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what is this necklace called and where can i get one?
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still looking, think its indian?
pls helb, i dont want to get recycled
It's a Cherokee carved bone knecklace.

Fuck you for obvious bait btw,

Nobody gives a shit about your 'appropriation denial' rant you obviously have copied and ready to post.

Dr. Martens inspo thread
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You mean cringe thread
I don't think DMs are cringey on their own, but my god that outfit is terrible

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Hey, i wanna sell these Air Max

What model are they? I don't remember. I bought them in 2014/15 I think
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anyone? please
theyre air max 90's if thats what you mean

What are the most /fa/ things to do with stickers?

I got a bunch of free stickers ive collected over the years from bands, and stuff, but idk what to do with them.

My car is grey so the white background would look p bad I think
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Stick them on your mouth and nose so you can't breathe anymore faggot
into the garbage, give to friends, put them in your drawer.

anything else is god awful
just throw them up wherever around your city

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Sem título.jpg
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shall i keep that dirt around the jawline
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Is this a joke? I didn't get it.
you should shave all of your facial hair it looks like shit. In the future if you can grow better facial hair then don't shave it so high, only below the crease of jaw/neck.

You should also take out your earring it looks horrible, also get a tan.

You also need double jaw surgery
why are you on a fashion board with that beard an earring? It's like you're not even trying to look decent.

File: cavalli gown.png (671KB, 517x811px)Image search: [Google]
cavalli gown.png
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Where to get cheap formal dresses?

Pic related
anything most similar to this would also be bulk helps, cheers
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Bi-folds vs Cardholders

What's your view?

Me, I made the switch from my Bifold to a cardholder recently. Just no need to carry so much on you. I have my ID, Credit Card, Medical cards, and AAA and that's all I need. There is even room for folded cash. Card holders are just more sleek so you don't have a bulky bi-fold in your pocket. The literal only downside is that you gotta fold cash for it to fit which is hardly a problem.

Also if you have a tri-fold wallet, you are literally an autistic man child.
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Bi-fold, I prefer cash and hate having to fold them.

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Turns out next to my library is some sort of fashion show catwalk thingy for Mens Fashion Week

Tickets are by invitation only and the security guard threatened to beat my ass when I tried to bribe him so i cant get a good seat, but i can try to take some pictures from the outsidr for you guys if you are curious.

Maybe we can have a good laugh or even get inspired by some of the looks?
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Sure! Any particular designer that gets showcased?
File: 2017-06-10_15.00.59.jpg (146KB, 1080x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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first few
File: 2017-06-10_15.06.24.jpg (168KB, 1080x1080px)Image search: [Google]
168KB, 1080x1080px

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What is some /fa/ approved summercore?
It's getting too hot to wear pants, but I don't know what kind of shorts I can buy without looking like some kind of cargo-wearing aspie.
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Read the sticky man
You can't no longer give reccos?

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What does /fa/ think about the ASSC x Frenzy collab?
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love it
Underage and/or bait.

Move on.
File: IMG_2944.png (5KB, 1000x1000px)Image search: [Google]
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All they did was change the colors of the letters. ASSc is an ass brand, one of the worst things to happen to streetwear. If you buy it then consider suicide

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skater/alt style, what does /fa? think of marauder?

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wow bruh you gunna look so kewl :^)

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What is the perfect jacket?
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blis resbond
Something from Rick Owens
A perfectly fitting black biker jacket
backzip bomber from Dries van Noten
Haider Ackermann Perth bomber
Rick Owens Stooges in blistered lamb
a well-tailored blazer
Kapital O-ring

File: Untitled.png (354KB, 1209x851px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm about to pull the trigger. make me not to do this.

I live in shitanada, where do I buy them for cheaper?

993 are the sweetest sneakers ever.
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They just look like a pair of generic sneakers all the cringey kids in high school wore with their ill-fitting jeans and video game referencing t-shirts.
>not even a pair of the non autism core nbs
They may look like a generic pair of dad sneakers (which is the good thing), but when you look closer - they are nuanced. They are 993s! few people will have the same shoes as me.

File: Dont-Play.jpg (97KB, 600x255px)Image search: [Google]
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Anyone know these pants?
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/fa/'s opinion on these?
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into the trash it goes
look like shit but they're growing on me help

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