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Be honest. Was it aspie of me to go to the Gym like this? I thought it was cool but everyone seemed to look at me and I could hear a group of girls giggling by the rowing machines.
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Maybe its a good thing that those girls were giggling. You look fine to me.

better than the dudebros and tough girls who wear snapbacks while wearing their beats by dr.dre headphones
if you actually tucked a shirt into basketball shorts, yeah, just wear a tshirt or tank top no one looks cool at the gym, if you do, you arent working out

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Comfy /thinspo/ thread!

Previous thread: https://boards.4chan.org/fa/thread/10878137/thinspo-thinspo-general#top

FAQ/glossary/links: http://hastebin.com/raw/qanedewaki

What are your goals for this month? What about this year? What's the last thing you ate?

Both male and female thinspo welcome.
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post collarbones pls
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Well, welcome to /fa/thinspo :3
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Kanye West is the god of /fa/
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I want to meet him and ask him how much pressure it is being the poster child of /mu/ and /fa/
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nah it's mac demarco

>tfw live in poor second world country in balkans
>tfw basic clothing pieces you guys own costs me a good chunk of my shitty salary
>tfw i have to dress in fucking new yorker shit.

>inb4 slav wears tracksuits only
please this meme hasnt been relevant since the 90's. no one wears those.
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u can get the authentic gosha rubchinskiy style though. Just wear fila and shit. And buzz your head.
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which country r u representing senpai
non slav balkan here tho

I am serbian. It sucks here. its literally miserable here.

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Rate me /fa how's my style

Also my t-shirt says young the giant
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Take the flannel off.
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What's wrong with the flannel
Nothing, just wanted to see how you looked without it. And treat your clothes better, don't just toss them on the floor m8.

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quentin tarantino.png
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whats he thinking about guys?
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C'mon anon, that's not Quentin Tarantino! That's Richard Kiel. Get a grip, kid.
uno farto
He's dead, so nothing.

PS stop making this thread.

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Thoughts on my new hair style?

>going to a Mongolian vaccuuming forum for hair advice
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Can't see even the shape of your face. Surely you can do better. Censor just the eyes and bridge of nose and you will go unrecognized. Can't really judge your hair unless I see your head
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Other long hair thread is kill

Now how do I get this look? I'm guessing slick it back

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Remember that there's nothing more effay than exploring the deep dark corners of the human condition in regards to love and companionship.

Post /fa/ waifus
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mfw Ruby Aldridge.jpg
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Women are memes
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Larry David.jpg
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How do I into Larry David-core
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...by being AMAZING
big pant, simple shoes, basic tshirt, jacket, glasses, baldness.

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What are some /fa/ band shirts?
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i own this
filth and the death classic shirt

that's it
where do you think you are

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Rate my outfit /fa/

What do you think?
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jacket doesnt look right with the outfit as far as proportions go imo.

also what the fuck kind of pose is that with your head lmfao
Jacket has leather sleeves and pants are leather too,i think it fits,i don't know about proportions.

What's wrong with head

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>visit family in the midwest
>everybody is dressed like pic related

Why is midwest fashion/food/music so shif?
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they just focus on having fun instead of being a judgmental twat draping himself with pretentiousness and materialism
what if i can do both
unlikely, given that you're shitposting on 4chan in the wee hours

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I've been told many times that I should model, been complimented on my appearance etc., but I grew up ugly and at heart I've always been insecure. I did pursue it finally because I'm 20 which is getting a bit old for modeling. I went to an open call a reputable agency was hosting in my city. It went so fast, literally 3 minutes of introduction then they took a few photos of me. Two days go by and I have pretty much decided I bombed it and they didn't like my appearance. Then on Thursday I got an email from them inviting me to the team, with a contact and their policies.
They want me to start by getting a photoset with an expensive photographer (something I've never done). This starts at $200 and I don't have money to just toss around. I guess I'm worried it's gonna be a big investment with no return. Does anyone have experience with this? And just btw, the agency has had girls walk with Ralph Lauren; other clients include Calvin Klein, Kohl's, Carters. So not high fashion really but def not a scam-- and I'm female if that makes a difference
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that's typically how it goes , you pay for the photo sessions and they take care of the rest and start finding you work.

I'm with one of the biggest agencies in my city and the most I paid for my photos was like 150 bucks, and like 80 at another. then you just pay for your comp cards

Their clients kind of sound lame though, do they send people to fashion week? google the hell out of them and make sure that they're reputable.
I live in the midwest so options are limited and yeah the clients who shoot in the area are lame. Their reviews say they're a good "mother agency" and have passed models along to sign with bigger agencies
Did it take you a while to start getting bookings after you got your photos done? Do you have a big social media presence? Do you get paid pretty quickly after a booking? This agency told me 30-90 days and that sounds a bit long

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no recent cop thread.
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just cop pic, how did i do?
wtf is that m8 i swear 2 god if u dont
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copped supportin my fav artist on the come up

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