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I'm a recovering robot going on a date, which is better for a first date?
I prefer the tucked in, but on /adv/ people said it would seem too stuck up for a 19yrs old
Tell me, /fa/
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I like the right better but wear what you want faggot
lmao that shirt is awful
that's a load of bs, button shirts with elongated bottoms like yours are meant to be tucked in OP, it just makes your proportions more equal.
honestly don't know why anybody would think untucking looks better in a formal setting.
if it's really a problem for you, and you don't want to show your belt, throw on a nice sweater over your button shirt.

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How many plain t-shirts should a person own?
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Luminary - Amsterdam (Smith & Pledger Remix)
I own like 15 or something because I don't like thinking about what to wear. But that's crazy fucking boring and I'm starting to branch into more creative fits. I guess it really just depends on the person and what you want to get out of your wardrobe.
Techno interests me, so I keep things minimal. I rarely wear anything but a plain tshirt in the summer, and the rest of the year I just put a sweatshirt, cardigan, or jacket over one.

I guess 7 is an obvious choice but I feel like cycling the same shirts and washing them weekly will wear them out quickly

I really like some women's sneaker designs and want to cop some.
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ju$t ß3 y0ÜЯ$3lƒ
Bump. I like these https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01HK7UTTM/_encoding=UTF8?coliid=IGQ6J814PU10O&colid=9ZFDCOPWELDM&th=1
will people notice?
I've tried it and there is a reason they are designed for women. Idk maybe I just have really wide feet or something but even sizing up 3 sizes still didn't fit my food anywhere near correctly

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How do you guys control your eating habits? I've been trying to drop 20 lbs for the last year and I always fail horribly due to my urges to snack. Help? Trying to start keto tomorrow.
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i have dignity
I can't speak on this specifically, but I used to bite my nails, not brush as often as I should have, and generally relative poor hygiene. A lot of it is self control and self discipline. Getting into a habit also helps quite a bit, being on a routine makes it easier in the long run.
Thank you. I've been trying to drink a lot of water so hopefully that keeps my feeling full.

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What core is this and how do I obtain this Look?
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you already made this same thread you fucking loser
and its comme des garcons x human feces
I saw this on /vg/
Man, that is heartbreaking. That dude should have a bed somewhere where he can be treated for whatever's going on with him. Instead the city's probably got cops kicking him off a bench or out of the commercial district because he lowers property values wherever he goes.

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is it /fa/ ?
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Bape is a mistake
would cop
do you think I could successfully rob a bank wearing this

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since summer is the least effay season, let's prepare for winter.

post inpso, cool find, emerging trends and your opinions.

acne studios have currently got layering in their aw season on point. they are using a merino wool turtleneck as the base layer with a shirt or knitwear on top, then outerwear as the top later.
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alot of designers are going for androgynous designs i've noticed. and super baggy trousers with multiple pleats is coming in. particularity with uniqlo
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i've been thinking of creating a '-core' for winter called something like layer-core, heat-core etc. and it features massive clothing and lots of layers to keep you as warm as possible. i try to imagine the scene in the day after tomorrow.

it would included turtlenecks, knitwear, down coats with large partitions, lots of layering as if you were trying to keep warm in the cold.
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from this scene

What is the appeal of Ralph Lauren?
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Abercrombie Fitch mentality, especially in poor areas.
Purple Label is good
>>12604944 i have no idea why people think the little horse/new stuff is worth showing off, shits literally a dime a dozen at second hand places. vintage (pre 2000s) polo stuff actually has character though

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is he effay?
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Boxing is wwe now
no he is not
Boxing is antiquated. It's kinda like bodybuilder to strongman. You wanna be a well rounded fighter - MMA fighter.

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What are you ordering?
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The sweater is the only good thing there.
What the fuck is up with KFC lately?
Watch all the hipster instagram "models" hop on this.

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One of these

>relationship status

>+Garment you own

>Do you use any other boards (which?)

>+How often do you drink alcohol?
>+What drugs do you use (incl. tobacco)?
>+What is your mental health like?

>+Why do you like fashion?
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Thats too much
>autistic FBI thread
no thanks
/soc/ you cunt

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Are Hawaiian shirts effay?8
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That one looks pretty good.

Here are some more ideas: http://www.gq.com/gallery/best-hawaiian-print-aloha-short-sleeve-shirts
Hawaiian and boxy shirts are goat for fits in hot days
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I like em

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Newfag here,

What are some of the worst tips you fags can give me. Asking in a sort of reverse sense, give me the worst advice you can as a basis to learn what NOT to do

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don't copy what you see in inspo threads point blank. you should know who you are and figure out what will look good on you and what you like.
Op here,

Just clarifying, if you're posting purposely terrible advice to have it be revived for the opposite affect, then label it or make it obvious that you're being sarcastic, wouldn't want those to get mixed up with real advice on what not to do
The cringe threads are pretty good for what youre talking about OP
Theyre basically a guide to the donts and donts of fashion

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Are chinese skateboard shoes /fa/ approved?
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>runner is with rubber
>side sakteobard for gripping
>fashion fashion

No problems !
what did they mean by this?
I always wanted some Prorfssional Sakteobare shoes, where do I cop?

Did not see one so let's get one started.

You know the rules.
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Please buy things in going birthday shopping on Saturday. I deserve it.

Enjoy the bump, m8.

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