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>pocket t-shirts


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whats wrong with pocket t shirts
I love pocket shirts
I have some
They fit great, why be triggered?

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So I own a small apparel company that's just online. We're mainly t-shirts and a couple of hoodies and jackets.
Anyway, I got a DM on Instagram from this girl (she followed the account moments before) and says: "Hey I'd love to do something with you guys".
And I'm like, "What do you have in mind?"
She says "We can do a shoot or maybe just send me some merch and I'll wear it and send you pics".
My first thought was she is a freeloader and wants free shit, but then she adds:
"Just choose some stuff for me and I'll pay for it".

Who goes to a store and ask them to give them "whatever"? I'm confused

>And before you say anything about how she just wants us to post her pics we barely have 1.5K followers, so not a great deal for her.

>pic unrelated
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What's the name of your brand?
This works for her on the basis that she will probably want a discount and use it on her 'CV'.

she didn't ask for any discounts, she just ordered a few t-shirts, full price. I don't get it


It's called VeganLyfe666 (nothing to do with vegans or anything)

Which country was/is most /fa/?
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USA back in the day
denmark and germany
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Russian chrome boots + german hugo boss uniform would be the combo of combos.

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hey /fa/ I need some help, ive been listening to tyler the creator for about a year now and I really like the way he dresses and i wanna get the upcoming converse one star x tyler shoe

how am i supposed to do this? do i just camp online until it hits?
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Yes, obviously.
Are you 15?
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no im just clueless

After hours of research, I've concluded these are the best Yeezy UA's on the net.

These are my options:
>Pay near retail price for UA's
>Wait for Adidas to make more Gen 2's
>Wait for Gen 3 and hope they make enough for me to buy.

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fuck they look good -_-
Where are you finding reps so expensive that they're near retail price of v2?
Other boards and Google search. Also the RRP means nothing if you can't buy them anywhere. People are re-selling them for $1,350, $500 used..

what does /fa/ think of Patrol hats? i feel like they look so much cleaner than a standard snapback/ baseball hats.
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Chipotle worker

Full aspie for men, full lesbian for women.

Unless you are in the military, forget about it.

Just stop being autistic

My friend is indian and is having an indian marriage , can you guys give me /FA/dvice on india cloths. i am a girl btw
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why don't you just ask your friend, it's his/her wedding and he probably knows more than anyone on here
/fa/ is centered on western fashion
Just go how you're dressed

Trump's president

This isn't some barrack Obama sorry my American culture is offensive to you hour.

This is merica that bitch up

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I'm going to be a dad...... time for a style change? Any suggestions?
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Dadcore is about wearing what you have for the rest of your life supplemented with cheap, shitty threads because now you spend your money on purposeful things, not pea-cocking.
Well I only really wear levis blue jeans. Black chucks and a white undershirt. But that seems juvenile?
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Bump I want a dadcore thread

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What haircut/style is good with this sort of hairline?
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The "Cuck"
Longer the better
Simply no

I need help finding a leather jacket like this for around 35$
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Sacrifice a goat to satan and hopefully it will be sitting in your local thrift shop.
You're crazy


Post your favorite adidas shoe

I'm trying to see if someone posts this shoe I saw while back ago that I liked but now I can't find them
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what did it look liike
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Greetings /fa/,

I started biking to work in the city. It's a hardcore couple of urban miles. I am also paranoid... that eventually I will get jumped.

I've been slowly acquiring my cyclist essentials, and I am now looking for GLOVES. Here's what I want in my GLOVES

-KNUCKLE FORCE. Because one day I'll need to punch a motherfucker. Moreso they should look mildly intimidating on close inspection. I'm already pretty fit so the touch should help because I really don't want to get robbed

-CLIMATE CONTROL. Fingers get cold in the winter.

-UHH FASHION. help me out /fa/. Attached pic would dominate my overall aesthetic (no-no). Picture me in chino shorts and a navy polo. Bonus points for light-colored gloves (brown?) so I can personalize with a sharpie.

Anyone know what the fuck I'm talking about?
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pretty much all black leather riding gloves will look dope. Just don't get anything too cheap/small or they will dig into the soft innocent parts of the tips of your fingers like all black thing do.
idk, i'm digging the tan/brown ones on google images


They're not heated but these are some of the best gloves out there that won't make you look like a power ranger.

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What is a nice alternative to pic related? I want a pair, but I see every 20 year old that jacks off to Turnover wearing them.
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Perhaps a black converse/chuck taylor?
Too uncommon
check japanese brands doek shoes/shoes like pottery/moonstar jp

they might have something other than converse alternatives


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how to be Fightercore, I want to be ready to kill at all times
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I was rocking a similar look for a while and got accused of being a drug dealer on a number of occasions.
you could kys by wearing a noose
you're lucky I'm not dressed Fightercore or I'd kill you

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As a male what is the correct way to dress if im tryna get a girlfriend with this style?
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where's the "techno interests me" infographic when you need it.
wear black and look sad all the time. thats my strategy and it works
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