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tfw insecure.png
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which one should I cop lads?
I'm leaning towards the right one because I mostly wear black pants/shirt, so I thought it'd get too dark with a black hat too. But on the other hand those type of hats are becoming meme-tier.
I mostly wear jeans and an oversized sweatshirt/hoodie/t-shirt, I'm not very tall and really thin.
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cat line.webm
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bump honestly
I would take right but it's up to you.
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yeah, I'm not sure though.

also I saw this in another thread, and while I don't really care for this exact print, I kinda like the idea. Could you lads post more hats like this but with different prints/logo or whatever?

i'm doing a bit of research on people who are into fashion, mind answering what's your sexuality? (men only)

thanks, cheers

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if your sexuality is anything that isn't listed pick one that's closest, I'm not doing this for tumblr. thanks
Im straight but id suck your dick for rick dunks no homo tho
>no homo tho
alright then, all good

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UK shoe brands that do decent ladies oxford shoes (and perhaps chelsea boots) that aren't made of animal materials? Pic related
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Just get leather ones

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Why do so many faggots wear their hair like this?
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Because hopping on the latest OR most recently outdated trend makes them feel unique / special butterfly. They think this looks "different" and in a time when being "different" makes you special you do what you can. Do they know how fucking stupid they look? Probably not. Do they care? Probably not. Should you care? No
Fuck off.

Kanye West is the god of /fa/
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that's not shia
>we dont know this already

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dicky rick.jpg
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That's not the tricky asymmetrical face man

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Hi, I'm need help /fa/. I'm 6'4 and have a hard time finding clothing, mostly shirts. I've tried many stores and nothing fits. Shirts are either too wide or they aren't long enough. Where could I find clothing better fitted for me
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You can anything tailored, shirts, pants, jackets, ...
Same, i just get my body size in shirts and roll the sleeves up.
Btw have you tried jcrew's tall selection?
I haven't yet, I'll definitely look into it. I really don't known where to go for casual t shirts either.

File: yeezys.jpg (608KB, 1200x800px)Image search: [Google]
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I'll start with my two favourites
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No sneakerheads today?
Can someone LC these for me because im told the yeezys are fake

Post a picture of the toebox, the bottom of the outsole so we can see the boost material, and the bottom of the insole

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is this guy effay?
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Dane isn't effay, he's god

File: 20160206_131039.jpg (2MB, 1536x2048px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 1536x2048px
105$ for a plain white shirt!

What type of idiot would buy such a thing!
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>What type of idiot would buy such a thing!

A rich one?
I saw Zegna was charging $700 for a plain looking polo shirt.
an arab

File: nightmoves.jpg (64KB, 520x798px)Image search: [Google]
64KB, 520x798px
hey guys i think i finally made it. im posting my waywt fits on a dating site and got 130 replies in 4 hours. i opened a few and 3 different women asked if i was a model

thanks /fa/ you helped a lot
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Post fit fucci
I don't believe it, if you have 9/10 face and 6'2 body, then you could wear jeans + white t shirt. I don't think that clothing could do so much difference.

Post few fits here mate and prove me wrong.
i thought so too. im kind of like a 7.5/10 i think
fit and athletic but only 5'9"
but i posted fits in nice clothes and the chicks were all over it.

i just screen shotted my email to show all the messages im getting but i dont want to get doxxed or something.

just spreading the word guys, good fits do help impress women on dating sites

maybe this thread can be about similar experiences either in contrary or supporting what i found

Is Roosh /fa/?
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he was until you posted him here
>woman hating basement dweller in mom's house
>looks like a shitty version of that Catfish guy
hahhaah fuck no.

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Complete newbie here but I saw y'all didn't have this thread and I wanna ask a dumb question.

Anyway, are there any decent "fashion" YouTube channels? And I don't mean high fashion stuff just the basics for someone who doesn't know how to fucjing dress.

6 months ago when I stated working out I just listened to fitness/diet shit all the time at work and it kept me focused on it.

Now I want the same for learning to dress well/just better. Pic unrelated
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Theres not much, the one I follow is wizard Kelly but he just shows his recent pickups so its probably not much use to a noob.
I asked this in the last QTDDTOT, but forgot to check back on it. Can you wear dress slippers with tassels with shorts? If not, what are the best shoes to wear with shorts.

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hi /fa

would appreciate your opinion on whether this leather briefcase is appropriate for interview
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I would recommend a leather portfolio instead.
thank you
will look into it now
sure if you apply for postman or plumber, otherwise that leather portfolio will be better

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I have had so many fucking skin problems lately it is incredible. I am almost 22 years old and just in november I just started getting dandruff. I have been trying to fix it since then, and now (I still pretty much have it) my hair is greasy/oily all the fucking time. Just washed yesterday and today it is so oily i can run my hand through it and its disgusting as fuck. Also out of nowhere I am having some crazy forhead acne, and of course my hairline is absolutely fucking terrible so I cant style my hair how I want it.
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dandruff is from not brushing or combing your hair enough mate, had the same problem due to my hairline
started to brush it more and it has ceased completely
post a photo

File: 1416880072883.jpg (78KB, 500x692px)Image search: [Google]
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Best polo t-shirt brands? Pic unrelated
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i've found that the best fitted polo shirts generally come from like crappy mall tier stores. you can get more expensive ones, but is it worth paying so much for a collared cotton shirt? It's nothing special.
File: fred2.jpg (455KB, 1400x2103px)Image search: [Google]
455KB, 1400x2103px
I think fred perry has solid stuff.

By the way, anyone know where I could find pic related in black?

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