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Where can I get a sweater like this? Something heavy gauge. Fleck, thick collar?
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American apparel fisherman knit Pullover
Already looked at it. Thanks for the reply. Not crazy about AA. Don't like the collar either.

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how /fa/ is my neighbour
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Open fire on him next time you see him.

Fucking Roshes
Ok except for hair and shoes. Roshes are very 2012-2013
are these roshes really that bad? they look fine to me. is it only a "they're outdated" thing? as you can tell i'm a newfag when it comes to fashion

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Going to buzz my hair to a #0 or #1 today or tomorrow. Anyone got tips? Going to do it by myself in the bathroom btw.

Also I have a beard and wear glasses, so any extra tips for sideburns?

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#1 isn't as short as you probably think.
nu male xddddddddddddddd
Should I got with #0 then? No guard?

I'm balding, so I gotta work with what I got famuel.

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What do you think of this jacket. I really don't want a north face.
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eh, the zips and red makes it not great but i wouldn't say it was bad.
looks like the jacket we wore as valet

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Rofl who is this kid and why are his fits so trash?
Stop fucking posting this kid, his fits are shit we get it.
File: 32345M031002_5_1.jpg (115KB, 952x1428px)Image search: [Google]
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If anyone knows where to find any of these things, please give info
Post any pictures of Troye with good clothing

>w2c this sweatshirt
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w2c boats t shirt
He's so fucking cute and adorable and I am a little bit in love with him and I want to make him my qt think bf

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hey /fa/, I wanna get an SLP leather but I don't want the basic two that everyone else has. I nailed it down to three that I like. Which would you recommend?

leather 1
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File: slp2.jpg (112KB, 580x726px)Image search: [Google]
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leather 2
File: slp3.jpg (99KB, 580x727px)Image search: [Google]
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or leather 3?

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shaving your pits and chest is effay right?
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models do it
Wtf, why would he shave his chest and pits but not that patchy facial hair?!
Is shaving your pubes /fa/?

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punk raf edition
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This is easily the most embarrassing thing I've seen someone on this board put effort into...
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Ill start
hopefully bait

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I want to convince my gf to change her hair to pic related. How should i go about this?
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Right now she has long straight brown hair that she makes wavy when she goes out. Should i suggest cutting it short and then dying it or dying it and then cutting it short?
Is that Marie Henein?
>someone's from Toronto
>the only lawyer in the city who wears Victoria Beckham on the regular

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Hi, /pol/.
Is dog effay?

>pic related
it's dog
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w2c hair like this?
Best post iv seen on /fa/

File: fuccboi-1.jpg (212KB, 484x1173px)Image search: [Google]
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fits like these
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Not feeling you op

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I love fashion, but most people here are skinner than me. I think it's cause I lift but I've been called fat on here before. What do you guys think? Can I still rock dope fits? No bully pls
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>backwards snapback
>clearly overweight

Get the fuck off effay and lose weight
Boy you don't fuckin work out but you need to hit a gym and stop eating mcdonalds for every meal. You most definitely ain't gettin pussy with that gut of yours.
You couldn't be /fa/ but you could probably still be the boyfriend for my twinky body

File: 263684-p-4x[1].jpg (445KB, 1920x1440px)Image search: [Google]
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So I'll probably get shit on here but fuck it.

Looking for some cool and medium priced vegan fotwear options. I was thinking about getting these Saucony Jazz Low Pros and coloring the white stitching black with a sharpie.

All I've found online are a bunch of places riddled with bias and affiliate links. Does anyone know a good palce to look around for vegan fashion items?
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was going to cop these but dont want fake leather :~)


afaik all of their shoes are vegan (and made in germany)
you're a vegan m8, nobody expects you to look cool. just wear dad sandals or something tbqh
the saucony x bait cruel world collab was cool but long gone. might pop up on ebay but not at reasonable prices I guess.
saucony jazz's are super comfy and entirely passable anyway. new balance might do some vegan stuff too?

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Dope but affordable watches?

Thanks. Currently looking in the broke ass range of 0-$45
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Timex Weekender 40

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