E20 ENDS CONNECTS STILL BREATING say nothing 3 up crazy t
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Who actually has the original fila puffer jacket?
Been looking for this colorway for so long.
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its super rare, you probably wont ever get it
I have a friend that ones had it, i can ask him where it is
Please do :D

Should I size up on the Champion reverse weave hoodie?

I'm 6 foot 5 and about 130 pounds, should I get an S or M?

Also, are gildan hoodies that tight at the bottom they have great colourways
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I'm five foot five not six foot five
size up

Does anyone of you know this Peacoat Brand?
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