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Create your best outfit using only items from this website:

stumbled across this shit on pure happenstance and it is fucking amazing anons
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the holy yakuza crusading boots
That jotaro's hat?

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Guys, do you ever visit shops which are above your financial limit and you are not able to afford anything there?
(without buying the cheapest item they sell or spending whole paycheck on single thing)

I have never been in Versace, LV and other boutiques like this, I just find it embarrassing going there just to lurk without any possible intention to buy.
Wtf do I say to staff? Hello, no thanks, I just want to see things I cannot afford?
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I do, I just look around, sometimes try something on. I also like talking to the employees about recent collections. I have actually made some pretty good friends this way when I was in Paris and got a few invites for runway after parties but unfortunately could not attend.
Also what is atmosphere like in these stores? Do they all behave like you are someone super wealthy and important?
Generally yes. I've been to Gucci and LV and a few other designer stores and the people there are incredibly nice and treat you like millionaires. This was before I really even knew how to dress as well as I do now.

What do you guys think about the new ozweego colorways, mainly this one? Can't see it being pulled off with anything other than slim black pants or joggers but I imagine they'd specifically look really well with that. What does /fa/ think?
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Not bad but I'm a fan of the crazy colors on ozweegos.
I don't like it. Too obvious muh black with beige.

I like too combine such colros from different items. Not factory prepackaged.
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Here's the other colorway for anyone curious

why you faggots so basic though
like whats the deal with yall
motherfuckers put on a pair of black skinnis and think they fashion
nah bruh yall bout lamer then a bitch
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and here you are

butthurt enough about it to make a thread
Dude its just clothes. Chill.
Black skinny jeans are my favourite tho

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Is it okay to wear old lady dresses at 21 if they give me a good figure?

This might just be me refusing to pay more than $3 for any one piece of clothing.

Cheap clothing suggestions for females then?
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>that boob gap
What do about the double boob? This is the most mega pushup bra available. After a while I had to accept it and realize there are many hot celebrities with a broad chest as well.. sad.
Attractive young women wearing old womens clothing gets me hard.
Seriously though, at least try to dress your age even if money is an issue unless granma is effay. Buffalo Exchange and Platos Closet always has something decent somewhere if you look hard enough but will still be more or less $7 for a single article of clothing, at least where Im at.

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Is cav empt a meme? Why does it costs so much? Seems like a shitty undercover ripoff
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any very popular japanese streetwear brand is a meme. defeats the whole purpose of jap streetwear.

stop just shopping for the brand you mongo. just find a piece that is more individualistic for much cheaper
Don't brand shop. Thrift for the edgy style pieces and only spend big on quality basics. Style>brand.
>only spend big on quality basics

I just bought two pairs of velcros and a $300 cav empt fleece

I literally have no other good pieces other than a few reigning champ and acne sweaters, W+H pants etc

did I fuck up or is that money allotted decently? (tfw wanted black velcros and white velcros equally so bought both)

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Is there an effay brand of toothpaste to have in your bathroom? Like for when you have a girl sleepover and she decides to brush her teeth at your place? I have pic related because my dentist recommended it but is it too pedestrian? Also while we're here should you have a toothbrush ready in case a girl sleeps over? Like a new one for every girl?
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I hope youre joking
I just generally buy the 4 packs of tooth brushes and leave the extras in the drawer.

Have you ever actually *had* a girl sleep over at your place? Literally never had anyone want to brush their teeth. Maybe if they stayed for a weekend?
I'm not. I know that there are weird things people brush their teeth with like charcoal (which my dentist didn't recommend trying) and that there are other brands of toothpaste. There are luxury brands for almost everything and I figured maybe toothpaste was one of them.

I have and yeah in instances where they stay over for a weekend or something they've borrowed a toothbrush or just used their finger but I've never had a girl actually bring her own toothbrush so I didn't know if that would be considered their problem or mine

Toughguy clothes? Something that doesnt look overly costumey, Help me out here with something basic. Criminal/villian style
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File: 01-Brian-the-drug-dealer.jpg (116KB, 960x960px)Image search: [Google]
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Will smoking cigarettes make me more effay?
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Yes totally! Please start smoking anon.
You're not trying to fuck with me, are you?
shit's gonna ruin your life

What does /fa/ wear at festivals?
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I buy a pack of hanes and a couple of thrift store shorts + the walmart knockoffs of low chucks..

Everything is cheap and I'm not gonna be bummed when it inevitably gets fucked up at a festival.
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only normies go to festivals. why would you want to go out to these shitt yfucking events just to listen to band that sound shitty cause they dont have autotune and stuff? just buy the album and listen to it in the comforto of your own rooom...
Never been to one.
Maybe at one time when I was young and poor the idea of Coachella was amazing, but it's not really about the music anymore.

You're better off spending that money on the concert for each individual artist you want to see.
The environment is bound to be better and less of a extrovert petri dish of sweat and tanktops.

File: before and after reddit.jpg (373KB, 1186x586px)Image search: [Google]
before and after reddit.jpg
373KB, 1186x586px
r8 my new look, /fa/, before and after.
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>tfw not born with an overbite

thank you so much Jesus.
wow look at that 10/10 jaw line. that jaw line is so good jaw line JAW line LINE OF YOUR JAW NOT CHIN JAW LINE SO GOOOOD

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What should I do with my hair? I'm getting it done tomorrow and I'm sick of this failed Leo cut.
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File: IMG_8241.jpg (298KB, 750x1334px)Image search: [Google]
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Do it Kpop style. Long fringe.
You really need something to cover up that forehead, so >>12609171 might be onto something

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Since I see a lot of "I'm balding what should I do?" threads

I've been on Finasteride for over a year and a half. AMA.
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Have you noticed any difference in libido? Did it stop your balding? Are you taking it alongside minoxidil?

If I haven't it hasn't been noticeable. I still jack off about once a day and have no problems when I have sex.

>Stop your balding
I would say that my hair basically looks the same since starting; I just had a little bit of thickening. I still shed a fair amount though.

I've used it very on and off over the year and a half. I tried it for 6 months from late August to March this year and I didn't really see enough regrowth to warrant me to keep using it. All I saw were some little baby hairs popped up; wasn't worth all the dandruff I was getting lol.
what dosage and what brand?
have you considered going on 0.5 mg daily instead of full dose?

Is wearing chokers as a male effay? Will people think I'm gay?
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honestly man who cares, i respect someone so much more for not fitting in and owning their look than someone who comforms
>Is wearing chokers as a male effay?
If you can work it into your outfit in a way that complements the other pieces and doesn't look out of place (how xxx is doing it in the op), then yeah

>Will people think I'm gay?
who cares
It's pretty gay but if you want to wear one nobody's stopping you

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literally a bunch of upper middleclass whiteboi cookiecutters with no sense of style.
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When did this prep bullshit appear again? I thought that shit died in 2011 - 2013 /fa/. now /r/navyblazer and /r/mfa fags are ruining this board with neoprep fag shit
don't know, just started seeing these threads today.
>be white
>wear a white button up and some beige chinos
>trigger minoritys

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