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I start a maintenance job for a school district tomorrow. How do I still look effay while working?
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Maintenance as in a janitor, or like a handy man?

If anything, the easiest route to take is to go business casual. A non-shitty fit button down, some slacks/chinos without a break at the bottoms, and derbies or casual brogues with a belt to match. Nothing too flamboyant color wise. Literally the easiest look to pull off, because if you don't have all of those things in your wardrobe already, you don't know how to dress.

what should i look for in a tshirt?

kinda wanna get some plain cops but they look so dull, i kinda like the adidas originals with stripes but they're kinda pricey
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>adidas originals

what king of poor faggot do you have to be to think adidas originals is pricey?!

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Is this /fa/?
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>Family Guy
>The Baby (the most popular character after the Family Guy)

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Where can I get this shirt in Medium? I've only seen it listed on eBay for fat fucks.
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mediums are fucking huge these days too lmao
I guess I'm a fat fuck too. Just not as fat as people who need XL.
The shirt is Spiritual Gangster "Trust Your Soul" men's t shirt in blue. It doesn't seem to be on SG store, tho.

How do I start dressing well?

I've dressed like pic related my whole life.
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save up like 1-2 grand and buy a completely new wardrobe
get fit and buy slim tapered jeans

step 1
also this

don't get too fit though, stay more toned then bulked. A bulky fit guy looks just as bad as a fatty in clothes

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My dad gave this to me a few years back. I have no military history at all and can't really see myself wearing this out without looking like a fool. I just think it looks pretty nice. Everything on it is stitched in. Should i sell or keep?
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Oh i fucked the image. My bad.
Keep unless you need the money
100% keep

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Why do any of you give a fuck about what others think of your clothes?

That's not to say you shouldn't care about how you look, but literally just wear what you want. If people don't like it, fuck them. Wear it anyway.

I've gotten way more compliments by wearing crazy shit that would make y'all shit bricks than the kind of stuff you post here. And I wore it not to impress anyone, but because I just wanted to.

>b-but casual plebs' opinions don't count
What makes your opinion better than someone else's?

Most of you seem more interested in comforting to your smug ingroups and gaining peer approval than doing something genuinely interesting. Are you wearing these things for yourself or for others?
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salty ass bitch.jpg
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motherfucker what are you talking about?
you seen how these fruity bitches dress on here?
you think they aint dressing for themselves?
go take your steampunk cgl ass outta here getting gassed up cos you wore fingerless gloves playing spin the bottle with your cousin at youth group.
>fingerless gloves at youth group
How scandalous!

No, I cut thumb holes in my sleeves and wear rainbow thigh high socks, obviously. My hair is pitch black and my eyes are blue like limpid pools.
I come here for inspo and to occasionally learn something. Mostly because I get bored at work. I wear what I like. I don't care about how others view what a wear. I only wear something "for others" when I'm at a formal event or meeting someone's grandmum for the first time, which I just think is respectful.

But lots of people on here are insecure. They want validation. Can't really blame them. Most will grow out of it.

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Are these good for people who don't sweat a lot?
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also i read that all of the crystal stuff has aluminum in it... is this chemically worse than aluminum free Old Spice?
>chemically worse than aluminum free Old Spice?
Health wise it doesn't matter (unless you are applying the aluminium compound containing deodorant to open cuts as that can lead to liver damage)
clothing wise it's terrible. The aluminium compound will bind to proteins in clothing (remember fibers are just proteins too) causing discolouration, caking and irreversible damage.

The best method I know of for people that sweat a lot is apply antiperspirant before bed and then in the morning have a shower and apply a deodorant not containing aluminium. The antiperspirant will have a chance to get into sweat glands, and this is the antiperspirant that actually stops sweat, and the rest is washed of in the shower. The rest being the stuff that causes the staining.
This is absolutely incorrect. I have used the crystal for more than a decade and experience no discoloration or staining whatsoever. I swear by the stuff, and I'm a manual laborer in a hot warehouse environment.

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So I have pretty mild allergies, the only thing that seems to happen is my eyes get puffy. I also have these permanent bags under my eyes. Do any anons have any advice? Pic related
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Lose weight, take clonidine (cheap and safe sleeping med, prescription required) IDK about allergies, I can enjoy spring.
Get allergy meds for sure. More sleep for the bags never seemed to help, but try a little bit of concealer and powder. Works like a charm, and only takes a minute to put on. Some sun to add color to your face works a little as well, at least in my case (evens everything out)
I think hemorrhoid meds work well for dark circles.

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these fabrics.jpg
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have you felt these fabrics /fa/?
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you a fagget or somethin?
so haven't felt these fabrics?

File: IMG_3096.jpg (2MB, 4096x2304px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 4096x2304px
Rate my *tippers*.

Excuse the boxes and the mobileposting, I'm moving.
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They look fine for cool but sunny weather.

File: Capture.jpg (65KB, 1177x732px)Image search: [Google]
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did i fuck up /fa/?
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It looks like something my grandma would wear tbqh OP
Theyre not awful but theyre def not worth more than $60. So yeah. You fucked up
Well, I would say that they look like trash. But I would also say that you should probably leave this board if you're looking at shit like this in the first place.
Seriously what the fuck were you thinking, what/when were you ever gonna wear these?

File: IMG_1174.jpg (265KB, 1280x800px)Image search: [Google]
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>tfw you'll never be a 19th century effay frenchman
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>tfw you aren't aristocracy during rococo period and actually have to justify having extreme luxury

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Need help in upping my dress game so i can stop dressing like a teen fag. Keen to learn about mens fashion, different styles etc. any resources (sites) and book recommendations?

Post pics of good styles

Pic related to my interest in style.
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Read the sticky
Lurk for at least a year
Try things out
Realise that fit you posted looks like shit
File: 9BMAj8Z.jpg (102KB, 500x750px)Image search: [Google]
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>Get fit
>Buy some basics and minimal outfits that will never make you fashion but at least you wouldn´t dress like an idiot
>lurk for differents styles
>lurk some catalogs
>get yourself a personality
>Search for inspo
>Follow people in instagram that dress how you would like to dress
this is a board for teens

see >>>/r/mfa/

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Sold out on wetstore. Where else could I get this?
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don't buy wetstore tees, they're garbage quality
can't speak about their hoodies but I imagine they print on them with the same method
make it urselve. 30 min if u know how to use gimp

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