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What is my face shape and what are recommended hairstyle/facial hair combos? I think it's either diamond or triangle based off the charts but I'm shit at this kinda stuff
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faggot shaped with faggotness spreading everywhere

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Was there a worse time for streetwear than the early 2000s?
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That Soulja? That's gotta be shopped
>Soulja boy
>early 2000s
high schooler detected.
Still see people dressed like this

post weird sneakers
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itt raf simons and reebok pumps
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You assuming that is why we need this thread.

Casbia has the strange sneaker game on lock, although the pricing is kinda exorbitant.
saw their site a couple of days ago. real good sneakers but damn is it hard to navigate

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cant decide.jpg
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old one almost dead. help me /fa/ which color should i take?
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>>>/fuccboi/ also right one
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neither, you can do better

I can pick up these Gosha Vans in any colour for retail. Will they resell if I don't like them? Which colour?
File: eytys.jpg (17KB, 307x252px)Image search: [Google]
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are eytys shoes good? i kinda like their thick sole. or should i just get vans

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Folks, I need good high top shoes that look sexy and are comfortable for wide feet. Literally no fucking shoe brand anywhere produces wide sole shoes, and it is so fucking unfair and retarded. Give me suggestions.
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>look good

Pick one. I have a wider foot, and just purchase normal shoes. For the most part, it works.
fine, good look. i really like the look of slim foot shoes, but my options are either; get a size higher and look like a clown or destroy my feet with extreme pain.

i miss sprezz. anyone else feeling the urge to take it up (again)? it's a very advanced level style and should not be attempted by scrubs but all the same i think how nice it would be to costume myself in brioni and eidos and barena
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Unless you look like those men you can't pull it off.

File: Streetoutfit-GTAVC.jpg (91KB, 326x862px)Image search: [Google]
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Tommy Vercetti... Huh! Shit. Didn't think they'd ever let him out.
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Is tommy /fa/, /fa/?
solid greasecore
damn he got the white adidas superstars
wore the meme shoe before it was a meme

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What are some alternative pink shoes to the pink raf adidas?
I'm too poor to afford them.
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>pink shoes

they look like shit unless they're expensive designer shoes generally
Common Projects just came out with pink shoes for men tho

File: 4L_3Bl0xlYW.jpg (255KB, 679x996px)Image search: [Google]
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With your advise i changed my clothing in to something more fittable(picture) not shure about those shoes, i already had them laying around and it looked like the right choice to wear them with black trousers.

What do you think? Is this better than the last one?
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Get brown leather boots, don't wear sneakers at all
File: 4L_ULyq6B6r.jpg (1MB, 2141x2921px)Image search: [Google]
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Op here, old picture.
looks good op, the sweater's kinda gay though

File: nikes.png (424KB, 588x516px)Image search: [Google]
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/fa/'s thoughts on this look for men?
also thoughts on ankle socks for men.
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Pinrolls are shit. Cuffing is fine for spring and summer tho.
these shitty nike/adidas/y3 mesh "techwear" fashion sneakers have seriously got to go
>raw denim "heritage" look
>nike "techwear" look

why would you think combining these things would look good

File: bluepants.png (238KB, 377x533px)Image search: [Google]
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Are light blue pants in slightly muted shades okay? For summer, to be worn with lighter shades of grey and white mainly. Might want to go a bit prep and combine it with brown leather and a white oxford.
Kind of worried they will just look like outwashed denim, though. I would never want to have that association.

Pic related, fit is better on me though and the blue is a bit more muted in rl
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please answer
Just buy stone wash jeans fag

File: floral shirt twenty one pilots.png (627KB, 549x695px)Image search: [Google]
floral shirt twenty one pilots.png
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ID on the floral shirt thing he is wearing.

at 3:40 and throughout a lot the video
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hopsin: the band
Bumping, have been looking

According to this, it's from Forever21

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>mfw my acne is finally starting to clear up
Yes! Now maybe I can be a 7 or 8
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How old are you?
I totaly feel you... but dont worry in my case it came back after 2 weeks :)

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ITT: Long Hair inspiration, progress, advice, and ideas. Hair products discussion also encouraged

Helpful Websites:

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I love this boy
Any guesses as to which product he uses? That texture is GOAT
Please don't post if you're;

sub 6 months growth

have bad skin

attention whoring


File: me.jpg-large.jpg (69KB, 819x1024px)Image search: [Google]
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please and thank you
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> me.jpg-large.jpg

I'd love to rim your thick ass
Wow. good job ethan. Proud of u

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