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old one surpassed 200 posts
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uniqlo, cmmn swdn, rick
>old one surpassed 200 posts
people should just start posting their fits to their own threads each cause this shit is already retarded as fuck and this place has no moderation
Wow, all black, you look so hip and edgy ;)))

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Hello, dyed my hair this morning and soon getting a haircut.
Any suggestions?
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Should be shaved at punishment tbqh
why do you want to be a ginger?
my head would then be red, I would like to keep some of it
why not, first time it's colored

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Ok /fa/ I got a fucking Franck Muller watch from my snob family for my 18th birthday it's sleek af but I have literally nothing to wear it with like I wear band t-shirts skinny jeans and vans on a daily basis but it would be an asshole move to sell it so please help me what do I wear it with without looking like a retard or a faggot snob cuck??? pic related I think it's that one
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bumpty dumpty
>would be an asshole move to sell it
Yeah, don't sell it.
>band t-shirts skinny jeans and vans
If you keep wearing that + the FM watch, people who know what Franck Muller is will just assume it's a fake.
It's not really about the style itself, but Vans and H&M jeans don't go well with $20k watches.
Start by buying some higher-end shoes. Even something basic like Margiela sneakers would be fine.
Franck Muller doesn't really come off as snobbish, more like nouveau riche, although their more basic models (like the one you posted) definitely aren't as bad as stuff from Hublot or Richard Mille.
>Vans and H&M jeans don't go well with $20k watches.
I don't plan on wearing it daily desu, I'm too terrified of fucking it up and I'm comfy in my broke style. I plan on wearing it to family events and stuff to make them happy. Those sneakers look cool so I probably will save up for them. As for the jeans I try not to go full retard with the 20$ ones but I'm new to that making my own living stuff so I don't go over 100$ either.
Would it work with linen/cotton shirts? That's like the best thing I have that's not a Death Grips t-shirt.
>will just assume it's a fake
That's what I did at first but it has a good build, the arrows move smoothly, the back looks legit and has no misspells.

How should I dress to attract this kind of girl /fa/?
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She looks like she is forty and living in a dorm room.
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sexbeat... GO!
they are easy af, kinda pathetic actually, slutty and fat

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obviously fucking america, is there any other answer?????
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>ywn take part in the only successful slave revolt in history

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/fa/ approved fashion youtubers ?

The only ones I know are Edward tate and Frugal aesthetic
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I like Clarks, and think that New Balance has been making more attractive shoes lately.

I really appreciate their construction and how understated they are.
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Wanna cop a new balance pair for first time, can you recommend a good one?
574's are accepted only with a decent color pattern.

Pic related
Do you want bold, understated, or both?
What's your price range? Also, if you're Jewish or Muslim, don't buy the all-suede 420s. They're made with pigskin. I had to return a pair so I wouldn't get smote on Yom Kippur.

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Is wear like this on white leather cleanable with a suitable leather cleaner? Or is the shit too dirty
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gross, throw them out.
b-but muh raf simons

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Watch thread ? Watch thread
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what do you think?
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affute watch 2.jpg
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Rate me up bois.
File: affute watch.jpg (56KB, 497x657px)Image search: [Google]
affute watch.jpg
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Also considering buying this one as well. Which color looks better?

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Do you?
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Downs syndrome looking ass
Conduct yourself differently, please :^)

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rate my fit /fa/gs
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>ripping my own eyeballs out with my bare hands/10
Your hair is my fetish. Shame you're a dude tho my guy

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What are some streetwear brands that stand the test of time?
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Famous Star and Straps
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Not trying to be that guy but you have to give a top spot to Jordan. 1-13 Jordans have completely changed street wear. Plus some the shirt s they have been putting out lately haven't been that bad. Got this shirt up in Chicago a few weeks ago. Honestly one the few I've ever liked from them
Dude wtf is that list. Famous Star and Straps? And how is Carhartt streetwear?

Who starting uni in September?
Where you going?
Meet some cute effay uni boys
I picked mine at random and I'm going to YSJ, is it as shit as I think?
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incoming freshman studying architecture
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Half of the reason why Im going is because of the location and on campus housing and its not out of state so I wont be ass raped by out of state tuition. Otherwise, fairly mediocre in most everything else. Id honestly be impressed if someone here posts a shittier university that they attend.
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Is my haircut /fa/
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Is this where I sign up to become a member of the alt-right?

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Is $300 too much to spend on a cav empt sweater?

I just copped some raf velcros and I'm binge buying grail pieces now
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Just out of curiosity, how much do velcros run these days?
Which sweater
depends on the sweater

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